The Best Automatic Dog Feeders To Buy Right Now

Best automatic dog feeders
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If you have a dog and you’re planning on heading away for the weekend without your beloved pooch, and none of your friends have returned your calls to come over and feed him, an automatic dog feeder is a blessing. Automatic feeders contain varying amounts of food. Some can hold up to five pounds of your dog’s favorite dog food, while others hold less, so be wary of how long you’ll be gone for and how much food your pooch will need. And don’t forget to have someone come by to walk them once a day!

Smaller pooches are easier in terms of exercise and food and can be left alone for a day or so, but bigger dogs require more food and more exercise, so leaving Fido at home may cause a problem unless you figure out a good caregiving situation.

So be mindful that while automatic dog feeders are useful, sometimes they aren’t the best solution. Check out our favorite options for automatic dog feeders and start planning your next day trip.


1. PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Feeder

This unique dog feeder holds up to five cups of your dog’s food and can let your dog eat at the right time, every day. This feeder can be used for portion control if your dog is a fast eater, or to spread their food out throughout the day if you’re trying to help with weight loss. Simply put all five cups of food inside their individual containers, replace the lid, and set the timer for their next scheduled meal. This is a great feeder for folks who might be home late and miss Fido’s dinner, or for a night out on the town when you know you’ll be home late. Let your dog enjoy their food when they want it with the PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Feeder.

PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Feeder Courtesy of Amazon


2. ARF Pets Automatic Dog Feeder

This automatic feeder functions as a scheduled meal time for busy pet parents. Keep your pet fed with a timely scheduled breakfast or dinner with the simple click of a button and make sure your dog never misses out on dinner if you’re away for the night. The ARF Pet feeder holds up to 16 cups of food and has a magnetic lid so Fido can’t go digging for more. The style of this feeder is an excellent choice for pets who don’t eat too fast and who enjoy being fed on time.

ARF Pets Automatic Dog Feeder Courtesy of Chewy


3. Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Feeder

The Frisco feeder is a great option for pet owners who might be gone for more than one meal and whose dogs don’t eat everything in sight. If you happen to have the rare canine who safely eats his portion, then the Frisco gravity refill feeder might be right for you. This is not a good option for dogs who continue to eat after they are full, because the food will continue to dispense, and if you’re not home, then they’ll eat until they get sick. But if your dog isn’t that interested in food, and won’t eat it all at once, then a gravity refill feeder can be an excellent option for pet owners going out for the night or away for the weekend.

Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Feeder Courtesy of Chewy


4. Boots and Barkley Gravity Feeder

The Boots and Barkley brand is one of our favorites for its classic designs and great functionality. This gravity dog feeder will fit well into your kitchen like no other feeder. It holds up to five pounds of your dog’s favorite kibble. While you’re late for dinner or stuck at work, let gravity do the work for you and feed your pet on time. This feeder is dishwasher safe and features a flip top lid for easy filling. If your dog can pace themselves, then this is an excellent automatic feeder to choose.

Boots and Barkley Gravity Feeder Courtesy of Target


5. PetSafe Healthy Pet Automatic Dog Feeder

The PetSafe Feeder is a great choice for pet owners who wish to schedule their dog’s next meal and not let them overeat. If you have a canine with a voracious appetite, then try out the PetSafe Healthy Automatic Feeder for perfectly timed meals. This feeder uses a conveyor belt to discharge the right portion of food while you’re away for the best accuracy. You can customize your pet’s portions from 1/8 of a cup to 4 cups a feed. The Slow Feed option dispenses food in 15 minute increments to prevent fast eating, which may cause vomiting or bloating. Keep your pet safe and healthy all day long, whether you’re home or away.

PetSafe Healthy Automatic Feeder Courtesy of Chewy


6. Sure PetCare Sure Feeder

The Sure Feeder works based on your pet’s individual microchip — yes, you read that right. This feeder only opens when your pet, and their microchip, approach, and keeps track of their daily food intake. This smart system utilizes technology for the health of your pet, and while at a steep price point for an automatic feeder, it’s worth it for multi-pet households and controlling feeding time. The Sure Feeder works with SureFlap RFID collar tags as well as the microchip. With a bowl capacity of 1.6 cups of food, you can keep your pet fed with a healthy portion control meant just for them.

Sure PetCare Sure Feeder Courtesy of Chewy