Toss, Fetch, Tug and Bond With The Best Frisbees for Dogs

best frisbees for dogs
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Dogs are truly a man’s best friend. They’re great companions for nearly every aspect of life — from sleeping to eating, playing, swimming, running and everything in between. For all they give us, it’s important to take care of them well in return. Giving them the right dog food, training them well and making sure they’ve got plenty of toys to play with are great first steps. Making sure they get plenty of exercise at the dog park or on the trails is another great way to ensure they’re cared for — and what better form of exercise is there than a classic game of fetch with a dog frisbee?

Just to clarify, technically the word “Frisbee” is a trademarked word from the company Wham-O who produced the world’s first frisbees way back in 1957. Since then, they’ve infiltrated many factions of society from frisbee golf tournaments to competitive ultimate frisbee leagues on college campuses. Frisbees for dogs is just another iteration of this carefree, laissez-faire toy that almost everyone seems to enjoy playing with. Much like what Q-tip did for cotton swabs, and Kleenex did for tissues, the brand’s name has become synonymous with the product’s name, so we’ll be using them interchangeably.

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You could use a regular flying disc for your pup’s fetch game, but their hard design can be difficult for smaller dogs to catch and/or pick up off the ground, and some might be made of materials that are difficult for dogs to ingest. Instead, using frisbees specifically made for dogs is a better bet, and we’ve gathered a wide selection of those below.

Disc-oriented games are excellent for dogs, as they provide an ample amount of exercise, a structure through the retrieval process and a reward system of catching the frisbee mid-air. Frisbees designed for dogs can take many forms and vary in terms of size, performance, weight, design and shape as well. A well-designed frisbee for a dog is a cross between a chew toy and a disc, and made of durable materials that also fly through the air with the greatest of ease.


What to Consider When Choosing a Frisbee For Your Dog:

There are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing the right frisbee for your dog. Heavier discs tend to fly straighter and farther than lighter ones, but they can also be more difficult to catch, especially for smaller dogs. You’ll want it to be a disc that you yourself can throw easily, as a better throw from you makes it easier for your dog to catch it.

You’ll also want to make sure it’s a disc your dog can easily grip and pick up, flexible ones make this easier for smaller dogs. The throwing disc you choose should also be durable, hopefully water-resistant or waterproof and built for rough, rugged play.


Hard vs. Soft Flying Disc

Hard flying discs are the ones most of us are probably familiar with. They can fly for longer distances after being thrown with a decent amount of accuracy as well. However, they can be harder and more painful for your dog to catch. You could accidentally hit your dog with one, cause them to lose a tooth, etc. Hard discs are not great for small dogs or dogs who are new to the sport itself.

Soft frisbees on the other hand are made of fabrics like nylon and semi-rigid rubbers. They’re typically lighter in weight so they won’t travel as far, but they’re less likely to hurt your dog if they don’t catch it well. They’re also more compact, portable and easy to pack for a day at the park.


1. ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy


This dog frisbee comes from the brand ChuckIt! that specializes in toys for active dogs looking for a rousing game of fetch. It’s aerodynamically designed to go long distances easily and has a multilayer nylon structure that’s easy on your dog’s chompers. The frisbee gradually descends so your dog can jump and catch it in the air, and is made with brightly-colored fabric to capture your dog’s attention. It also comes in a large and small size so you can find the dimensions that fit your dog’s frame.

chuckit flyer dog toy, best frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

ChuckIt! Paraflight Flyer Dog Toy

$5.00 $9.99 50% OFF


2. Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee


These dog frisbees from Hyper Pet are designed to be used anywhere in any weather — be it snow, rain or sun. They’ve got a durable design made for play that’s also safe on teeth. The multilayer nylon construction is designed for dog bites and long-lasting use outdoors. These frisbees are made with lightweight material that floats on water, so it’s perfect for using on the beach or at the lake, pool, etc. The bright blue and green also make it easy to spot in the trees or grass.

hyper pet dog frisbees, best frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee



3. Nerf Dog Rubber Tire Flyer Dog Toy


This frisbee has a 10-inch diameter, so it’s ideal for medium and large dog breeds. It’s made of Nerf-quality tire materials so it’s perfect for fetch and teaching your dog tricks. It’s made of super durable rubber and floats in water, so there’s no need to worry about losing it in the ocean. It’s been rigorously tested for safety and the bright blue makes it easy to spot for you and your dog.

Nerf Dog rubber frisbee, best frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

Nerf Dog Rubber Flyer Frisbee

$8.80 $9.99 12% OFF


4. Hyperflite Jawz Disc


This rugged, durable frisbee is built puncture-resistant and has a heavier design than most, making it great for big dogs with big teeth. It’s got a patented dual-grip that’s actually designed for canine competitions, believe it or not. It’s capable of setting world records for distance throws, and is available in a bunch of colors including this electric blue.

Hyperflite jawz frisbee, best frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

Hyperflite Jawz Disc



5. Nerf Dog 9-Inch Nylon Flyer


This nylon flyer frisbee is nine inches across making it great for larger dogs as well. It’s built Nerf tough so it can take a few chomps from your four-legged friend easily and is a bright red so visibility will be excellent in a variety of conditions. It’s built lightweight and durable for plenty of fetch games, as well as water-resistant.

Nerf flyer dog frisbee, best frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

Nerf Dog Durable Nylon Flyer



6. KONG Durable Rubber Flying Dog Toy


This dog toy is made for small dogs with a soft catch design that’s forgiving and delivers a helpful bounce if they miss it. The red color and design encourages your dog’s play instincts and helps them burn off healthy exercise. It’s made of classic KONG rubber so it’s durable, waterproof and built to last for a long time. It’s also shaped for an accurate toss and flight, so you and your dog can gauge where it’s headed every time.

KONG rubber dog toy, frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

KONG Durable Rubber Flying Disc Toy

$10.99 $12.99 15% OFF


7. ChuckIt! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy


This is a fun spin (sorry, pun intended) on the classic frisbee design and is aerodynamically designed to fly in the same way. This flying squirrel is lightweight and made of buoyant material that’s perfect for playing poolside or next to a lake. The curved sides make it easy for your dog to retrieve it and it glows in the dark for nighttime play.

chuckit! flying squirrel dog toy, frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

ChuckIt! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

$6.31 $12.99 51% OFF


8. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Frisbee


Many reviewers of this dog frisbee rave about its durability, as well as its high-flying aerodynamic design. Whether you’re playing a casual game of fetch or training for a dog frisbee competition, the curved edges make it easy to grip and the sturdy design give it flight. It’s lightweight and made of flexible material, and it can double as a food and watering bowl while you’re out and about, a convenient multipurpose feature.

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc dog frisbee, frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Frisbee



9. Nite Ize Flasflight LED Dog Disc


This dog disc has color-changing LEDs built into it that give it a great glow for nighttime play. It’s made of durable plastic that’s made for flying high, and the lights extend from rim to rim. It’s got a dog-safe battery compartment inside and comes with replaceable batteries already in it so you’re ready to play upon delivery. This disc is not a chew toy, however, and should only be used during supervised play.

nite ize flashflight LED flying disc, frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Dog Disc

$12.87 $16.09 20% OFF


10. Bionic by Outward Hound Fetch Toy


This is a dog chew toy that can double as a disc for fetch and a tug o’ war toy as well. The newest version has been built 65% stronger so playtime lasts longer and you can rest assured knowing the toy isn’t made with lead, BPA or any other toxic materials you don’t want your dog chewing. There are multiple ways to play with it, and it works just as well indoors as it does outdoors. It’s top-rack dishwasher safe so keeping it sanitized is easy, and it’s available in three different bright colors including this lime green.

bionic by outward hound dog toy, frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

Bionic by Outward Hound Fetch Toy



11. ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz


If you pup is a tugger and refuses to ever lose a game, this disc is great. It’s made of flexible fabric and ropes around the entire exterior, so it’s great for aggressive chewers as well as outdoor play. It’s made of sturdy nylon and real climbing rope, so it’s easy to throw far distances and lightweight so your pup can catch it easily. It’s brightly colored so it’s easy to spot and contains no stuffing so it’s great for dogs at any age.

zippypaws rope gliderz, best frisbees for dogs Courtesy of Amazon

ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz Flying Disc



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