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Last Chance: Lock In Lower Pricing on The Motley Fool Stock Advisor by June 30

Taking charge of your financial future isn’t always easy, especially if you’re new to investing. On top of that, the current market can be extremely intimidating. Crypto has collapsed, inflation is soaring, and economists are sounding the alarm about a potential recession. So how can you invest your money with confidence, and without taking undue risks?

There are a ton of great resources for new investors. One of the best options is Stock Advisor by The Motley Fool, an investment advice company that has a proven track record over almost thirty years. Stock Advisor is a stock recommendation service with an extremely impressive track record (the service has consistently 4Xed the market over the past 20 years).

New members who subscribe before June 30 can lock in a price of just $1.52 a week, a 60% discount that works out to $79 per year. This is pocket change compared to the returns you could potentially receive with a smart stock pick. When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, it can ironically feel like it costs more to get the advice than the advice is actually worth. Not so with Stock Advisor.

If you’re looking for a smarter way to invest in a challenging environment, then check out Stock Advisor while this discount is still available.


What We Love About Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor Service

At $1.52 a week, the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor investment tool shakes out to $79.04 annually, a substantial discount off the usual rate of $199. Of course, it’s understandable to want to know what you’ll be paying for. The Motley Fool offers tons of subscription options at a variety of price points, but Stock Advisor is the brand’s best-known and most popular service.

Stock Advisor members get instant access to a list of “Starter Stocks”, a library of information, and two new stock recommendations each month. Stock Advisor has outperformed the market 4-to-1, with the average stock pick averaging 336% returns. (To learn more about Stock Advisor, check out our guide to everything the service offers.)

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Courtesy of The Motley Fool

That means the Motley Fool has reliably weathered the many economic changes that have taken place over the last two decades. The Motley Fool has often bet on the right stocks early on, including Amazon in 2002 and Tesla in 2012. That translates to a 20,017.3% return on the former and a 15,245.5% return on the latter, as of April 21, 2022.

In order to take advantage of The Motley Fool’s special rate of $79 per year, you’ll need to pay upfront, rather than monthly. That way, you can lock in the Stock Advisor’s discounted rate for as long as you subscribe. However, if you change your mind, you can cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund.

In order to take advantage of the Motley Fool’s offer, you’ll need to act fast. To lock in a weekly price of $1.52, you’ll need to subscribe by June 30.

*Returns as of 4/21/22. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Individual investment results may vary. All investing involves risk of loss. Based on $199/year list price. Introductory promotion for new members only.