The 8 Best Dog Pools for Summer Fun

best dog pools
Courtesy of Pecute
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With summer 2021 upon us, everyone wants to get in on the pool action, including your dog. Summer can be an uncomfortable season for dogs with thicker coats, so a haircut and some pool time is in order to keep them happy and healthy. Excessive heat is also dangerous for your dog, so be sure to supply them with plenty of water and shade while you’re all playing outside. Dogs also love to play in the water, and splashing around in dog pools can be a fun activity for you and your pooch alike.

Kiddie pools are popular among both pet owners and parents (not to mention college students), but many inflatable kiddie pools aren’t durable enough to support pets. The best dog pools will keep your pets busy and active on a hot day, which will make everyone happier by curbing potentially destructive behavior from being kept inside. Keep your pooch cool this summer with their very own dog pool, which will keep their temperature down and make them comfortable as the heat rises. There are plenty of fun shapes and sizes to choose from but be sure to check out the size of the pool before purchasing, depending on the size and weight of your dog. Worried about their nails puncturing the pool? Most dog pools are made with a puncture-resistant fabric so your pooch’s nails won’t ruin the fun.

Let your dog soak up the sun with you with their very own puppy pool, and don’t forget their favorite dog toys to toss around too. Below, you’ll find the best dog pools for the summer season, plus some tips on warm-weather safety, courtesy of the Humane Society.


Best Dog Pools for 2021…

1. Jasonwell Dog Pool


This extra-large portable pool is great for families with dogs and kids so everyone can share in on the fun. Jasonwell makes some of our favorite pool floats, and this doggie pool is an excellent choice for larger dogs or a dog pool party. Keep your pooch cool with a pool all summer long but be sure to trim their nails before entering, as there is no reinforced durable material to match the strength of your dog’s nails. This pool is easy to fold and store and travels easily. Set it up quickly with a hose and drain just as fast at the end of the day. There are five sizes to choose from: a Small is 32′ while an extra-extra-large is 63″ so there’s room for a dog of every size in the Jasonwell dog pool.


Jasonwell Dog Pool, best dog pools Courtesy of Amazon

Jasonwell Dog Pools



2. Pecute Dog Pools


Another excellent pool for dogs is by the brand Pecute. It comes in a variety of different sizes for all types of dogs and is made from a reliable PVC material to prevent your dog’s thick nails from penetrating the surface. Made with a non-slip design with bumps integrated along the bottom to keep anyone from slipping, this is a safe and secure pool to use for small dogs as well. Keep your dog cool this summer by giving them their very own puppy pool.

Pecute Dog Pool Courtesy of Amazon

Pecute Dog Pool



3. Joyin Inflatable Pool


The Joyin inflatable pool is a large, easy to fill and drain on hot summer days and perfect for dogs and small children. Keep everyone in your family cool and comfortable all summer long this year. Be sure to clip your dog’s nails before entering as they may puncture the material, which will be sad for everyone if the pool leaks. At 103x69x20, this is a one size fits all inflatable pool that will delight everyone. Remember not to use too much water, as small dogs may not be able to exit the pool on their own. Always stay with your dog while they’re playing in dog pools.

Joyin Inflatable Pool, best dog pools Courtesy of Amazon

Joyin Inflatable Pool



4. Peteast Sprinkler Pad


Who doesn’t love a good run through the sprinklers? With Peteast, your dog can enjoy a sturdy mat that spouts water from the hose line in a good four foot arc of water, which will soak them to the bone and keep them cool during the summer. This sprinkler pad is an attractive option for pet owners who aren’t quite sure about a pool or who are just looking for a similar way to cool off their pets. The sprinkler pad is easy to use, it folds and stores quickly after being laid out to dry. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, the Peteast sprinkler pad will spark joy in any pet’s eye all summer.

Peteast Sprinkler Pad, best dog pools Courtesy of Amazon

Peteast Sprinkler Pad



5. RYNX Foldable Dog Pools


The RYNX pool falls under our sturdiest pool category, as it’s made from a high-density fiberboard that will stay strong and sturdy even during rough play. Don’t worry about your dog’s nails with this hard-covered shell, just keep your pooch cool and busy in the sun. At 48″ in diameter and 12″ deep, this is an excellent size for multiple dogs or puppies to splash around in and relax under the hot sun. Keep your dog comfortable this summer with the RYNX foldable dog pool.

RYNX Foldable Dog Pool Courtesy of Amazon


6. Timoo Foldable Dog Pool 


This is a great choice for pet parents with multiple large dogs. Tired of having to buy two pools every summer? Then try the Timoo foldable dog pool which is 63″ inches. Made from thick PVC, a great abrasion-resistant material, this pool is sturdy and won’t tear from multiple pairs of nails or even a chomp or two in the side of the pool. With anti-slip material, your pooch won’t slip or fall on a wet or dry surface. Convenient to fold and store, this pool is easy to use and can be brought along on camping trips or beachside adventures. So keep your dog nice and cool this summer with a giant foldable kiddie pool.

Timoo Foldable Dog Pool  Courtesy of Amazon

Timoo Foldable Dog Pool 



7. Lunaoo Dog Pools


The Lunaoo dog pool is an excellent way to keep your dog cool during the summer and is easy to use and store. Simply fill it with water and let your dog soak in the cool water. The Lunaoo pool comes in three different sizes, the largest being up to 63″x12″ and the smallest being 32″x8″. Made from high-grade industrial PVC which is a thick, non-slip material that will keep your dog safe while paddling around the pool.

Lunaoo Dog Pool Courtesy of Amazon

Lunaoo Dog Pool



8. Lifefair Foldable Dog Pools


the Lifefair dog pool is an excellent option for large dog owners or for pet parents with multiple dogs because the sizes are generous and many dogs will be able to enjoy the pool at once. Make this a summer to remember with a foldable dog pool for your favorite best friend. A sturdy pool that is easy to set up, fill, and drain, the Lifefair pool is a great tool for cooling off pets. Made from thick PVC material that won’t rip, plenty of large dogs can jump around in this pool without fear of wear or tear. A great choice for any pet parent looking to spice up their summer plans.

Lifefair Foldable Dog Pool Courtesy of Amazon

Lifefair Foldable Dog Pool



How To Keep Pets Safe in the Heat

Summer can be a time of joy and a time of danger for pups. In especially hot areas of the country, heatstroke is a serious concern for dogs. That’s why it’s important to have a summer safety plan for your pup. For instance, do you know where you would take them in the event of a power outage? Do you know the signs of heatstroke in dogs? According to the Humane Society, dog owners should observe their pets closely for these symptoms: “heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, lethargy, fever, dizziness, lack of coordination, profuse salivation, vomiting, a deep red or purple tongue, seizure and unconsciousness.”

french bulldog in dog pool Courtesy of Pecute

To keep your pet safe, the Humane Society also recommends following these safety practices:

  • Limit your dog’s exercise on excessively hot days
  • Remember that dogs can get overheated extra quickly in high humidity
  • When your dog is outside during warm weather, make sure they have constant access to both shade and water
  • Never leave your dog in a parked car — even with the engine running and AC blowing!
  • If your dog gets overheated, use ice packs to cool them down
  • Some breeds will benefit from summer haircuts, so consult your veterinarian in the spring

Finally, consider whipping up a batch of tasty “pupsicles” during the summer! Pecute, a pet supplies company that also makes one of the best dog pools featured above, also makes a cooling dog vest that can be great for warmer climates.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Pools

How To Have Fun in the Sun

What is the best dog pool for pets?

What's the best dog pool for Summer 2021? We love Jasonwell Dog Pools, which are available via Amazon and other retailers. The pools are puncture-resistant and easy to fill and drain. Small sizes are available for just $25, while the larger dog pools are priced at $56.

Can dogs use kiddie pools?

Generally, inflatable kiddie pools are not designed for dogs, and your medium- and large-sized pups may puncture the surface with their claws. Fortunately, there are many dog pools designed specifically for pooches.

What size dog pool do I need?

For very small dogs, you can find small dog pools about 30 to 35 inches in diameter. For medium-size dogs, look for dog pools at least 40-inches in diameter. For large dogs, look for dog pools that are at least 50-inches in diameter. If you have multiple dogs or want to give you pup plenty of room to splash around, look for 63-inch dog pools.

Remember to keep the water shallow at all times, as drowning can be a serious risk for small breeds.

What is the best foldable dog pool?

Jasonwell makes some of our favorite pool supplies, and they make the best folding dog pool. When not in use, this dog pool folds up for easy storage.

Will dogs break kiddie pools?

Look for kiddie pools and dog pools designed with puncture-resistant materials, and avoid inflatable pools for larger breeds. To be safe, consider trimming your dog's nails before filling up your dog pool.

What is the most durable dog pool?

For most dogs, we recommend the Jasonwell line of dog pools, available at Amazon. However, we also like the RYNX Foldable Dog Pool for extra durability. This dog pool combines a slip-resistant PVC outer surface with an interior layer made of 0.55cm high-density fiberboard, thicker than most competitors.

How much do dog pools cost?

Extra-large dog pools usually cost between $50 and $60. However, you can find quality dog pools for as little as $30.