The Best Dog Blankets to Warm Your Pooch Up this Winter

Best Friends by Sherri
Courtesy of Chewy

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Keep warm with your pooch this season by purchasing the best dog blanket for you and your best friend. With plenty of options available to stay cozy from waterproof blankets to extra snuggly blankets, we have quite a selection for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Blankets are not only warm in the colder months, they’re useful as layers for crates, car rides, and other modes of travel. Keep your pooch comfortable because a comfortable pooch is a happy pooch.

Our selection of waterproof blankets due service to puppies and older dogs who have trouble holding it in or need extra time to get outside and may not make it and are machine washable. They’re great to line your dog’s crate with or lay on the bed if your dog is prone to accidents but you don’t want them sleeping on the floor. Keep your dog cozy and happy with a waterproof blanket that will double as extra protection for you and your home.

Other dog blanket choices stem from breed size to material, and we have plenty of options for both so no matter what you’re looking for this season, you’ll be sure to find the best dog blanket that suits your needs and your dogs of course. From blankets to wearable (but washable!) coats to cuddle caves, we have something for you. Check out our favorite options for dog blankets below and don’t forget their favorite chew toys too.

1. Blue Zoca Waterproof Blanket


Keep your dog cozy with this double sided blanket that will also protect your bed or couch. If you have an older dog or a litter of puppies who aren’t yet potty trained, lay this snuggly blanket down for them to nest in while not having to worry about accidents. With materials like polyester fleece on one side and a waterproof core in the middle, you can take this blanket to the beach, camping, or on car trips to keep your best friend happy and comfortable. This is an extra large blanket that’s great for large dogs or for large spaces.

Blue Zoca Waterproof Blanket Courtesy of Amazon


2. Zack & Zoey’s Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat


Every dog needs their own coat and besides, if you have one, why not gift one to your pooch too? Zack & Zoey’s Nor’easter coat is a cozy and warm choice for dogs who need an extra layer in the winter month. Stylish and fitted, this coat doubles as a blanket when not being worn. It’s also easy to throw in the washing machine. Keep your dog warm all winter with their very own coat.

Zack & Zoey's Polyester Nor'easter Dog Blanket Coat Courtesy of Amazon


3. FurryBaby Fleece Blanket


The fleece blanket is a multi-use, cozy and warm blanket that can be best put to use at the bottom of your pup’s crate, especially in the early years of puppyhood. Keep your puppy comfortable and warm with a fleece blanket. It comes in four different colors and three sizes. Aside from being a great crate liner, this blanket is also great to lie down in the backseat of cars or on any furniture.

FurryBaby Fleece Blanket Courtesy of Amazon


4. PetMaker Waterproof Blanket


The PetMaker blanket is a great choice for pet owners who are constantly cleaning up accidents, spills, or any other type of mess that involves their dog. From puppies to seniors, accidents happen, which is why an easy to wash blanket that repels most liquids and materials is useful in any home. With flannel on one side that repels water and sherpa fleece that absorbs liquids on the other that stops anything from seeping through, this blanket will protect your furniture more than anything. Available in assorted colors and sizes, this is the type of blanket you may want to buy in bulk.

PetMaker Waterproof Blanket Courtesy of Amazon


5. Yuntec Dog Seat Car Cover


If you’re traveling a lot with your pup this season, then the Yuntec car cover is a universal size for all vehicles to protect your backseat. Keep your pet safe and comfortable as well as your car because those accidents aren’t fun to clean up. This polyester cover will prevent your seats from being scratched, covered in dog hair, or from becoming wet.

Yuntec Dog Seat Car Cover Courtesy of Amazon


6. Best Friends by Sherri


Keep all your puppies, no matter their age, extra warm this winter with a stylish shag throw. The incredible faux-fur throw is meant to remake a dog’s mother’s warm and comforting fur to keep your pup as happy as possible. The bottom of the blanket is dirt and water resistant but the blanket can also be tossed into the washing machine for easy clean up. Rest easy knowing your best friend is safe and cozy in this shag throw.

Best Friends by Sherri Courtesy of Chewy


7. Pet Fusion Microplush Quilted Blanket


The Pet Fusion Microplush is an extra cozy choice for dogs who enjoy lying on the couch. Protect your furniture by lying this quilted blanket down first. With 100% polyester microplush, this blanket is as warm as it is soft and easy to clean. Let your dog enjoy the pleasures of the couch with you this winter without worrying about any messy accidents, dog fur, or drool. The Pet Fusion blanket comes in four sizes but the extra large is our top choice for ultimate couch coverage.

Pet Fusion Microplush Quilted Blanket Courtesy of Chewy


8. Christmas Festive Microplush Blanket


If you’ve been searching for the cutest and coziest Christmas themed dog blanket, Target has your back. As a warm microplush, this blanket is sure to keep all your pets warm this winter as well as decorative. Don’t put this blanket away when guests come over. Let your dog join in on the holiday spirit with their very own festive blanket.

Christmas Festive Microplush Blanket Courtesy of Target


9. Alpha Paw Giant Fuzzy Blanket


Your pooch will love this giant fuzzy blanket. Reminiscent of their mother’s warm fur, the Alpha Paw blanket is extra large in size and great for draping over chairs or couches. It’s also great for the backseat of the car, the bed, or your dog’s crate. Keep them happy with this very cozy blanket just in time for winter that is well worth the price.

Alpha Paw Giant Fuzzy Blanket Courtesy of Chewy


10. Snoozer Cozy Cave


If your dog loves being in their crate because they enjoy their personal, cave-like space, then they’ll love this nook of a dog bed. More of a pouch for your dog to hide inside, the Snoozer Cave is a cozy bed for dogs of all sizes. Let your dog relax in a space of their own that is soft and dark. Your dog will love having their own cave to nest in this winter.

Snoozer Cozy Cave  Courtesy of Amazon