The Best Dog Seat Belts For Protecting Your Pup

best dog safety belts

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We all know our four-legged friends love a good car ride: the smells, the wind blowing through the ears and the excitement of going somewhere new. But how can we keep our dogs safe as well as happy when they’re poking their entire body out of the window and wiggling with joy?

Seat belts for dogs can be an asset on long car rides or if you have more than one passenger in the backseat. Or, perhaps you’re driving solo and can’t keep an eye on your dog; strap them in safely so you can both get to where you’re going.

Dog seat belts may sound silly and ridiculous, but if you have an excitable dog or an overeager window lover, then you might want to check out our favorite dog seat belt options.

Here are some things to look for before buying a seat belt for your dog:

  • Sizing – How much does your dog weigh? Be sure to buy the correct size seat belt so your dog is comfortable as well as safe. No one likes their torso being squeezed on a long car ride.
  • Material – What is your dog seat belt made out of? Is your dog simply going to chew through it in a matter of minutes?

Most dog seat belts attach via a harness and clip into the seat belt buckle. Another tricky thing to look out for is car compatibility: a lot of dog seat belts don’t work with certain vehicles, so be sure to double-check if your car is on that list before purchasing. Or, you might be worried that your dog will step on the buckle and release itself. In that case, check out carabiners that attach to the backseat steel clips that come in every car. Lastly, enjoy your car ride with your dog!


1. Kurgo Seat Belt 

This clip attaches directly to your dog’s harness and buckles into the seat belt easily. It’s compatible with most cars and seat belt buckles and will stretch as your dog moves or wiggles in its seat. The bungee is made from a comfortable material that won’t restrain your dog too much, unless you slam on the brakes. The silver carabiner is a strong metal that attaches to your dog’s leash or harness, preventing them from slipping loose from the harness. Keep your dog safe and happy with the Kurgo seat belt made just for pets.

Kurgo Seat Belt  Courtesy of Amazon


2. Active Pets Dog Seat Belt

The Active Pets dog seat belt is made from rip-stop nylon, an excellent material for a dog who chews excessively. This universal harness can be used on almost any size dog and in any car. Strap your pooch in for a safe ride down the highway and watch in the mirror as they sit relaxed and comfortable during the jostles and turns of a long ride.

Active Pets Dog Seat Belt Courtesy of Amazon


3. Petzana Seat Belt for Dogs

The Petzana seat belt is ideal for dogs who like to squirm around during a car ride. The gentle material will keep them from roaming too far while you keep your eyes on the road. Keep the window cracked for your pooch but have no worries about how far they’ll stick their heads out to sniff the wind. This high-quality nylon will keep your dog comfortable but restrained and the buckle works well with most vehicles.

Petzana Seat Belt for Dogs Courtesy of Amazon


4. Headrest Dog Seat Belt

This dog seat belt is unique in that it attaches not to the buckle on the seat but to the headrest. This works best when attaching to a harness, not a collar, otherwise, you’ll have a greater chance of accidentally choking your dog. Let the headrest do the work if you haven’t been able to find a seat belt that works with your vehicle’s buckle. Simply attach the leader over the headrest and clip it onto your dog’s harness. They’ll be easily restrained yet comfortable for the duration of the car ride.

Headrest Dog Seat Belt Courtesy of Amazon


5. Leash Boss Dog Seat Belt

The Leash Boss seat belt clips into the steel clips found in your car, not to the seat belt buckle, giving you extra satisfaction. Your dog will be easily restrained yet comfortable with this non-chewable steel rope coated in nylon. This is an excellent choice for feisty dogs who move around too much during long car journeys.

Leash Boss Dog Seat Belt Courtesy of Amazon


6. Mighty Paw Safety Belt

The Mighty Paw option is an excellent dog seat belt for pet owners who worry about their dog stepping on the belt buckle and easily releasing the seat belt. The Mighty Paw clips into the steel hooks attached to the backseat of every vehicle, which are usually used for car seat attachments. For optimal safety, try out the Mighty Paw Safety Belt and relax as your four-legged friend enjoys the ride.

Mighty Paw Safety Belt Courtesy of Amazon


7. Dogit Safety Belt

The Dogit Safety Belt is an optimal choice for pet owners who want to look back and see their four-legged friends relaxing quietly in the car, not nosing around and jumping all over the place. While driving with a dog in your lap might sound fun, they can be a danger if you’re caught in an accident or a tight situation. The securely weaved nylon is strong enough to withstand any amount of chewing, plus it won’t break under any amount of pulling. This seat belt attaches to most vehicle belt buckles.

Dogit Safety Belt Courtesy of Chewy


8. Frisco Adjustable Seat Belt Tether

The Frisco Seatbelt Tether is a great way to keep your pooch secure during a long car ride. The carabiner attaches to either the steel clips in the backseat of every car or to the belt buckle for extra security. Keep you and your dog safe with this dog seat belt.

Frisco Adjustable Seat Belt Tether Courtesy of Chewy