Best Dog Pool Floats of 2021 for Very, Very Good Dogs

collie on pool float
Courtesy of Frontgate

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Everyone wants to cool off during the summer, including your dog. And what better way to get them in the pool than on a pool float designed just for them? The best dog pool floats won’t just earn you all of the likes on Instagram, but they’ll also make your doggo very happy.

Your pup will stay cool and relaxed floating by your side, and this is a great way to get shy dogs used to the water. Simply put them on the float and stay by their side until they sense that the water is perfectly fine and fun. You can even add in more dog toys like frisbees or tennis balls for added fun.

While some pet owners have to settle for dog pools, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool of your own, dog pool floats ensure everyone in the family can lounge around in the sun. Remember that not all pool floats are designed to be dog-friendly, so be sure to find a float that won’t be punctured by their nails. (You should also trim their nails before your pool day.) Have fun with your pooch in the pool with their very own pool float. Check out our favorite pool floats for dogs below.


1. Paw Dog Pool Float

The Paw Dog pool float is a great choice for large dogs because of its size and buoyancy ability. With a paw design, this float is a fun raft to keep around for pool parties even if your dog isn’t there, but they probably will be if it’s a hot day. Made from a durable PVC material that is built to last, this paw-shaped float resists turning over so your dog won’t be flipped into the pool if they begin to wiggle around. This is a great choice for dogs looking to get cool in the summer.

Paw Dog Pool Float Courtesy of Amazon


2. Christine Pup Pool Mat

The Christine Pup pool mat is an excellent choice for pet owners who are seeking a stylish bone-shaped and comfortable pool float for their dog. Don’t be afraid to leave this one out in the pool as decoration during a party, it’ll surely draw attention. Your dog will enjoy it as much as you do as it is comfortable, soft, and spacious for medium-sized dogs.

Christine Pup Pool Mat Courtesy of Wayfair


3. Frontgate Dog Pool Floats

Frontgate is famous for outdoor decor and pool accessories, and they make some of the best pool floats for adults specifically. However, the brand’s dog pool floats are just as good, and they come in shapes and sizes to suit all kinds of pets and pet owners. These floats are designed to be extra buoyant, supportive and puncture-resistant. Plus, they come in a range of fun colors.

frontgate dog pool floats Courtesy of Frontgate

4. Intex Canopy Island

You might become jealous of your dog and kick them off this pool float. It’s spacious, comfortable, and has a canopy shade. What could be better? Your dog will fully stretch out and relax in the pool while the day passes by, the sun hidden behind their personal shade. Made from a durable vinyl, this pool float is big enough for multiple dogs, so let your dog cool off this summer with the canopy-style pool float.

Intex Canopy Island Courtesy of Amazon


5. Pupteck Pup Pool Float

This dog pool float from Pupteck is another great choice. It’s a large, inflatable-style raft designed specifically for your dog. Don’t worry about their nails because the material is a tightly woven PVC that won’t be punctured. The best feature of this float is the bumper barrier which will keep your dog inside the float and keep them from rolling out of it. Your dog will stay safe and cool in the pool in this pool float.

Pupteck Pup Pool Float Courtesy of Amazon


6. Expawlorer Inflatable Dog Pool Float

this pool float is an excellent choice for extra large dogs, or if your dogs are great at sharing space, two dogs. Multiple dogs can have fun on this float and stay cool all summer long while you play and relax in the sun. Everyone can stay safe and relaxed on this float which won’t be punctured by pet nails or bites. Enjoy this float all summer long and take it wherever you go since it’s lightweight, portable, and travels easily. This float is an excellent choice for any family with multiple dogs.

Expawlorer Inflatable Dog Pool Float Courtesy of Amazon


7. SwimWays Paddle Paws Dog Float

The SwimWays float is another excellent float for your pet that will keep them cool and happy while everyone is enjoying the pool. Keep your dog safe in the water while you splash around or keep it as a safe refuge for them when they finish their swim. All dogs need a place to relax and the SwimWays float is a great place to do it. With a bumper barrier to prevent spills or turnovers, this pool float will surely delight any pet all summer long.

SwimWays Paddle Paws Dog Float Courtesy of Amazon


8. Scenereal Inflatable Dog Pool Float

This pool float is a fun rainbow shape and pattern with cute dog paw prints scattered on the top. All dogs need to stay cool in the summer and a pool is a great way to have fun with the whole family and the pets. Pool floats are great places for dogs to hang out and feel included even if they don’t want to swim in the water. Splash some water on your four-legged friend as they relax on the float and have fun together.

Scenereal Inflatable Dog Pool Float Courtesy of Amazon


9. Ginkago Pool Float

This pool float functions more like a mini pool itself, keeping your dog wet and cool while also floating in the pool. While it won’t sink even when full of water, be advised that the weight limit for dogs is 65 pounds, so this float works best for one large dog or multiple small dogs who are keen on staying wet while also having fun. Let your dog enjoy the summer while everyone’s in the pool with their very own pool float.

Ginkago Pool Float Courtesy of Amazon