Cat Halloween Costumes: They’re Real and They’re Adorable

best cat halloween costumes
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Dressing up for Halloween is always fun, but if you have a pet, nothing beats playing dress-up with your furry friend in a ridiculous or spooky outfit. If you want your cat to join the festivities, there are a few things to consider before buying the best cat Halloween costumes. Maybe you’re wondering if your cat will even tolerate a costume — after all, cats are more sensitive than dogs when it comes to wearing clothes. But if you get it done in a calm, safe, and respectful manner, your cat might even enjoy prancing around and getting a little extra attention from people.

Concerned about how your cat might react? Start out with a simple one-piece cat Halloween costume, like a cape or a collar. Sizing is also essential since you want your pet to be able to breathe well. A snug fit is ideal, but they should still be able to have mobility and be able to see normally.

Time is also a big factor — don’t rush last minute to dress your cat up for the first time. Instead, associate the costume with treats and positive reinforcement, using a soothing voice. Let your cat acclimate to the scent and appearance of the outfit without trying to place them in it. Once they are eventually in the costume, use distraction tactics and take your pictures, since you never know how long they’ll put up with it.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to get your pet to wear a Halloween costume, check out this helpful video.

Remember to keep an eye out for signs of stress, but besides that, dressing your kitty in cat Halloween costume can be entertaining, and a fun way for them to strut their stuff in something other than their birthday suit! Check out the most popular cat Halloween costumes online below.


1. Byhoo 2-in-1 Bat Wings/ Wizard Halloween Costume for Cats

Transform your cat into Salem from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with this wizard and bat wings three-piece cat Halloween costume. The wings allow for a low-maintenance costume that you attach to the back of your cat, while the sorcerer cape set transforms them into a wizard — that is, if they’re a little more tolerant of wearing costumes. We love that this kit comes as an affordable two-in-one costume just in case your pet isn’t feeling one of them. On the sizing, one Amazon reviewer mentions, “My cats range from 7-10 lbs and the fit was perfect.”

Byhoo 2-in-1 Bat Wings/ Wizard Halloween Costume for Cats Courtesy of Amazon

2. Pet Krewe Lion Mane Costume for Cats

Bring out the inner lion in your feline with the Pet Krewe lion mane costume, which transforms your cat into Simba from The Lion King. Since it’s more of a secure headpiece and less of an elaborate get-up, many pet owners find that this is the ideal Halloween costume — especially for stubborn animals who don’t want a whole ensemble. It has a hook and loop closure that stays on your cat’s head, and can fit cats with neck sizes of up to 14”.

Pet Krewe Lion Mane Costume for Cats Courtesy of Amazon

3. Namsan Pet Sailor Costume for Cats

While most cats are definitely not fans of water, they can fake it till they make it in this sailor cat Halloween costume that will have strangers begging to take selfies with your furry friend. Rather than a full sailor suit, this one imitates the outfit with the hat and necktie and is made of soft cotton and polyester, which is more comfortable for your pet. Slots for the ears and a velcro buckle ensure the hat doesn’t fall off, and the necktie also has a Velcro buckle for a more customized fit.

Namsan Pet Sailor Costume for Cats Courtesy of Amazon


4. Yafeite Halloween Spider Costume for Cats

Spiders run the other way when they see a cunning cat, but this costume turns the tables, making your feline look like a giant tarantula. For cats that aren’t comfortable in headpieces, the spider cat Halloween costume is ideal, as it attaches to the body with two simple straps around the neck and torso. The effect when they’re walking around is appropriately hilarious. Note that if you have a chunky cat, the straps might fit a little snugly.

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Yafeite Halloween Spider Costume for Cats Courtesy of Amazon

5. Meiheija Cowboy Suit for Cats

Does your cat already think it’s the sheriff of your household? Complete with a denim vest, cowboy hat, and denim pants, this cowboy-inspired outfit will have your pet looking like a character from an old Western. The pants and the fake arms on the shirt portion realistically look like a small person walking around with a cat head. The result is obviously adorable, and one cat mom called it the “best costume ever,” expanding that her cat didn’t mind the costume and “ran around like normal.”

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Meiheija Cowboy Suit for Cats Courtesy of Amazon

6. Idepet Pirate Costume for Cats

Meow, matey! Available in a range of sizes, this pirate Halloween costume for cats and small dogs features a collared neck and an insanely cute pirate hat. Even when it’s not Halloween, we have a feeling that you’ll want to dress your kitty up in this for a photo shoot. It seems that even impatient cats don’t mind the costume, which even comes complete with a hook-paw. If you really want to complete the look, you can always dress up as a parrot!

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Idepet Pirate Costume for Cats Courtesy of Amazon

7. Frisco Pumpkin Dog & Cat Costume

A pumpkin is a classic Halloween costume for kids and adults alike, so why shouldn’t pets get to join in on the fun? This lil’ Jack-O-Lantern cat costume comes complete with a hat, and a sizing guide so that you can measure your cat to ensure a better fit. There’s even a sequinned green leaf collar and matching pumpkin cap complete with an adjustable toggle for a snug fit. And no, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you take your cat trick or treating in this.

Frisco Pumpkin Dog & Cat Costume Courtesy of Chewy

8. Frisco Hotdog Cat Costume

This hot dog pet costume for tiny cats and dogs was made complete with the wiener, condiments, lettuce, and of course a sesame bun. There’s plenty of space around the neck area, so you can proudly display your frankfurter cat all over town. It’s a cozy costume option that’s best for areas that don’t experience high heat. One happy Chewy reviewer says, “It was much easier to get on/off than I expected. It’s just velcro at the neck, and velcro under the tummy. Way easier than a cat sweater or pullover equivalent.”

Frisco Hotdog Dog & Cat Costume Courtesy of Chewy

9. Frisco Stegosaurus Dinosaur Cat Costume

If you think your cat will tolerate a full-body Halloween costume, hood and all, transform them into an adorable mini stegosaurus dinosaur for a prehistoric cat Halloween costume that will be sure to turn heads. The hat and body piece come separately, and they can be put on via the included neck and belly straps. This costume fits in well with any Jurassic Park-themed looks, and while animals can move freely in it, if your cat doesn’t like to have its ears covered, the headpiece might be a little hard to put on.

Frisco Hotdog Dog & Cat Costume Courtesy of Chewy

10. Frisco Taco Cat Costume

What’s better than tacos? Nothing, except a cat in a taco costume. For some reason, food costumes on animals will never get old. Combine the two loves of your life with this must-have cat Halloween costume, which celebrates everyone’s favorite Mexican food, as modeled on your fur baby. It can be worn with a collar and leash, is lightweight, and is easy to instantly recognize. Taco ‘bout a great look — this is sure to win kitty #1 in a costume contest.

Frisco Taco Cat Costume Courtesy of Chewy

11. Frisco Vampire Cape Cat Costume

Everyone already knows that cats are secretly evil masterminds of the night, so what better cat Halloween costume to embody that energy than by dressing up as Count Dracula himself? Let your cat cosplay as a vampire in this effortless costume. It’s easy to put on and minimally invasive, so your cat won’t give you dirty looks all night long. The cape is made of satin and comes with an extended collar that stands up for added authenticity.

. Frisco Vampire Cape Cat Costume Courtesy of Chewy

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