The Best Indestructible Dog Toys to Keep Fido Happy

best indestructible dog toys
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We all love to gift our dogs new toys every time we go to the pet store, but does your dog tend to destroy every dog toy you give them? While some pooches are easy-going on their new presents, gnawing gently for months at a time on the same stuffed rabbit, others are well, perhaps a bit more aggressive and tend to follow their hunting instincts. And that is perfectly okay. Dogs all have different attitudes when it comes to toys, and if your dog tends to destroy everything in sight for the pure joy of it, not to mention the jaw workout, then you should check out our list of the best indestructible dog toys.

Investing in stronger toys is also great for the environment, as well as your wallet. While your dog might love chewing on old tennis balls that you left lying under the couch, it’s good to reinforce positive chewing behaviors. Dogs tend to become destructive when left alone for long periods of time and having an indestructible dog toy that keeps them occupied will make them happy and less likely to go for your favorite pair of dress shoes.

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Thinking about your dog’s health is also a win-win for everyone and the materials used in and on your indestructible dog’s toys can be crucial. Plan your toy shopping around safe fabrics and materials, so if your dog digests anything, you won’t have to worry as much. Plus, in the end, it’ll be better for the environment.

Many indestructible dog toy designers have improved the stitching, made use of tougher fabrics or created a puzzle out of their toys to keep your dog entertained and chewing for longer. Keep your mighty jawed pooch entertained with sustainable, plastic-free toys that’ll last a lot longer than you think.


1. Tuffy Soft Dog Toy


The Tuffy brand has an entire line of indestructible dog toys, which is great for you and your dog alike. Save money in the long term by investing in a toy that has been made with your tough-jawed dog in mind. Tuffy uses four layers of fabrics and seven different stitching patterns as well as a webbing of tough material across the top of the toy to prevent ripping. While the Tuffy brand is billed as an interactive toy and not a chew toy, be sure to watch your dog at all times during play. With a sewed-in squeaker, your dog will go wild for this octopus and turtle combo pack. Let your dog enjoy playtime again with this super hardy tough toy.

Tuffy Soft Dog Toy Courtesy of Amazon

Tuffy Soft Dog Toy



2. Arm & Hammer Treadz Dental Chew Toy


If your dog needs a double dose of dental hygiene as well as a new indestructible dog toy to chew on while you’re at work, then Arm & Hammer has you covered. This cute little blue gorilla is great for dogs over 25 pounds and is almost indestructible. Made from all natural rubber, this toy is safe and healthy for your pet and it won’t put any toxins into the environment. By doubling as a dental chew, this toy helps with bad breath, tartar buildup and plaque.

Arm & Hammer Treadz Dental Chew Toy Courtesy of Amazon

Arm & Hammer Treadz Dental Chew Toy



3. Feeko Rubber Ring


If your dog is more of an interactive player, then a ring is a good choice to keep them occupied while someone is at home. During playtime, exercise their jaw power with this rubber ring that is nearly as tough as they are. By being made of rubber, this indestructible dog toy is less likely to be destroyed by a large dog with a good set of chompers, but don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and let your dog have a blast with this tough chew ring.

Feeko Rubber Ring Courtesy of Amazon

Feeko Rubber Ring



4. Nylabone


The Nylabone is a classic bone chew that’s made from a very durable nylon. This bone is meant to promote healthy, productive chewing, and to discourage the bad chewing your dog might be in the habit of while you’re out. Keep them away from socks, shoes and whatever else they make a beeline for by introducing the Nylabone. This classic pack comes with two bones in a bacon and a chicken flavor to keep your dog interested and happy while chewing. Keep your dog entertained and their jaw working strong while you have some peace of mind.

Nylabone Courtesy of Amazon




5. KONG Extreme Ball


Kong has an excellent line of nearly indestructible dog toys and the ball is one of our favorites. This tough chew toy will take your dog years to crack through and the shape doesn’t help either. If your dog is a big fan of tennis balls or baseballs, throw this durable rubber ball at them and see how long it takes for them to figure out they aren’t getting to the center anytime soon. This toy is extremely bouncy, which makes it a great toy for interactive play like fetch. This ball is puncture-resistant, which makes it a great toy for play.

KONG Extreme Ball Courtesy of Amazon

KONG Extreme Ball



6. Boomerang Chew Toy


Keep your dog entertained during interactive play with a rubber boomerang. If a boomerang is your dog’s preferred toy, but you haven’t been able to find one that they haven’t destroyed in seconds, then try this indestructible dog toy. Boomerangs can be great fun for dogs as well as great exercise. This boomerang is 100% non-toxic and has a lifetime replacement guarantee. Have more fun with your dog with this toy that’s fun to throw or play fetch and tug-o-war with. Your dog won’t be able to get enough of it. This is an excellent toy for aggressive chewers.

Boomerang Chew Toy Courtesy of Amazon

Boomerang Chew Toy



7. Ackerman Squeaky Dog Toy


This tough and durable toy is great for aggressive chewers who go wild for squeakers. Its wider than normal width for a ball makes it a great option for dogs who love to keep their toys in their mouths while they chew and the rubber is a safe and healthy option for all dogs. This toy is beef flavored to keep your dog curious and entertained while the textured surface will keep them chewing for longer as they can adjust their hold as many times as they like, which can be part of their instinctual chewing patterns.

Ackerman Squeaky Dog Toy Courtesy of Amazon

Ackerman Squeaky Dog Toy



8. Playology Scented Rope Knot


The Playology brand has a unique sense of smell in that all of its toys are scented. Their idea is that the more your dog wants to smell the toy, the longer they will play with it. The rope knot is an excellent indestructible dog toy for chewers who love interactive play because it fits easily in their mouth on one end and is a nice and tidy rope for your hand on the other. Keep you and your dog happy with a knotted rope to play tug-o-war with.

Playology Scented Rope Knot Courtesy of Amazon

Playology Scented Rope Knot



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