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WWD and Unilever Have Launched a $15,000 Grant to Support Future Business and Tech Leaders

WWD and Unilever have partnered up to launch Project Connect, a $15,000 grant initiative designed to support entrepreneurs, students and leaders in business and tech in humanizing technology for future workplaces. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the workplace as we know it, it created distance between people at work and teams that challenged all of us to rethink how we do business. This program aims to support innovators who have created a product or service that helps bridge gaps in the working world through technology. They’re looking for applicants whose ideas can support meaningful social interaction, new ways of exchanging goods and services or just enhance people’s’ lives during this strange time. Applications are due May 28th, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate!

Apply to Project Connect


Whether you’re a student, the founder of a startup or someone currently running a larger, more established business — you’re encouraged to apply. Chosen applicants will receive the grant funding as well as a package of resources that includes “mentorship, scaling opportunities for their business as well as exposure to new audiences and industries.”

The ideal applicant has:
  • A business that’s scalable and aimed at humanizing technology for future generations
  • Products and services that innovate the current status quo and establish a clear connection between virtual communication and human touch
  • Social impact should be at the core of the business with clear efforts put towards promoting a platform of inclusivity that’s in touch with the shifting values of the marketplace
  • A mindset that’s focused on the future and has a clear vision of how to advance the industry

COVID-19 changed everything about the working world and spurred an unprecedented adoption of technology across sectors. Project Connect aims to help harness the expertise across the business and tech industries and bring “heart and soul” back to digital integration. It aims to help professionals around the world partner and collaborate around the issues of connection, social isolation and how human-centered technology can help everyone get to a better place.

Apply to Project Connect