The Best Grain-Free Dog Food in 2021

best grain-free dog food
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Grain-free diets can be beneficial to some dogs, but are they right for your pooch?

The first thing pet owners should consider when deciding if they want to introduce a grain-free diet to their dog is their dog’s health history and allergies. Always consult your veterinarian about your dog’s food before hopping on the latest dog food trend. Grain-free diets are helpful for dogs who have allergies to grains but provide no other known benefit to dogs who don’t have a grain allergy. Consider what ingredients you want your dog to be consuming and then ask your vet if switching to a grain-free dog food is right for your dog.

What’s in a grain-free diet anyway? Grains are known as wheat, soy, rye, corn, oats, and rice and are found in most dog foods. In recent years, grain-free diets have become a trend with plenty of false information about the subject spreading around. Grain-free diets use other grains such as potatoes or sweet potatoes in their recipes, which are another source of grain. Grain-free diets are often not gluten-free.

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The biggest factor in deciding which kind of food to feed your pet is if it is a complete diet. Is your dog going to get all the nutrients they need? If you’re looking for more information on the pros and cons of a grain-free diet check out PetMD.

If you’ve reviewed your dog’s history with your vet and decided your dog needs a grain-free dog food, then check out the best options below.


1. Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Adult Food


Blue Buffalo’s grain-free recipe is a healthy mixture of fruits and veggies that starts with free-range chicken as the first ingredient. This gluten-free food is great for dogs with grain and gluten allergies and as the small breed recipe, the kibble is slightly smaller than other kibbles. Try this food if your dog has a sensitive stomach, digestion issues, and allergies.

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2. Taste of the Wild


This puppy food is a grain-free recipe made with a mix of bison and venison protein. If you’ve had your puppy tested for allergies, then Taste of the Wild is an excellent option to consider for your growing new friend. The protein sources will make your puppy grow into a lean, muscled dog with a healthy coat from the added amino acids and antioxidants. Keep your puppy happy and healthy with a protein-rich grain-free diet.

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Taste of the Wild, best grain-free dog food Courtesy of Amazon


3. Crave


Crave’s grain-free dog food recipe has a high percentage of protein which makes it a good food for healthy, active dogs. Most dogs don’t need the excess protein, but if your dog is working hard, then you’ll notice the difference in muscles and energy from the food. Crave’s recipe is made from fresh ingredients such as chicken, lentils, pork meal, and flaxseed. Let your dog enjoy their active lifestyle by supplementing its food with rich sources of protein.

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4. Instinct Raw Boost


This food has a punch of raw food mixed into their kibble, making active dogs very happy. If your dog enjoys the freeze-dried raw pellets, but the price point is a bit extreme, then Instinct’s Raw Boost is a great go-between. By mixing small pieces of raw into their grain-free kibble, your dog will have the best of both worlds.

Instinct Raw Boost, best grain-free dog food Courtesy of Amazon


5. Wellness Core 


Wellness Core is a grain-free wet food with a recipe of all-natural ingredients. Made with chicken and liver, this wet food is a great compliment to a grain-free kibble or served on its own as a complete meal. With sweet potatoes and ground flaxseed, your dog won’t be missing out on any nutrition and the added antioxidants and amino acids will make for lean, strong muscles and healthy bones.

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6. Cator & Pollux Pristine 


The Castor & Pollux brand Pristine has a delicious grain-free recipe that uses fresh salmon and sweet potato to give your dog the healthiest meal possible that won’t cause them any dietary issues or stomach problems. If your dog has a grain allergy and enjoys salmon, then this is an excellent food to try. With wild-caught salmon and veggies grown without synthetic fertilizer, this is an organic, tasty meal for your dog to enjoy.

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Cator & Pollux Pristine  Courtesy of Amazon


7. Canidae Under the Sun


Canidae’s grain-free dog food recipe hosts a delicious mix of protein bases and veggies to create a wholesome meal for your new puppy. If you’ve had your puppy tested for allergies and grain popped up as a major problem, then the Canidae Under the Sun food is a good choice to try. If your pup enjoys a protein base made of lamb or chicken, they’ll gobble this right up. Made with green peas, garbanzo beans, and yellow peas, this grain-free recipe will boost your puppy’s nutrition when they need it the most.

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Canidae Under the Sun Courtesy of Amazon


8. Diamond Naturals


If you have multiple dogs of various sizes with grain allergies, then the Diamond Naturals brand is a good place to start. With an all-natural chicken recipe, this food is a tasty choice for dogs with a need for grain-free ingredients. With added fiber to support digestion, your dog won’t have stomach issues for much longer after trying this tasty grain-free recipe.

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