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QuickBooks’s Top Notch Business Account Tools Are Up to $300 Off and Come With Free Expert Setup may receive financial compensation from affiliate and advertising partnerships on this page and/or when you make a purchase after clicking through partnership links.

Owning a small business is ominously similar to trying to survive at sea: you’re only trying to keep your head above water. What keeps you from sinking as a newly-launched business? Your finances. Keeping track of every dollar and cent going in and out is key to survival as a small company, and there’s no better tool to help you calculate how much runway you have left than QuickBooks. 

QuickBooks Online has a whole suite of memberships designed to help businesses stay on top of everything from basic accounting to time management, benefits, and more. Wasted money is bad news for a newly-launched startup looking to overcome strong economic headwinds, and QuickBooks is designed to keep your balance of wasted money firmly at zero. 

Right now, you can access a QuickBooks membership for 50% off (up to $300 off their higher tier memberships!) and get free expert help setting up your account, so you can hit the ground running and know you’re using the tool to its full potential.

Free Guided Setup With a QuickBooks Expert

QuickBooks Online’s tools for businesses come packed with tools like automatic tracking of incomes and expenses, but with high capability comes a multi-step setup. Working with a QuickBooks expert to get your account up and running can simplify the process and reassure you that you’re using all the tool’s features correctly.

Setup with a QuickBooks expert is typically a premium feature offered only to their higher-tier membership plans, but right now QuickBooks is offering this luxe service for free to businesses who sign up for any QuickBooks Online Membership.

QuickBooks experts can help with the following parts of business account setup:

  • Connect your banks and credit cards
  • Automating all your most important tasks, and the tasks you perform the most
  • Learning QuickBooks best practices so you can use the tool most efficiently

QuickBooks offers four types of memberships for QuickBooks Online, all of which are currently 50% and come with an expert-led setup.

Courtesy of QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online Membership Options

  1. Simple Start* Starting at $15.00/Month
  • Free expert-guided setup
  • Basic business management including income and expenses
  • Invoices and payments, tax deductions and cash flow
  • Connection to 1 sales channel

*Great for individuals and solo entrepreneurs

2. Essentials* — Starting at $27.50/Month

  • Free expert-guided setup
  • Everything included in Simple Start
  • Connection to 3 sales channels
  • Room for 3 users
  • Bill and time management

*Great for small teams of 1-5 people

3. Plus* — Starting at $42.50/Month

  • Free expert-guided setup
  • Everything included in Essentials
  • Connection to all sales channels
  • Room for 5 users
  • Inventory and profitability projection

*Great for Etsy sellers or creators of artisan products

4. AdvancedStarting at $100.00/Month

  • Free expert-guided setup
  • Everything included in Plus
  • Room for 5+ users
  • Business analytics with Excel
  • Customized dashboard, on-demand training and workflow automation
  • Dedicated accounting team

*For large teams with plentiful resources

QuickBooks Membership: What You Get

A QuickBooks membership takes all the boring aspects of running a business and automates them so you can focus on the fun stuff — like gathering a vision, building a team, and working towards qualitative goals. Here are just a few things QuickBooks makes easier with all of their memberships.

  1. See Profits and Losses at a Glance

As a business owner, you need a clear picture of what your money situation is at any given moment. With QuickBooks’ automated accounting tools, you can access this snapshot at any time and know it’s accurate.

  1. Pay Your Team and Get Paid Easier

Getting paid, and paying, for services are two crucial processes that must go smoothly for a business to run. QuickBooks can handle payroll and incoming payments seamlessly, and will even get a jumpstart on payroll taxes for you so your team survives tax season in one piece.

  1. Calculate Expenses and Deductions

It’s crucial to keep track of business expenses so you get your maximum deduction at the end of the year and know exactly where your money is going.

  1. Track Employee Hours and Manage Time

Whether your team is just two of you, 10 of you, or 100 — QuickBooks makes it simple to keep track of and adjust employees’ time. This is especially helpful for remote teams who want an accurate snapshot of where the teams’ time is going.