The Best Dog Treats for Training Fido in 2021

best training treats for dogs
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Training your dog may seem like a major task at first, but once you settle on a training plan and gain a sense of routine, it’ll get easier. Utilizing specific dog treats for training will become a big factor in letting your dog understand what they’re doing right. Positive reinforcement is a popular technique and treats play a big role in facilitating good outcomes for puppies.

The first thing you need to decide is what type of treat your dog enjoys. Texture and flavor are the main components here. Does your dog enjoy chewy treats or bite-sized nibbles? Most training treats are eaten within a few seconds to enhance the timeliness of the training and to keep your dog motivated. Small treats are best for this technique, but if your dog is very receptive to a treat that takes a little longer to eat, that’s okay too. The main goal of training is to let your dog know they did a good job at the right moment, and giving them their favorite treat is the best way to accomplish that.

We’ll review our favorite types of treats for training below, including flavor, texture and the quickness of chewing.


1. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Chicken Recipe


Zuke’s training treats are about the size of the tip of your finger, which makes them a very quick chew. Their chicken flavor is a tasty choice for most dogs, but make sure your puppy doesn’t have any allergies. The texture is soft, almost sponge-like, and is easily gobbled up by any good dog who enjoys positive reinforcement. Zuke’s has a few other flavors to check out as well. This is our top choice for a training treat because of the size and the number of treats per package. Made with less than three calories, this grain-free treat is corn, soy, and wheat-free. Let your dog enjoy a healthy snack while learning how to sit and stay.

Zuke's Mini Naturals Chicken Recipe, best dog training treats Courtesy of Chewy


2. Merrick Power Bites Real Texas Beef 


Merrick’s training treats are an excellent choice for beef loving dogs. Made from real Texas beef, these treats are small and delicious bites best used during walks and training routines. These treats are protein-rich and will help build muscles and healthy bones while doubling as a training treat. Give your puppy the best with this grain-free recipe that is free from preservatives, artificial colors and flavoring.

Merrick Power Bites Real Texas Beef, best dog training treats Courtesy of Chewy


3. Pet Botanics Training Reward Bacon Flavor


These treats will entice any dog into learning how to sit and stay with their delicious bacon flavor and bite-sized morsels. Let your dog crave a good treat during training, it’ll help them learn faster and help them to keep motivated. Your dog will have all eyes on the treat pouch when you give your next command. The Pet Botanics Training Reward treats are made from real pork liver and have a moist texture. Treat your dog right with a healthy reward system with the Pet Botanics training treats.

Pet Botanics Training Reward Bacon Flavor, best dog training treats Courtesy of Chewy


4. Wellness Soft Puppy Bites


These tasty lamb & salmon treats are made from an all-natural recipe that is sure to please you as much as any puppy. Train your dog well with the Wellness Soft Puppy Bites that are made exclusively with your little dog in mind. A mixture of lamb, salmon, fruits, and veggies means your puppy is gaining nutrition while also learning the ropes of being a good dog.

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites, best dog training treats Courtesy of Chewy


5. Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Training Treats


As one of our favorite brands for dog food, we couldn’t miss out on the chance to rave about Blue Buffalo’s training treats. Beef flavored and delicious, these treats are bite-sized moist morsels that will leave your dog attentive and waiting for action. Let the training routine become fun with the Blue Bits training treats. Protein-rich and full of DHA salmon oil to support healthy cognitive development, these are more than just treats. Help your puppy grow into a healthy dog with these treats that are chicken-free, poultry and by-product-free.

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Training Treats, best dog training treats Courtesy of Chewy


6. Victor’s Dog Cookies


Started in 2020 by 11-year-old Victor whose aim is to help feed dogs in shelters across the country, Victor’s Dog Cookies are a delicious treat best given to dogs in training or for good behavior. Made by Victor himself, this small business is intent on donating one meal for every bag of cookies bought. Supported by the parent company Alpha Paw, Victor’s Dog Cookies are made with all-natural ingredients as a tasty treat for any dog and come in the flavors Apple Madness or Bacon Temptations.

Victor's Dog Cookies, best dog training treats Courtesy of Alpha Paw


7. Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Peanut Butter Treats


We had to include a peanut butter flavored training treat here with all of these delicious meat-based options as the frontrunners and Cloud Star is an excellent choice for their all-natural ingredients and tasty peanut butter limited ingredient recipe. At just three calories per treat, give your dog a taste of what good behavior means.

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Peanut Butter Treats, best dog training treats Courtesy of Amazon


8. Full Moon Organic Human Grade Training Treats


Made for dogs but designed with only the best ingredients in mind, these human-grade training treats are a delicious recipe meant to be consumed mid-training. Set your dog up with a tasty reward system with Full Moon’s organic treats and enhance your dog’s diet instead of giving them fattening or unhealthy treats. Made from organic cage-free chickens, these three calorie bites are made in small batches from organic chickens, flaxseed, and paprika for a delicious, healthy taste.

Full Moon Organic Human Grade Training Treats Courtesy of Amazon