The Best Dog Wipes for a Clean and Happy Pup in 2021

best dog wipes

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Everyone loves a clean pooch and one easy item to keep around is a dog wipe, because sometimes a bath is too much to handle or may not be available, especially if you’re camping. These are lightweight, simple to grab and pack on the go, and can be stored in a ziplock bag for more adventures in the water. There are different types of dog wipes, made for specific areas of your dog’s body such as for their eyes, ears and anal glands. Wipes are great for cleaning up after a mess, pulling out burs or sticky substances that may have caught onto your dog’s fur, or anything else they may have stumbled their way into.

Dog wipes are especially great to have on hand after a messy bowl of wet food or their favorite treats, like peanut butter. Prevent smears and unwanted substances from appearing around the house by wiping their jaws and snouts after eating.

Check out the best dog wipes below and keep your pooch squeaky clean.


1. Earth Rated Dog Wipes

Eco-friendly and great for your pooch? Say no more, we’re all in. Give your dog a good scrub down with these plant-based, earth-friendly dog wipes in lieu of a bath. Save time, water, and the hassle of a messy dog bath. Wipes are especially great for dogs who hate water and abhor bath time, so save yourself the stress and wipe ’em down. These compostable wipes are biodegradable and hypoallergenic, making for a healthy clean-up for you and your family. Clean the paws, rear end, and snout after a long day at the park before letting them back inside. The Earth Rated Dog Wipes are your best bet for a clean pooch and a healthy environment.

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2. Pet Md Chlorhexidine Wipes

If you’re looking for a disinfectant wipe, Pet MD has your back. With the chlorhexidine formula, wipe down any cuts or abrasions, hot spots, or sores with these gentle, unscented wipes. Premoistened for optimal use, these wipes are great for in-between bath times, coming inside from a walk, or for a quick clean-up after a romp in the park. Useful for clean-ups or for small injuries, these wipes will save you time and money usually spent on baths.

Pet Md Chlorhexidine Wipes Courtesy of Amazon


3. PetPost Wrinkle Wipes

If you have a pug, French bulldog, or a Bulldog, wrinkle wipes will clean out all those tiny areas where dirt and gunk like to gather. Keep your best friend as clean as possible and prevent any buildup or dangerous infections from forming inside an unseen cut with a wrinkle dog wipe. Made with coconut oil and aloe vera, these all-natural wipes are a better way to go than with harmful chemicals that may harm your dog’s sensitive face and snout. Wrinkles can be tricky to clean but with these soft cotton wipes, you’ll have your dog used to the new routine in no time.

PetPost Wrinkle Wipes Courtesy of Amazon


4. Booyah Tree-Free Bamboo Pet Wipes

Hypoallergenic wipes are great for dogs with sensitive skin and these tree-free bamboo wipes are an excellent way to wipe down your pooch and keep it safe. With a touch of aloe vera and vitamin E to keep your pet’s fur shiny and clean, these are sustainable wipes made from bamboo and free of harsh chemicals. If your dog has any allergies or is sensitive to a lot of different materials or chemicals, these are a safe way to wipe them down after a long day at the dog park. Keep the environment healthy as well with these tree-free bamboo wipes.

Booyah Tree Free Bamboo Pet Wipes Courtesy of Amazon


5. Medicated Wipes 

These medicated, antibacterial and antifungal dog wipes are a great resource for pet owners whose dogs need constant attentive care and cleaning whether due to an open sore, a hot spot, or an infection. Great for clearing up ringworm, yeast infections, mange, fungus, and pyoderma. If your dog is itching or in constant pain from chewing on its own paw or leg, wipe it down with these medicated soft cloths and watch as your dog relaxes.

Medicated Wipes  Courtesy of Amazon


6. Vet Virtue Ear Wipes for Dogs

Having a weird smell coming from your dog’s ear is never a good sign. Clean them out with these unscented, gentle dog wipes. They won’t enjoy it, but hold them still and clean out the gunk in their ears before it becomes a costly vet bill that can result from eczema or fungal infection. These are also good for soothing painful insect bites, cleaning out ear wax, and for your dog’s general ear health. These wipes contain salicylic and benzoic acid to work in lieu of medication.

Vet Virtue Ear Wipes for Dogs Courtesy of Amazon


7. Martha Stewart Anti-Itch Wipes

Anti-itch dog wipes are very useful to have on hand in the house, in the car, or on a camping trip. If your dog won’t stop itching, try soothing the area with one of these oatmeal and aloe-infused wipes. It could be a bug bite or a hot spot, but either way, give your pet some relief with the Martha Stewart wipes that are made with lavender and mint for a gentle, anti-itch formula. These are great for puppies because of the gentle formula. Clean off your pooch daily but avoid the ears and eyes.

Martha Stewart Anti-Itch Wipes Courtesy of Amazon


8. PetKin Extra Thick Wipes

If you have a large dog or find yourself going through too many packages of dog wipes in a month, these extra large and extra thick wipes might be a solution. They are 7 x 11in and are made from a gentle formula that includes aloe for extra special attention. These are great for a full body rub down or for a paw cleaning. Keep your pooch dirt and bacteria-free with these extra thick wipes.

PetKin Extra Thick Wipes Courtesy of Amazon