The Best GPS Dog Collars To Help Keep Track of Your Pooch

best GPS dog collars
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Now that we’ve all adopted our pandemic puppies, it’s time to keep track of them. Even if you’ve had your dog for years, buying a GPS collar is a smart idea in this day and age, especially for new owners. Microchipping your pet is also a good way to go because then if your pet goes missing, you can find them via your vet’s office. But GPS collars are an excellent way to keep everything under control right from your own home. There are a few different styles of the best GPS dog collar, ranging from simple to ones that light up at night to keep your pet safe. The GPS sends a signal to an app on your phone so you can see where your dog is in real-time, even if they’re just going for a walk while you’re at work. Never worry about the location of your best friend again with one of these best GPS dog collars.

What kind of collar should you be looking for? Ask yourself what kinds of activities you and your dog do together, be it walking around a park off-leash to hiking a mountain with little to no trail. Some collars include a tracker while others have trackers sold separately. A few are very high-tech and function off GPS satellites and others use Google Maps via an app on your phone. Your choice of GPS dog collar depends on when and where you’re going to be, if you have cell service, and how much you’d like to know.

Ready to keep better track of your pet? Check out the best dog GPS collars below. 


1. Dogtra 1900S E Collar

Dogtra is a tracking device attached to a form-fitting collar and is used by many professional obedience trainers. It has a three-to-four-mile range and connects to a pager that you can have on you at all times. The tracker has a long battery life and recharges in less than two hours, making it a quick-use device in a hurry. This is a great option for owners who are training their pets or who enjoy hiking in the outdoors off-leash.

Dogtra 1900S E Collar Amazon


2. Tractive LTE Dog Tracker

TRactive’s GPS dog tracker is a small, sturdy and lightweight clasp that will stick with your dog through all of their adventures. Rolling in the mud? No problem. Tractive will monitor your dog’s coming and goings via a safety fence or boundary you’ve set up on the app, so the collar knows when your dog has left the perimeter and alerts you to when they’ve come back. This GPS dog collar is battery operated and lasts for a few days without being recharged. The subscription service to the app starts at $4.99 a month. Check out Tractive today to keep your wild friend free but safe.

Tractive LTE Dog Tracker Amazon


3. Whistle GO Explore Fitness Tracker

Have you ever been curious about your dog’s fitness? Well, now you can track it. With Whistle GO Explore, you can track your dog’s fitness levels, health and location. This is just the GPS dog tracker, the collar it attaches to is not included. If you enjoy keeping track of your steps, now you can watch your pet’s as well. Maybe you’ll have a healthy competition to see who takes more at the end of the week. But the Whistle GO Explore collar is an excellent choice for pet owners who are interested in data as well as location. With a long battery life of 20 days, keep this collar on all month as your pet is kept taken care of. This tracker uses the AT&T network as well as Google Maps to send you notifications of your pet’s location. Designate safe zones and receive messages when your pet leaves. This is a great option for pet owners who enjoy knowing where their dogs are at all times.

Whistle GO Explore pet collar Amazon


4. Petfon GPS Tracker

The Petfon tracker is unique in the world of the best GPS dog collars in that it functions without a monthly subscription service. It allows you to see the location of your pet without the hassle of a monthly fee. This is a great GPS dog tracker for those who take their dog hiking or backpacking and allows you to see where they’ve gone off the trail or if they’ve become lost along the way. Activate a colorful light and find your pet in real-time. The Petfon app has a range of 3.5 miles in the wilderness and 0.65 in a dense city. The battery lasts up to 10 hours and comes with a compact charging station which is ideal for camping or hiking. The tracker is waterproof but not suitable for swimming. The Petfon GPS dog tracker is a great choice for pet owners who enjoy taking their dogs to the wilderness.

Petfon GPS Tracker Amazon


5. Bartun LTE Pet Tracker

The Bartun GPS dog tracker attaches to a collar and shows you your pet’s location via the accompanying app. This tracker works best with AT&T-compatible smartphones and displays fitness data as well as location. It has LED lights for nighttime play and security that you can turn on through your phone. The Bartun LTE pet tracker is a great choice for any pet owners who enjoy knowing the perimeters of their pet’s area and knowing exactly when they leave it.

Bartun LTE Pet Tracker Amazon


6. Petbiz GPS Tracker

The Petbiz GPS dog tracker only works within the US. It is battery-operated and attaches to a collar that is not included. The battery lasts up to 30 days and charges to 100% within two hours. While using the app, you can monitor your dog’s fitness levels, like their steps per day and calories burned. Make feeding adjustments based on the data and improve the quality of your pet’s life through daily monitoring of their fitness. The Petbiz tracker works within an app and a paid subscription service that is $2.99 a month. Keep track of your pet or find your pet quickly if they get out or become lost. This is a great GPS dog tracker for pet owners interested in their pet’s overall health and location.

Petbiz GPS Tracker Amazon


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