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Will Shinola’s New $795 ‘Parent Pack’ Make Dads Actually Want to Carry the Diaper Bag?

Shinola is one of our favorite brands for the best men’s watches, fresh sunglasses, leather belts and other men’s accessories. They’re also starting to dabble in different consumer categories, including mattresses and stylish parenting gear, with their latest release a $795 diaper bag.

Shinola Parent Pack

shinola diaper bag


You might think that sounds like a ridiculous amount to spend on a childcare accessory, and you’d be right! It is an asinine sum to drop on a disposable waste receptacle bag. However, we must admit it’s a stylish-looking diaper bag, and it would add rather than subtract from any outfit.

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Courtesy of Shinola

What’s Inside

It’s made with a blend of canvas and leather, with an Italian Vachetta leather trim that’ll only get more stylishly worn with time. The inner lining is also water-resistant and recycled. It has two exterior pockets out front for holding a few diapers and a pack of wipes, and it has two gusset pockets inside for carrying milk bottles.

It has zip tails on either side of the top pocket for wide-open access and a zippered pocket inside to keep track of everyday carry essentials like keys and wallets.

It also comes with a changing mat that folds up and tucks into a pocket underneath the shoulder straps for easy access and compact portability.

shinola detroit backpack