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The Best Customized Dog Food for Picky Pooches

Customized dog food has become quite popular in recent years with companies like The Farmer’s Dog and Just Food for Dogs offering subscription services. If you don’t have to lug a 90-pound bag of food home, then why not give it a try? Another perk of customized dog food is the well, customized food. If your dog has any allergies, then this is a way to nip those in the bud right away. Feed your dog food you know won’t upset their stomach or cause them to have a reaction. Knowing what your dog is eating every day gives pet owners more control over their dog’s diets, which can be a comfort to most people. Oftentimes, prepackaged kibbles are made with unknown filler ingredients, are often recalled for bad ingredients, or are unreliable in consistency and flavor. If your dog is stuck on one brand of kibble and only eats the lamb and rice option and the company slightly alters the recipe, what are you going to do then? This is where the best customized dog foods come in. Let your dog know how much you love them with a subscription of food just for them.

Below, we’ll review the best customized dog foods available and rate their pros and cons so you can decide which option is best for you. Remember, most dogs need a transition period when switching foods, so don’t get excited and toss a brand new bowl of fresh food their way! Mixing is best. When switching foods, it’s best to follow the 70% old food, 30% new food formula until it’s entirely new food in the bowl.

Treat your dog right and check out the best customized dog foods available below.

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1. The Farmer’s Dog


Using only human-grade ingredients, The Farmer’s Dog specializes in creating plans for each and every dog. By offering fresh ingredients, this food comes frozen and packaged directly to your door. After you answer a few questions about your dog, the service will recommend a plan based on your dog’s specific needs. Give your dog fresh food every day and throw out the kibble. While expensive, this option is valuable for the knowledge of what your dog is eating. Avoid any allergies and let your pup enjoy mealtime again.

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Courtesy of the Farmer's Dog


2. Just Food for Dogs


Just Food for Dogs is the only customized dog food that lets you choose exactly what’s going into your pooch’s bowl every day. This is an excellent option for finicky pets or dogs with copious amounts of allergies. Keep track of what goes in your dog’s mouth every step of the way with the recipe made just for your dog. If you want a perfectly customized dog food, then this is your best bet and even though it’s a little pricey, it’s worth it to bypass pre-made kibble in favor of fresh food. While the company has 15 fresh recipes to choose from, you can also talk to a professional and formulate the perfect diet for your dog exclusively.

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Courtesy of Just Food for Dogs


3. Hungry Bark


Hungry Bark is another great option for customized dog food except this brand offers dry food instead of freshly packaged meals. Their kibble is generated by a questionnaire based on your dog’s health, age, breed and weight. The kibble offered is a food made from fresh ingredients and delivered to your door without the need of being frozen. There is also a protein topper that you can choose to add to the kibble, giving your dog an extra tasty treat. This is an excellent choice for pet owners who still want fresh food but in kibble form.

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Courtesy of Hungry Bark


4. Ollie


Ollie is a great brand to go for if you enjoy mixing fresh food with the kibble your dog already enjoys or to go all-in with the Ollie-designed food. As a frozen food, it is another excellent choice made in fresh batches specifically for your pup, with the help of vets and your dog’s personal information. Create a mealtime like no other for your dog with the Ollie fresh recipes.

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Courtesy of Ollie


5. Just Right


Just Right is a dog food that is made to order based on your dog’s needs. As a kibble, this dry dog food is easy to store and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Keep your dog happy if they have allergies or need to lose weight by keeping them accountable in the only way possible: by choosing what’s in their food. The Just Right team asks a series of questions about your dog and then they make a perfect recipe just for your pooch. As a fun extra, the bag comes with a photo of your dog on the front, so they’ll know it’s just for them. This is an excellent option for pet owners seeking the best customized dog food in kibble form.

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Courtesy of Just Right


6. Pet Plate 


This brand has easy portion-controlled containers of your dog’s fresh food, making it easier than ever to feed your dog if they have weight issues. Made from a customized recipe based on your dog’s health and information, Pet Plate creates fresh ingredients to create a tasty meal that your dog will love again and again. Made without artificial ingredients, this freshly made food will keep your dog happy and healthy.

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Courtesy of Pet Plate