The 13 Best Pet-Safe Plants That Will Give Your Pet A Sibling To Admire

best pet safe plants

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One of the biggest trends on social media and culture as a whole right now is being a “Plant Parent.” This form of love that people share with their plant babies is enduring, and quite frankly, it’s infectious. When these plant dads and plant moms post on their social media accounts, their homes are typically filled with plants — some with over 50 plants to their care. Another thing that these plant parents have in common is that they typically care for animals as well.

The pet-friendly plant is a sector of horticulture that is very popular. These plants tend to harder for pets to tamper with and typically require low maintenance. Also, these plants tend to have a more creative flair that’s more approachable and will actually brighten up any room. Plus, you know, if fido digs into one and takes a bite, nothing awful is going to happen. Puppies, am I right?

Best Plant Species for Pet Owners

Before we dive into our list of the best pet-friendly plants, let’s go over some of the plant types you can expect to find in our list. Now, this isn’t to say these are the only pet-safe options out there, but these are the most widely available.

  • Bromeliads
  • Orchids
  • Ferns
  • Palms
  • Money Trees

Below, we’ve picked our favorite pet-friendly plants for Spring 2021. Some are tall and long while others are short and stout, but they all will add character to your home and your pet will enjoy them.


1. Bromeliad Pineapple


This cute option from Bloomscape features a tiny pineapple that’s appealing to the eye yet intriguing. The pineapple that the plant produces is actually edible and will add a tropical touch to any room you place it in. It only produces one plant, and you should water the plant when the soil is 75% dried out. Also, it comes with five pot color options that will help suit your space.

Bromeliad Pineapple Bloomscape

2. Chinese Fan Palm


The Chinese Fan Palm is a statement plant that is sure to make your guests feel stunned when they spot it in your place. It has large, long, dramatic fronds that can stand to the height of 6-8 feet. Hailing from Southern Asia, this plant is perfect for those who are looking to be as hands-off as possible. Also, keep in mind that the barbs at the end of the stems of the fronds are sharp, so be careful!

Chinese Fan Palm Bloomscape

3. Bromeliad Aechmea Pink


We all love a colorful plant, and the Bromeliad Aechmea Pink is perfect for those looking for just the right amount of color. This option is native to Brazil and features long-lasting, colorful blooms. While in Brazil, they grow on trees which makes them epiphytes, and they require less maintenance because they absorb their nutrients through their foliage and not their roots. These silver-green leaves are perfect for accenting any space in your house.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink Bloomscape

4. Mini Money Tree


The Mini Money Tree is known for spreading luck concerning wealth and fortune. But it also may be a big hit with your pet. This plant got its name from Feng Shui practices that will bring positive energy and good luck. It features a stout trunk, which helps to make it especially pet-friendly, and it also helps to reduce stress, anxiety and even lessen sleeping disorders, so they say. We don’t know about all that, but hey, it does look pretty awesome.

Mini Money Tree Bloomscape

5. Dried Lunaria Bunch


One of the more creative yet minimal options on the list comes from The Sill and is the Dried Lunaria Bunch. This option has a more whimsical and wispier look that brings an ethereal, natural look to any area. It comes in a bunch of three and should not be in direct sunlight. To clean your plant, you should blow it with the hairdryer on the low setting.

Dried Lunaria Bunch The Sill

6. Calathea Beauty Star


The name Calathea Beauty Star truly does fit the name of this beautiful plant. It features wide leaves with white stripes that are, well, beautiful. During the day, the leaves open up, and at night, they close up like hands in prayer, thus earning its pseudonym “Prayer Plant.” It hails from places like South and Central American and Africa, so it thrives in more humid regions and temperatures.

Calathea Beauty Star Bloomscape

7. Bromeliad Vriesea Splenriet


Another colorful and eye-catching option from Bloomscape is the Bromeliad Vriesea Splenriet. It features striped leaves and colorful red blooms that are striking and bold. The red bloom kind of looks like a feather, and like, what else do you need? It’s a tropical plant that is native to other tropical regions like Mexico and Brazil.

Bromeliad Vriesea Splenriet Bloomscape

8. Purple Orchid


One of the most popular Orchid options is the Purple Orchid, which also happens to be one of the easiest varieties to grow and nurture. When delivered, there will be a few blooms already on the plant, but they will open up more when placed in a warm indoor environment. It typically blooms once a year and will last for about three months. After three months, the plant will likely wilt and fall off, but that’s the natural cycle of the Purple Orchid. It needs bright indirect light and water every one to two weeks.

Purple Orchid The Sill

9. Coconut Palm


Another easy and fun option comes in the form of a coconut — coconut palm, that is. Quite frankly, it is a palm that grows directly out of a coconut. It loves warmth and sunlight and should be in a sunny place.

Coconut Palm Bloomscape

10. Hoya Heart Plant


The super cute Hoya Heart Plant is as adorable as it is practical. The heart-shaped leaf of this plant is partially rooted and comes in an earthenware planter. It requires a lot of sunshine but infrequent watering, making it an easier option. The planter features upcycled materials from bamboo, coffee, wheat, rice and nut husk — talk about being environmentally friendly.

Hoya Heart Plant The Sill


11. Peperomia Obtusifolia


The Peperomia Obtusifolia is a simple yet pretty plant that has a slight shine to its leaves. It is also known by the title “Baby Rubber Plant.” Also, it has thick spoon-shaped leaves that have a squeaky appearance. It requires water every one to two weeks and can stand bright to low indirect light.

Peperomia Obtusifolia Bloomscape

12. Mini Preserved Living Wall


This option requires zero maintenance and adds an artsy or natural flair to any atmosphere and will prompt questions from your guests. It is a combination of moss and ferns that get preserved at their peak. All you have to do is hang the “living wall” and admire its beauty. Each wall is unique and handmade for that perfect “feel.”

Mini Preserved Living Wall The Sill

13. Kimberly Queen Fern


This option from Bloomscape is elegant and graceful. The Kimberly Queen Fern is a low-maintenance fern that is sure to help you bring a regal yet timeless look to your room. It grows upright, which makes it perfect for hanging baskets. Also, it is more resistant to heat, drought and direct sunlight. This fern is one of the more versatile pet-friendly plant options on here as it will fare during the summer months as well as the winter months.

Kimberly Queen Fern Bloomscape

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