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Give Your Dog Their Very Own Place to Chill Out With One of These Couches Made For Dogs

Dogs are often referred to as a man’s best friend, and for good reason. They are by your side through everything, encourage you to exercise on a regular basis and love sitting alongside you on the couch. But now we think about it, have you ever considered if your furry friend should be on the couch in the first place? They regularly shed and spread their fur and often have dirty, stain-causing paws, which can lead to some heated moments. Surely it would be better for them to have a special dog couch of their own where access is never denied and pretty much anything goes.

If you’re not already convinced investing in a dog sofa is a good idea, it’s worth thinking about all the times your dog has been sneaking onto the couch when you’re not looking. Whether it’s in the middle of the day while you’re at work or overnight when you’re sleeping, dogs love being on the couch. And so, the most logical and best solution for keeping your dog off of your couch is for them to have their own dog sofa — a smaller, more durable and dog-friendly couch.

In general, dog couches tend to be an upgrade from the best dog beds. This is mostly thanks to their exquisite and somewhat exuberant designs. In addition to being a welcome interior design addition, these stylish pieces of furniture also cater to the multiple sleeping positions which dogs love to adopt for general relaxation and when nodding off.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dog Sofa

Similar to humans, there are a few sleeping styles which dogs typically fall into. Your dog is likely to always opt for the same one night after night, so you can invest in a couch specifically suited to maximizing their comfort. Here are the most common ways dogs like to rest:

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  • Curled Up – This sleeping position is most notable when your dog is curled into a little ball with their behind curved round and their nose near their tail. This is a self-protecting style of sleeping which is well suited to U-shaped couches which include a bolster for support.
  • Stretched Out – If your dog sleeps with its front paws and back paws stretched out as far away from each other as possible, they’re a stretched-out sleeper. Your dog is likely to sleep on its back or side. To encourage the best sleep possible for these space-loving dogs, try a couch with minimal edges and obstructions to avoid any restriction.
  • Leaning – A human bed isn’t complete without pillows, and some dogs may want their sleeping spots to meet the same requirements. Many styles of dog couch come with a matching pillow for enhanced comfort levels and a rested head. Bolsters around the sides are also great for dogs that love to sleep while leaning.

Many leading brands, such as L.L.Bean and La-Z-boy, have noticed the trend in dog couches and have started to produce their own models. We’ve rounded up the 17 best couches for dogs that you can order online. Our list includes a variety of shapes, heights, materials and sizes to suit all your four-legged friend’s needs.


1. Furhaven Dog Sofa


The Furhaven Dog Sofa is an all-pleasing relaxation zone for dogs. This particular model has an L-shaped bolster running around the back and left side to create a chaise-inspired couch. The mattress is filled with orthopedic foam which spreads weight for comfort and support. Additionally, the cushion cover is removable and washable for an easy clean whenever required. Furhaven has many options for dog sofas, including sizes small to jumbo as well as a wide range of frames and colors.

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2. Petmate Pet Sofa


Don’t let your budget hold you back from getting your pooch a new pedestal to sit on. The Petmate Pet Sofa is just over $20.00 and super comfy. It comes complete with a pillow to match the sherpa and navy suede exterior. Plus, it’s stuffed with poly-fiberfill, making it lightweight and easy to move from place to place. This is a great sofa for smaller dogs and smaller budgets, but do bear in mind that if your canine friend is larger than cat size, it’s unlikely to fit.

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3. K&H Pet Products Pet Bed


Stuffed inside the bolsters of the K&H Pet Products Pet Bed is a premium polyfill made from recycled bottles. Their generous sizing makes these beds extra comfy and the ideal surrounding for dogs who love to curl up. The three-inch deep cushion is filled with medical-grade orthopedic foam which is great for support. The bed is also just over 12 inches square, making it ideal for miniature dogs. The sense of security from this pet bed will have your dog snoring in no time.

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4. Enchanted Home Pet Bed


Have your dog feeling fabulous on its new fairy-pink Enchanted Home Pet Bed. The high back and sides create a comfortably enclosed space, ideal for your canine queen. There are two large, sparkly gems embedded into the back bolster for added glam-factor, too. The four small black legs raise the couch two inches off the floor. There’s also a built-in pocket for storing toys and treats. The overall size of this cute couch is 27 by 15 by 15 inches, which makes it ideal for miniature and toy dogs.

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5. Keet Pet Sofa


The Keet Pet Sofa combines two different materials to deliver a comfortable and cleaning-friendly piece of furniture. The cushioned sleeping space is covered with a decorative, polka-dot fluffy material, whereas the outer bolsters and base are covered with leatherette fabric. The cushion has a removable, machine-washable cover, and the water-resistant leatherette fabric is easy to wipe down. This traditional-looking dog couch is available in charcoal or chocolate and sizes small and large.

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6. La-Z-boy Duchess Fold Out Sleeper Sofa


If your dog’s best friend pops over for a sleepover, you might need to fold out the La-Z-boy Duchess Fold Out Sleeper Sofa to its fullest. This expandable design can instantly double in cushion size with a simple folding motion. It’s made from iClean stain-resistant fabric which is exclusive to La-Z-boy and houses a cushion made from ComfortCore GEL for supreme comfort. The main cushion surfaces are quilted, giving it a diamond finish, and there is dark-toned piping around all edges. Although this couch doesn’t come in different sizes, the fold-out ability does make it suitable for most breeds.

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7. L.L.Bean Dog Couch


This slouchy-looking Dog Couch from L.L.Bean is designed for a therapeutic sleep. It’s available in four sizes from small to extra large and four stone color tones, including khakis and vintage indigo. The mattress cushion is made from memory foam, and the cover surrounding the full piece of furniture is 100% yarn-dyed cotton. You can remove the machine washable cover with ease using the sewn-in zipper. And, when you return the cover to where it belongs, the zip pulley can be protected from chewing by covering it in the integrated zipper garage.

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Courtesy of L.L.Bean


8. Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa


Not many of the most human-like pet sofas are made to be suitable for larger dogs. However, the Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa is. Dogs of up to 90 pounds can curl, lean or stretch out in the 40.5 inches of sleeping space. The four black wooden legs elevate the couch up from the floor by two inches which is enough to ensure your pooch is out the way of any draft. This gorgeous cream couch exactly resembles a full-size library sofa, down to the details of diamond shapes pressed into the back bolster. This is definitely a luxury perch for your lovely pooch.

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Courtesy of Chewy


9. La-Z-boy Newton Sofa


If only the best is good enough for your four-legged friend, then the La-Z-boy Newton Sofa is the couch you need. It’s covered in textured chenille fabric, which is a great material for disguising fur. The mixture of tones also ensures small areas of wear and tear will not show as clearly as they would on other couches. This charming couch takes inspiration from a Chesterfield sofa and has studded details along the inner border of the armrests and lower base. The elite craftsmanship and attention to quality make this dog couch a stylish addition to any modern home.

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Courtesy of La-Z-Boy


10. K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Bolster Pet Cot


The K&H PET PRODUCTS Original Bolster Pet Cot features a raised platform which sits seven inches off the ground. This airy surface is ideal for your dog to sleep, rest or just lay out as they please. The cot can be used inside or outside and also includes a removable bolster which lets you transform the piece between a couch and a standard pet cot. Additionally, the easy-to-collapse platform can be broken down in minutes, making it a viable choice for pet owners who regularly travel.

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11. Zipcode Design Howse Dog Sofa


With its stylish, mid-century modern appearance, the ​​Zipcode Design Howse Dog Sofa is ideal for bringing a little bit of class to your home interiors, in addition to a comfy place for your pooch to chill. The frame is made from solid birch wood and features tapered, splayed legs. The seat and cushion feature luxurious memory foam, while a polyester covering provides added durability and gives it its sleek look. The sofa, which is ideal for puppies or smaller dogs, is also available in either navy blue or dark gray.

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12. Frontgate Comfy Couch Pet Bed


The Frontgate Comfy Couch Pet Bed sports the kind of design which will have you wishing it was made for people. This floor-resting couch uses a mix of thick orthopedic foam cushion and lofty spun-polyester fill to take all the pressure away from joints and allow your dog to truly relax. The bed is also available in three sizes and with one of three fabric types on the outside, microvelvet, microlinen or microchenille, each of which offers its own benefits. Handily, the cover on whatever type of sofa you pick is both removable and machine washable.

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Courtesy of Frontgate


13. Three Posts Larock Dog Sofa


While the Three Posts Larock Dog Sofa may come with a heftier price tag, it offers a level of elegance and style few other sofas on our list can compete with. The faux leather exterior oozes class while also being easy to clean if your dog is particularly messy. Additional details like button tufting, turned legs and nailhead detailing further add to the sofa’s glamorous appearance. This sofa measures 44.5 inches by 27.5 inches and has a weight capacity of 80 pounds, meaning it’s ideal for medium-sized dogs.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


14. FurHaven Plush & Velvet Orthopedic Comfy Couch


The FurHaven Plush & Velvet Comfy Couch is another orthopedic option which can take the pressure off tired and old joints. It comes in medium, large or jumbo and includes a thick foam base bordered by velvet-sided bolstered walls. The couch’s ultra-plush, velvet surface is ideal for helping to induce sleep and also comes in either almondine or dark gray. Plus, the removable cover makes cleaning the couch quick and easy.

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Courtesy of Chewy


15. Frisco Herringbone Modern Couch Dog & Cat Bed


If your dog loves nothing better than stretching out all four limbs and taking up as much space as possible, give them the Frisco Herringbone Modern Couch Dog & Cat Bed. The couch features a cuffed bolster which is ideal for resting heads, legs and arms on while they’re trying to get comfortable. Inside, supportive fiberfill allows your pet to take the weight off when they’re catching those Zs. In addition, the bed is covered in an attractive herringbone pattern which means the dog sofa can fit in with a range of home interiors.

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Courtesy of Chewy


16. Linden Oatmeal Dog Day Bed


At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking the Linden Oatmeal Dog Day Bed is actually a piece of art. However, closer inspection reveals a classy dog bed which ticks all the right boxes. From its strikingly minimalist, mid-century modern appearance to its soft cushions filled with high-density, high-resiliency foam, both parties are sure to be more than happy with this stylish, comfy couch addition.

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Courtesy of Crate & Barrel


17. Snoozer Luxury Micro Suede Overstuffed Pet Sofa


If your priority is your pet’s comfort, it may be worth checking out this Snoozer Luxury Micro Suede Overstuffed Pet Sofa. The USA-assembled couch is crammed full of high loft polyester fill to create a surface dogs love chilling on. It’s also surrounded by a polyester-filled bolster on three sides for more choice when it comes to sitting and sleeping positions. Furthermore, it’s possible to remove the outer micro suede fabric for easy cleaning should any accidents occur.

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