Keep Your Pup Groomed and Healthy With the Best Nail Clippers for Dogs

best dog nail clippers
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Cutting our own nails can be hard but cutting the nails of your best friend — now that takes precision. You need the right type of nail clipper for your dog based on their weight. But first, let’s discuss how to best clip. Getting your dog calm and relaxed is key, especially if they are afraid of the clippers. Let them see it, smell it and then gently touch their paws with it. If your dog is paw shy, you might have to hold them securely, otherwise, take your pet’s paw and clip at the tip of the nail. You don’t want to over clip, which may cause bleeding at the stem, so be sure to stay beneath the clear line of the quick, which is the pink part that is full of blood and nerve endings. To be extra safe, you can keep styptic powder on hand.

What type of dog nail clipper is best for you and your pooch? There is a wide variety of nail clippers for dogs available, varying from heavy-duty to small and easy. While some resemble human nail clippers, most look like a pair of bolt cutters, but don’t let that worry you. The intensity of the metal is good for larger dogs while the scissors may be better suited for small dogs.

Check out the different kinds of dog nail clippers below and stop going to the vet so often.


1. Hertzko Nail Clippers

You can’t go wrong with a pair of stainless steel clippers and these include a safety guard to help prevent over clipping. With a comfortable grip and a no-slip handle, these clippers will prove easy to use and safe to store. The Hertzko clippers are vet recommended and come with a free nail file.  With easy-to-clean blades that won’t rust over time, the Hertzko will provide you and your pet with simple trims without excessive force. Larger dogs may mean larger nails, but that doesn’t include extra force. Simply clip away with the larger, more serious blade and let it do the work for you.

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2. Shiny Pet Clippers

Shiny Pet’s dog nail clippers are great for medium-sized dogs and have a safeguard to prevent painful over-clipping of the nail bed. Your dog will thank you when you both relax with the ease of clipping with a safeguard and a smooth handle that is easy to grip. Made with a stainless steel blade and a rubber handle, you’ll find yourself reaching for these every time your pooch needs a trim.

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3. Petriz Nail Clippers

The Petriz dog nail clippers will prove to be your favorite tool when you see how seamless and easy they are to use. With a stainless steel blade and an easy to grip handle, your dog will have healthy, short nails in no time. There are a great option for larger and medium-sized breeds who need a larger blade for larger nails. Don’t worry about using too much pressure and let the blade do the work for you.

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4. Epica Nail Trimmer

A stainless steel blade that won’t rust over time and that will keep your pooch with healthy and trim nails is all a pet owner can ask for, and the Epica Nail Trimmer does just that and more. Recommended by vets, praised in customer reviews and stylish, these nail clippers will become your new favorite grooming accessory. Just use a gentle squeeze and the nail will clip easily. These dog nail clippers come in three sizes, so be sure to check your pet’s weight before purchasing.

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5. UrPower Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

A dog nail grinder is a little different than your average clipper. A grinder works by gently grinding away at the tip of the nail until you reach a desirable length. With a near-silent sound and a stylish body, the UrPower Grinder will trim your dog’s nails safely and quietly. It’s an efficient way to trim your pet’s nails without the fuss of scissors or clippers, simply charge it up for three hours of grooming power. It is easy to use and clean and the near-silent noise will keep your pet relaxed as the grinder does its magic grooming. And at the same price point as regular nail clippers, this is a dog nail clipper that is hard to resist.

UrPower Rechargable Pet Nail Grinder Courtesy of Amazon


6. RexiPet Nail Grinder

The Rexipet nail grinder has a quiet motor which will put your pet at ease over any nail clipping anxiety. It is suited for small, medium, and large-sized dogs as well as cats, which is a perk for multi-pet households. The grinder softly works at the nail until it is smooth and shorter than when you started, leaving your pet with the ability to feel more comfortable on hardwood floors. A great choice for houses with multiple pets of different sizes.

RexiPet Nail Grinder Courtesy of Amazon


7. Ruff N’ Ruffus Nail Grinder

This deluxe package of grooming necessities will delight any pet owner for its versatile usage of grinder, scissors and charging port. The carrying case is a nice extra, too. With the free nail clippers thrown in, how could one go wrong with this handy nail clipping assortment? You’ll be grooming your pet daily with so many accessories. This is a great choice for anyone looking to avoid expensive grooming bills.

Ruff N' Ruffus Nail Grinder Courtesy of Amazon


8. Gorilla Grip Premium Nail Clippers

The Gorilla Grip dog nail clippers are easy to use and function with a clean, strong clip. Clipping your dog’s nails has never been easier than this because of the stainless steel blade and smooth cut on the tip of the nail. This is a great choice for owners with larger dogs because the bigger blade provides a cleaner, more efficient snip, leaving the owner and pet relieved at the quick process.

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