Give Your Dog A Home of Their Own With One of These Dog Houses

best dog houses
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Although, as a human, it’s not a great feeling to be in the dog house. For our four-legged friends, it’s one of the best places to be. If you’re looking for a way to encourage your dog to chill out, sleep in their own zone or shelter from the storm or sun, you need one of the best dog houses.

Dog houses offer benefits including:

  • Temperature Control – A dog house is a space to keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The shelter offers shade from the sun and a wall against the wind. When the temperature really drops, you can add additional blankets, cushions and other warm cozies for comfort, too.
  • Storage – These small buildings are ideal for hiding your dog toys when you have visitors or you want to mow the lawn. While you might not want fluffy friends and chewie toys spread around inside your house, your dog most certainly will.
  • Shelter – As well as offering temperature control, many of the best dog houses are also designed to be waterproof, providing a rain-free shelter. The roofs are often slanted regardless of the material, so that raindrops slide off. You’ll also find that many are made from extremely durable plastic, which does not absorb water or let any pass through either. 

It’s important to consider the size and strength of your dog when choosing the best-suited dog house. Be sure to measure the height of your dog and select a house that has a door opening big enough for your dog to comfortably pass through.

Every dog has a use for one of the best dog houses, so we have rounded up the top 11 available to order online. Like our favorite dog toys and kiddie pools for dogs, these pup-sized shelters are a great way to show your love. This summer, give your best friend a home of their own with one of the best dog houses. They’ll love you for it.


1. Starplast Dog House Kennel


The Starplast Dog House Kennel is an attractive and impressively functional outdoor shelter for your dog. It boasts a four-star rating on Amazon and has a price tag of under $100, making this dog house a quality investment well worthy of its modest price. It’s made of polypropylene plastic which is both durable and water-resistant to ensure years of use. Plus, the traditional wooden shed-like finish makes the dog house look like it belongs in your backyard.

best dog houses starplast kennel Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Neocraft Large Dog Kennel With Canopy


When you hear the word dog house, you might think of the kind of wood or vinyl dog houses that look like miniature houses, the kind featured in “The Peanuts” comic strip. However, not all dogs will actually spend time in these dog houses, as they can become dark, dank, spider-filled and overheated. As an alternative, many pet owners prefer kennel-style dog houses such as the Neocraft product pictured below. Designed for large breed dogs, this kennel will provide pooches of all sizes with enough room to rest comfortably for long periods of time. It also comes with a canopy to provide shade and sun protection.

With a durable steel frame construction, this kennel can be used both indoors and outdoors and is designed to last for years to come. Unlike traditional dog houses, it provides security and ventilation to keep your pets cool, safe and happy all summer long. It’s also super easy to assemble, with no tools required.

best dog house Courtesy of Target


3. Petmate Aspen Dog House


The Petmate Aspen Dog House comes in two large pieces which connect together with integrated latches. It can be put together in under a minute as no tools are required for its assembly. It’s designed to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as any harsh treatment it may be exposed to from particularly rowdy occupants as it’s made from impressively durable plastic. Furthermore, it features a slightly raised floor to keep your pooch out of reach when any falling rain or snow is particularly bad.

best dog houses petmate aspen petbarn Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Suncast Plastic Dog House


The Suncast Plastic Dog House takes inspiration from a contemporary house design, making it a versatile option that will look great in almost any backyard space. The house is suitable for dogs up to 100 pounds. It also features molded windows on either side and includes a slanted blue roof which has been shaped to resemble tiles. The spacious door opening gives your dog plenty of room to adjust while the space above the door frame can be used for personalizing your dog’s home with a nameplate.

suncast taupe and blue plastic dog house Image courtesy of Wayfair


5. Amazon Basics Pet House


The Amazon Basics Pet House can be used inside or outside of your home and features a raised platform for protection from the elements and any ground-dwelling intruders. It includes an optional roof covering which attaches at the top of the A-frame structure which can be rolled up to offer more light and better ventilation. Alternatively, the flaps can be rolled out for increased protection from the weather, including rain and sun. In addition, this dog house comes in black, blue or khaki and can be ordered in either small or medium, whichever is best suited to the size of your pooch.

best dog houses amazon basics elevated portable house Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Tucker Murphy Wyman White Dog House


The Tucket Murphy Wyman White Dog House is a charming outdoor home for your dog that features white walls and an eye-catching blue roof. At its peak, the roof measures 28 inches while the door opening measures eight by 17.5 inches, making this dog house well suited to small and medium-sized dogs. The design also includes a number of air vents that are integrated into the structure to help your dog stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, the slightly raised design of the floor keeps your dog inches away from any potential flooding.

tucker murphy pet home Image courtesy of Wayfair


7. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Pet House


The Petsfit Indoor Wooden Pet House folds out ready for your dog without the use of any tools. Equally, it can be packed flat by lifting the floor panel inside and pushing the two side walls inward. This house is better suited to dogs under 40 pounds as the open door measures 13.4 by 9.5 inches. Plus, while it arrives a universal yet rather uninspiring eggshell color, it’s easy to add your own style with a new lick of paint or stain.

petsfit indoor wooden pet house Image courtesy of Amazon


8. TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House


The TRIXIE Classic Outdoor Wooden Dog House is an attractive backyard addition that is made from solid pine wood and features a natural-colored stain on top of the wood’s natural look. The slats are joined together using tongue-and-groove joints to prevent air drafts from penetrating the house while each of the four legs features an adjustable foot for a stable footing, even when the ground underneath is uneven. Additionally, the hinged roof provides easy access to the main compartment which makes cleaning and checking on your dog a lot more convenient.

trixie classic outdoor wooden dog house Image courtesy of Amazon


9. PawHut Wicker Dog House


Give your dog the summer house of their dreams with the PawHut Wicker Dog House. This dog house is best suited to summer days outside, although it is suitable for use indoors, too. It’s constructed from brown, hand-woven rattan which is probably familiar as it’s often used for patio sets and other garden furniture. It also comes with a water-resistant foam mattress to give your dog a comfortable place to relax when they are inside the house.

pawhut wicker dog house raised rattan bed Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Petmate Indigo Dog House


The igloo-inspired Petmate Indigo Dog House provides your dog with a place to shelter from snow, storms and harsh sun. It’s available in three sizes to suit small, medium or large dogs. The domed ceiling and solid base also arrive having been treated with antimicrobial protection to prevent unwanted bacteria growth. Additionally, the dome features brick markings to give the shelter an appealing and genuine igloo-like appearance.

petmate indigo dog house Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Lucky Dog Uptown Dog House


The Lucky Dog Uptown Dog House is larger than the average dog house. It’s made from rust-resistant metal which has been welded together to provide greater strength and avoid any resulting sharp edges. It also comes with a plastic cover that can be attached to the roof for added protection during particularly sunny and rainy periods. The dog house is supplied with all of the equipment and materials required for assembly.

lucky dog uptown welded wire outdoor kennel Image courtesy of Amazon


12. BODISEINT Portable Dog House


The BODISEINT Portable Dog House’s pop-up design makes it a great asset for spontaneous days out with your dog. All eight walls of the octagon-shaped house feature mesh windows to offer greater airflow and a 360-degree view, which can be calming for your dog when they find themselves in an unfamiliar place. On the floor, you’ll find tough and durable solid Oxford material to protect against wet ground and provide a more comfortable under-foot feel. This dog house is a great option for keeping in the trunk of your car for those just-in-case moments.

best dog houses bodiseint portable pet playpen Image courtesy of Amazon


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