The 10 Best Dog-Proof Trash Cans to Prevent Bin Raiding

dog proof trash cans
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While social media would have you believe anything a pet dog ever does is beyond adorable, the reality can be a little different. We’re not saying the majority of dog behavior isn’t super cute and video worthy, but we are suggesting a dog left to its own devices, near a trash can filled with delicious leftovers, is more likely than not going to present you with a mess in need of cleaning up. That’s why it’s a smart idea to invest in one of the best dog-proof trash cans and remove any temptation, keeping your pet dog on the straight and narrow.

The best dog-proof trash cans utilize a variety of methods to keep your pooch from getting to the potentially delicious treat housed inside your garbage bags. For the most part, dog-proof trash cans can be split into three categories, with the complexity and security level of the one you require most likely related to size and the intelligence your pet possesses. Available styles include:

  • Motion Sensing – A smart trash can only opens the lid when an object passes over the sensor. Not only is this a handy option for pet owners who want to inhibit their dog from being able to get inside, but it’s also a handy feature for germ-conscious people who would prefer to avoid any contact when using their trash can. 
  • Pedal – Trash cans with pedals are another handy answer to accessing your trash can without having to touch it with your hands. This pedal style also puts a slightly more complicated obstacle between your dog and what’s inside the can, too.
  • Fully Locking – If your dog is particularly smart, and could figure out how to use a pedal or sensor, your only option may be turning to a fully locking trash can.

Unlike an open-top trash can, each of the trash cans on our list could do the job of protecting your garbage from any curious or mischievous dogs who are desperate to explore and consume what’s inside the can. 

Below, you’ll find 10 of the best dog-proof trash cans available online. We’ve included a range of styles so you can match the size and complexity of your trash can to the size and intelligence of your furry friend.


1. iTouchless Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can


With over 30,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, there was little doubt about the iTouchless Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can taking the top spot on our list. This tried-and-tested device is extremely popular with users and includes a range of handy features. Pet owners especially love the built-in Petguard technology, which keeps your dog from gaining access to the inside of the can. For your ease of use, there’s a 100% automatic lid along with a built-in odor control system to ensure your kitchen smells clean, even if the inside of your trash can doesn’t. Additionally, this motion-sensing device can be powered by either batteries or an AC adapter.

dog proof trash cans itouchless Image courtesy of Amazon


2. JOYBOS Trash Can Bin


If you’re looking for a pet-proof trash can for your bathroom, it’s worth considering the JOYBOS Trash Can Bin. At just shy of 12 inches tall, the compact can won’t take up excess amounts of your valuable floor space. The smart design keeps garbage bags out of sight while also securing them in place. For pet-proofing, the sealed trash can includes a secure lid which only opens when pressed on in the correct place. Furthermore, the bin is available in either a square or rectangle style, depending on what suits your bathroom space best.

dog proof trash cans joybos bathroom Image courtesy of Amazon


3. simplehuman Semi-Round Step Can


At $50, the simplehuman Semi-Round Step Can is our budget-friendly answer to keeping your dog at bay. This 50-liter trash can comes in four different color options, including black, white or gray, and incorporates a sliding lock in the design to give you the ability to prevent pets or even curious children from investigating what’s inside. The step can also include a user-friendly, pedal-opening mechanism alongside a patented lid, which delivers a slow, silent close.

dog proof trash cans semi round step can Image courtesy of simplehuman


4. Sterilite Step On Kitchen Wastebasket Trash Can


If you prefer the idea of having a fixed lock to prevent even the craftiest of pets from finding their way inside, the Sterilite Step On Kitchen Wastebasket Trash Can could be the answer you’re looking for. This 12.6-gallon trash can features a twisting dial to lock and securely seal the lid, which stays closed even if it happens to topple over. You’ll also find a step-on pedal for hands-free opening. In addition, the D-shape design of the dog-proof trash can makes it great for backing against walls.

dog proof trash cans sterilite locking Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can


With five-star reviews from over 95% of Amazon users, the Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can is another standout device worthy of your consideration. It comes in either a 13 or 20-gallon model and includes both a compartment for storing spare garbage bags and built-in odor control. The design also includes a foot pedal and internal bag ring to hold your garbage bags in place for easier, hands-free disposal of your waste. Style-wise, you can choose between an all-stainless, pewter or stainless mix finish for the trash can’s fingerprint-resistant surround.

dog proof trash cans glad stainless steel step trash Image courtesy of Amazon


6. simplehuman Hands-Free Kitchen Step Trash Can


By incorporating a strong steel pedal and a silent closing lid, the simplehuman Hands-Free Kitchen Step Trash Can offers one of the most user-friendly experiences available. To deter curious pets, the bin only opens when pressure is applied to the large pedal. The 12-gallon trash can is also easier to place in your kitchen, as it is taller and slimmer than your average device. Plus, the code N liners, which are custom-fitted to the can, won’t slip and remain hidden when in place for a more pleasing aesthetic.

simplehuman 45 liter slim hands free step trash can Image courtesy of Amazon


7. U-Eway Wooden Tilt Out Trash Cabinet


The U-Eway Wooden Tilt Out Trash Cabinet keeps your trash can hidden from your pets by housing it inside a wooden cabinet. Not only does this incognito approach help keep your pets from getting to the tilt-out, 10-gallon trash can, it also means it’s hidden from view, to give you a less cluttered kitchen interior. The attractive cabinet is made from solid, MDF wood and comes in your choice of black, gray or white. The cabinet is an ideal space for housing kitchen appliances and also features a drawer with extra storage space.

u eway wooden tilt out trash cabinet free standing trash can Image courtesy of Amazon


8. SONGMICS Dual Trash Garbage Can


If you prefer to separate your recyclable waste from your non-recyclable, choosing a dual trash can, like the SONGMICS Dual Trash Garbage Can is a smart idea. Each of the two inner, 30-liter buckets is removable and has its own floor pedal, allowing you to only open the side you need at the time. This pedal opening helps keep your pets from accessing the inside of the garbage can. It’s also constructed from a tough steel to deliver a longer life and allow it to endure regular, daily use.

songmics dual trash garbage can Image courtesy of Amazon


9. simplehuman Motion Sensor Semi-Round Sensor Can


The simplehuman Motion Sensor Semi-Round Sensor Can makes it easy for you to open your trash can without ever having to come into contact with it. It features an adaptive motion sensor that won’t falsely trigger or unexpectedly close. This combines with the planetary gear system to create greater torque for smoother, more consistent lid operation. Plus, at 52dB, it’s one of the quietest, automatically opening trash cans on the market.

motion sensor semi round sensor can simplehuman Image courtesy of simplehuman


10. simplehuman Dual Bucket Touch-Bar Can


If you prefer having to make contact with your trash can to open it, the simplehuman Dual Bucket Touch-Bar Can lets you do so, but also throws in a wealth of other handy functions. The dual-bucket dog-proof trash can includes a touch-bar which can be pressed with hands, knees, elbows and pretty much whatever you can contact the bar with to allow you to gain access to the bins. The smart, stay open technology will also stay keep the lid open for as long as you need it to. Lastly, the dual-compartment build design allows you to easily separate your recyclables from your non-recyclable waste.

simplehuman dual compartment rectangular touch bar can Image courtesy of simplehuman


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