Protect Your Upholstery from Paws and Puddles With One of the Best Couch Covers for Pets

couch covers for pets
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No matter how well trained your pet is, they are still hairy. So, even when accident puddles are a thing of the past, fur linting will not be. Yet, like us, they love sitting on the couch. And while you can try to tell them the floor is just as good, they’re smarter than that. The best way to avoid unwanted fur and stains on your sofa is by using one of the best couch covers for pets. 

Here are three reasons why investing in a couch cover for pets is a good idea:

1. Protection – Having a couch cover in place provides a protective layer for your couch. Most covers are made of a water-resistant material to enable easy cleaning, even in the event your pet has an accident on the couch. These couch covers are also great for preventing fur from reaching the upholstery and becoming embedded in your sofa’s surface.

2. Comfort – While blankets, covers and throws are all effective ways to protect your couch, they also increase comfort. Most covers are made from multiple layers of quilted materials, and they feature fabrics like sherpa for an extra-soft touch.

3. Aesthetic – As one of the most popular pieces of furniture in every home, couches often show signs of wear and tear through discolored areas and thinning fabric. Covering your couch with a protective cover, especially a slipcover-style cover, will give it a fresh appearance. 

It’s important to measure your couch before ordering your pet cover. Most couch covers have a sizing guide in their product description to refer to. If your couch falls between sizes, go for the slightly larger one, as you can usually tuck in the extra material.

Below are 11 of the best couch covers for pets, including full coverings, cushioned throws for fluffy dogs and some sticky tape and guards for protecting the sides and corners of your couch from cat scratches. With the correct cover, your couch will last longer, stay in better condition and be more comfortable, too.


1. PureFit Couch Cover for Pets


Featuring an anti-slip, elastic back strap, the PureFit Couch Cover for Pets is a top-quality design. It’s suitable for couches up to 66 inches wide and comes complete with foam pieces for sliding down between the cushion and the fabric to hold the cover firmly in place. Sewn with precision, the quilted material delivers an aesthetically pleasing cover which is available in many color variations, including some brighter options, too.

couch covers for pets purefit reversible Image courtesy of Amazon

PureFit Couch Cover for Pets

$29.31 $34.49 15% OFF


2. IN HAND Cat Scratch Furniture Guard


The 100% transparent material used to make the IN HAND Cat Scratch Furniture is thin enough to allow the true color of your furniture to show yet thick enough to prevent scratching. It’s also able to bend around corners to suit the shape of your couch. A small microfiber cloth for cleaning the guards is included along with screw pins for attaching the guards to your furniture.

couch covers for pets in hand cat scratch Image courtesy of Amazon

IN HAND Cat Scratch Furniture Guard



3. Sofisti-Cat Scratch Tape


Sofisti-Cat Scratch Tape provides protection for furniture of all shapes. This could be especially important if you have a cat that likes to scratch a particular area of your couch or other furniture. However, it is only recommended for use on certain materials, so a 48-hour hidden safety check is suggested prior to full use. Each roll contains 15 yards of 2.5-inch wide tape.

couch covers for pets sofisti cat scratch deterrent Image courtesy of Amazon

Sofisti-Cat Scratch Tape



4. PETMAKER Pet Couch Blanket


The PETMAKER Pet Couch Blanket can easily be moved to suit where your pet decides to plonk themselves. Unlike some couch covers, it doesn’t feature straps for securing it in place, but it is extremely soft and comfortable. Available in large or medium, this tan blanket is great for disguising fur, too. Plus, you can fold it in half for laying over the end of your bed if you need protection there as well.

couch covers for pets pet maker waterproof Image courtesy of Amazon

PETMAKER Pet Couch Blanket

$23.46 $24.95 6% OFF


5. Panther Armor Furniture Protector


Two different sizes are included with every Panther Armor Furniture Protector set. The four-pack also comes with twist pins for securing the guards into place where you need them most. Although they cost more, these guards offer much stronger protection than using tape alternatives. They’re also completely transparent, so you’ll hardly notice they’re there.

best couch covers for pets panther armor Image courtesy of Amazon

Panther Armor Furniture Protector



6. H.VERSAILTEX Pet Couch Cover


Your pet cover is likely going to be used a lot and therefore can show wear and tear quickly. The H.VERSAILTEX Pet Couch Cover is naturally dyed to avoid fabric discoloration. Three layers of faux suede and foam give this couch cover for pets a durable construction, which is also chemical-free and eco-friendly. Available in large and extra-large, this couch cover is reversible, meaning you can switch to the other side when the first is looking a little worse for wear.

best couch covers for pets h versailtex Image courtesy of Amazon

H.VERSAILTEX Pet Couch Cover



7. Turquoize Sofa Cover


Although the jacquard fabric used to create the Turquoize Sofa Cover is mainly polyester, it also contains 15% spandex, making it very stretchy and easy to put on your couch. Furthermore, this highly elasticated cover set comes in two pieces, one for covering the cushions and the other for the main unit of your sofa. Additionally, the anti-wrinkle material delivers a smooth, quality finish.

best couch covers for pets turquoize sofa cover Image courtesy of Amazon

Turquoize Sofa Cover

$24.63 $28.98 15% OFF


8. Easy-Going Couch Cover for Pets


With nearly 30,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, the Easy-Going Couch Cover for Pets is a great choice for any pet owner. It’s available in widths of 66, 78 or 99 inches and comes with 14.5-inch wide foam pieces for securing the cover in place between the arms and cushions. For extra security, there is also an integrated elastic strap, which wraps around the back, and arm sections, which fold over the sides.

easy going sofa slipcover Image courtesy of Amazon

Easy-Going Couch Cover for Pets

$22.89 $29.99 24% OFF


9. Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover


Covering your entire couch isn’t necessary thanks to the Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover. It’s designed for sectioning off a protected area and features a U-shaped bolster design. Available in a range of sizes, you can choose yours to suit a single armchair or a larger couch. Made from durable polyester, this cover is both water-resistant and machine washable.

furhaven pet furniture Image courtesy of Amazon

Furhaven Pet Furniture Cover



10. Sofa Shield Couch Cover for Pets


Best suited to fabric couches, the Sofa Shield Couch Cover for Pets is reversible with a different color on each side. There are lots of color variations to choose from and a range of sizes, from small to extra large, too. Designed to a top-quality standard, this couch cover is made to last and features an integrated strap with an adjustable hook for a firm fit.

sofa shield original patent pending Image courtesy of Amazon

Sofa Shield Couch Cover for Pets



11. Easy-Going L-Shape Couch Cover for Pets


The Easy-Going L Shape Couch Cover for Pets enables complete protection, even for L-shaped sofas. It’s made from thick microfiber, which is super soft and highly durable. It’s also available in small, large or extra large and comes with seven foam inserts for securing the cover into place. Furthermore, this couch cover for pets is reversible and identical on either side, so if any marks happen to occur, you can flip it over for a refresh.

easy going sofa slipcover Image courtesy of Amazon

Easy-Going L-Shape Couch Cover for Pets



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