The Best Dog Crates for Any Sized Dog

best dog crates
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Dogs love having their own space, just like us, and what better way to give it to them than by buying a dog crate? Dog crates serve as a personal space or home for a dog to have during and after training. Most dogs prefer their crate to the couch or your bed, which may come as a surprise to most pet owners, but crate-trained dogs are trained to stay in and enjoy their space with their favorite long-lasting chews and dog toys. Instead of it being a place of social isolation, dogs see it as a cave or a small, confined safe space that they can relax in.

So treat your pet well and get them their own personal room, be it an indoor crate or an outdoor kennel. Check out our favorite dog crates below.


1. Midwest Homes for Dogs

This black wire dog crate is a comfortable space for dogs of any size. With a door that locks and latches easily, you can let your friend out within seconds. The crate can be lined and padded with dog beds and blankets to keep your pet safe and cozy. The crate itself weighs 8 pounds, comes in a single or double door option, and comes in various sizes depending on your dog’s weight and height. Be sure to measure your pet before purchasing to ensure the correct sizing. Make this your dog’s home away from home for easy traveling as the crate collapses flat for storage. This is an excellent choice for any pet owner seeking an affordable, well made crate.

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2. Carlson Pet Crate

This single-door dog crate is a lightweight, easy to travel with home for your pooch. Simply line it with bedding to make your dog comfortable and happy as you begin crate training. Dogs naturally seek out small, dark spaces, so a dog crate is a natural place for them to seek shelter. The Carlson crate comes in four different sizes, from small to extra large. Be sure to measure your dog before purchasing. The inside tray is removable for easy washing.

Carlson Pet Crate, best dog crates Courtesy of Amazon


3. Life Stages Double Door Crate

The Life Stages crate has two doors for easy access for all pets and collapses down to a flat lightweight form that is easy to carry. With two heavy slide bolts, your pet will remain safe inside. Coming in at 12 pounds, it’s one of our heavier options but still a great choice for any pet owner. With patented rounded corner tips to prevent any sharp angles from hurting your pet, this crate is a cozy space for any dog.

Life Stages Double Door Crate, best dog crates Courtesy of Amazon


4. Frisco Furniture Style Dog Crate

The Frisco crate is an excellent option for pet owners who are seeking a stylish piece of furniture to blend into their homes. While still a comfortable dog crate, this two-door option is a great home for any dog as it can bedisguised as an end table. With dark wood laid on top of the wire, this crate will blend in easily to any home. It has a removable tray for cleaning and weighs 54 pounds. It is recommended for dogs up to 200 pounds.

Frisco Furniture Style Dog Crate Courtesy of Chewy


5. Frisco Soft Collapsible Crate

Looking for a non-wire option for your pet? The Frisco soft dog crate is lightweight, breaks down easily, and is extra cozy. Your dog is sure to love this home that can double as a travel case. With three zippered doors for access at any point from the top, side, and front, this crate also has mesh windows that roll down or stay up with clips. This is a very comfortable crate that your dog is sure to love.

Frisco Soft Collapsable Crate Courtesy of Chewy


6. PetMate Crate

This smaller style crate is great for traveling with small dogs. While not a traditional home-style crate, this carrier is great to have on hand for long drives or cross-country trips. A small, cozy home for any pet, simply line the inside with a bed and their favorite toys and watch them walk right in and settle down. A natural den for your dog, they’ll more often than not put themselves to bed. This crate accommodates pets 5 to 20 pounds in size.

PetMate Crate Courtesy of Chewy


7. EliteField Soft Crate

The EliteField soft dog crate is a great option for pet owners who don’t want a wire box in their living room. The soft dog crate is a cozy version of the traditional wire crate and is sure to comfort any anxious pet. This soft crate comes in five different sizes and multiple colors, so be sure to check with your pooch which one they would like before buying. The cover and mat are removable for easy washing while the rest of the soft material can be wiped down. The only downside to a soft crate is the inability to fully clean the entire inside material, so keep that in mind while purchasing.

EliteField Soft Crate, best dog crates Courtesy of Chewy


8. MidWest Quiet Times Crate Cover

A dark place to call their own is all any dog needs to settle down for the night. Or, perhaps, you’re putting the dog away for a party and need them to stay quiet. This dog crate cover by MidWest is an excellent option for pet owners seeking to create a dark space within the dog crate for their dog. Dogs naturally enjoy dark, small places, so this crate cover will be a welcome addition to their home. Made from 100% polyester, this cover is machine washable and easy to fasten onto the crate.

MidWest Quiet Times Crate Cover, best dog crates Courtesy of Chewy