These Are the Absolute Coziest Sweaters To Get Your Dog

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Apparel for your pets has never been so readily available. From dresses and jumpers to hoodies and bows, the selection is endless, and the styles have never been so darn cute. Clothing for pets not only looks great on, but it can be practical as well. Pet apparel can help to ease scratching for dogs with skin conditions and are useful in protecting body wounds after operations.

Dog sweaters come in many different sizes, styles and silhouettes. That’s why it’s very important to read the descriptions before purchasing them. One of the most popular silhouettes we came across when searching was the turtleneck silhouette which is, honestly, incredibly adorable. So, again, you must use accurate measurements of your pooch to help ensure that they’re comfortable in their new sweater. But even if your pup doesn’t necessarily run cold, some of these dog sweaters are just too precious to pass up on. Just wait until you see the cable knit sweater toward the bottom. It’s almost too much. Almost.

Whatever the reason you want to dress up your pet, we’ve found the best dog sweaters to buy right now.


1. Pet Life Active Embarker Full Body Warm-Up Dog Sweater


For those looking for dog performance wear, Pet Life has a full-body sweater that’s sure to keep your buddy warm during the harsh cold months. This sweater is functional and practical and has the appearance of a tracksuit. With a lightweight four-way stretch construction and leash slits on the sides for easy accessibility, this option is perfect for dogs that have the urge to be outside no matter the weather.

 Pet Life Active Embarker Full Body Warm Up Blue Dog Sweaters PetCo

2. Argyle Knit Pet Sweater


Another classic knit sweater for your pets is this blue Argyle Knit sweater by Alemon. This cozy sweater will keep your pet warm while looking cute in the process. Especially if you have an argyle of your own, this is one of the best sweaters for dogs.

Pet Sweater Alemon Image Courtesy Amazon

3. Idepet Pet Dog Classic Sweater


This warm and cozy dog sweater from Idepet comes in 12 colors and will make your pet extra cuddly. It uses a fleece material that’s soft and comfortable for your dog. The company states that this sweater is best for small and medium-sized dogs. With a round collar and other sturdy stitching and embellishments, this sweater is perfect for rainy, cold days.

Idepet Pet Dog Classic Sweater Amazon

4. Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater


Maybe your dog gets a lot of attention a the dog park and you want to up the ante of their cool factor. This boyfriend-style dog sweater is sure to make sure that every dog in the dog park has eyes for your pooch. Featuring a thick collar and a thick hem at the bottom of the sweater, both emphasized by a red line, this sweater has a level of sophistication to it.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater Amazon

5. Cable Knit Dog Sweater


This timeless, wool-blend sweater by Blueberry Pet comes in 13 color options for you to choose from, so your pet can switch up its look periodically. Ideal for all dog sizes, this dog sweater is made from cozy acrylic yarn to ensure easy care and durability.

Blueberry Pet Classic Wool Blend Cable Knit Amazon


6. Frisco Dog & Cat Basic Hoodie


Everybody — and animal — needs the functional and casual aspects of a hoodie in their wardrobe. This dog hoodie from Frisco is simple and effective. It comes in five colors and even features a pocket on the back for a stylish flair.

Frisco Dog & Cat Basic Hoodie Chewy

7. SCENEREAL Dog Sweater


Sometimes you want your dog to look a little dressed up while also helping to provide them with needed warmth. This dog sweater from SCENEREAL is cute because it has a dress shirt collar embellishment that makes your dog look like they’re going on a doggy interview. It comes in four colorways that will make your little boy or girl look nice and dashing.

SCENEREAL Dog Sweater Amazon


8. Kyeese Reflective Dog Sweater


When you’re walking your dog at night, it can be difficult to see them, and Kyeese considered that with their reflective dog sweater. It uses reflective thread within its weaves and tangles that help to make it easier to see your dog at night. Also, the sweater is a pull-on style that helps make wearing easy for your dog.

Kyeese Reflective Dog Sweater Amazon

9. ESPAWDA Casual Sweater Vest


Some days, you, as a human, don’t need a full-on sweater, and during those same days, your dog doesn’t need one either. One of the trendiest items right now is the sweater vest, and of course, we’re not shocked that this style is offered for dogs too. It uses a sweatshirt material that’s comfortable and machine washable. Also, this dog sweater vest fits every dog size, making it one of the most size-friendly options.

ESPAWDA Casual Sweater Vest Amazon

10. Apetian Dog Sweater


For those really chilly days, or when your dog is begging to cuddle, this sweater from Apetian will help satisfy them. It features a thick neckline that will keep their neck nice and warm. Also, the dog sweater features acrylic yarn which isn’t itchy and will help to conduct heat. The loose fit will let your pet move freely and comfortably.

Apetian Dog Sweater Amazon

11. BINGPET Dog Turtleneck Sweater W/Brown Paw 


This cream and brown sweater features a cute paw print on the back that’s cute and fun. It has a thick, brown turtleneck collar that helps to contrast against the creamy color of the sweater. The brand suggests that if your pup has chubby legs or in between sizes to order up.

BINGPET Dog Turtleneck Sweater W/Brown Paw  Amazon

12. Wiz BBQT Knitted Braid Plait Turtleneck Sweater


A fashionable option from Wiz BBQT, this turtleneck sweater features braid plaits embellishments that are sure to catch your eye. It comes in five pops of colors that will help keep your pet stylish and cute.

Wiz BBQT Knitted Braid Plait Turtleneck Sweater Amazon

13. CHBORCHICEN Turtleneck Sweater


We get it. Your pooch is your heart, so why not put one on their back to symbolize this relationship. Chcorchicen’s turtleneck dog sweater comes in a variety of styles that feature a heart or strawberry. This variation is a cream turtleneck with a blue background and a cream heart. It is cute and will definitely make a statement.

CHBORCHICEN Turtleneck Sweater Amazon

14. maxbone Christian Cowan X Jumper


If your pup is in need of a little flair, then the maxbone Christian Cowan X jumper is the perfect choice. Fluffy, pink, and extremely stylish, this cozy sweater will make your dog the belle of the ball. Let your pup shine with a fun sweater that will make passerby ask where you got it.

maxbone Christian Cowan X Jumper Courtesy of maxbone


15. maxbone Alpine Puffer Jacket


If hot colors aren’t your thing, but you’ve fallen in love with the chic maxbone brand, consider the Alpine Puffer, a sleek silver jacket that will match one of your own. This jacket will keep your dog warm and stylish while you walk the chilly winter streets, and you’ll likely pick up a lot of compliments too.

maxbone Alpine Puffer Jacket Courtesy of maxbone


16. Wagatude Let it Snow Sweater


The Wagatude brand has a cute and cozy sweater for any dog who wants to show off a bit during the holidays. With Let it Snow written on the back, your dog will be a welcome reminder of festive days to come. Made from acrylic and polyester, this dog sweater is a pull-over style jumper, making it easy to dress your pet quickly. Enjoy the holidays with your pet with a stylish sweater.

Wagatude Let it Snow Sweater Courtesy of Chewy


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