The Best Dog Snow Boots To Protect Your Pooch from the Cold

best dog winter boots

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If you’re planning on visiting a city with snow during the winter with your pup, dog snow boots are a must-have item. Whether you live in a snowy climate or intend to visit one, having boots for your dog will help protect their feet from the cold, salted sidewalks and any stray detritus left on the street. But what makes the best snow boots?

The best dog snow boots should fit correctly and allow flexibility or wiggle room for your pooch’s paws. The most useful snow boots are made from a waterproof or water-repellent material to keep the ice and rain out, much like a little insulated paw warmer, and they should be easy to put on and remove; no dog likes to wait while you pick up their paws and try to wrangle a tight shoe over them. These dog snow boots are great for trail hikes that may have cold, icy patches and are equally just as good for walks around the city. But when you go out, don’t forget your favorite new collar.

Check out the best dog snow boots below and get ready for your next winter adventure.


1. Expawlorer Snow Boots

These dog snow boots are rugged and durable, a great match for active dogs keen on exploring snow-covered trails and mountains with mom and dad. These boots are true to size, snug with just enough wiggle room, and are more effective than other snow boot brands in terms of staying attached to your dog’s feet.

Many dogs may resist the boots at first, but these tough-style boots are sure to stay on their paws while they run about in the snow. There are eight different sizes to choose from, but be sure to measure your dog’s feet before purchasing. The grooved sole will give your dog purchase as they slide through the snowy trails or amble along the salt-licked streets. With two fasteners on the top for an extra secure fit, these snow boots are a real treat for keeping out the cold. A great choice for active dogs.

Expawlorer Snow Boots Courtesy of Amazon


2. Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boots

Ruffwear has graced us with a top-of-the-line pair of snow boots for dogs and they mean business. This is a great option for more hardcore explorers. The extremely rugged sole and durable material are sure to keep your pooch from slipping off that icy mountain on your winter adventure. Take your dog on any climb with these rough snow boots, meant for epic winter adventures. With Vibram Icetrek outsoles that have a snow-specific tread, these boots will keep your pooch protected from the elements and give them leeway to play and romp without the fear of slipping. Designed with a pullover stretch gaiter and a zipper to keep out the snow, these boots are well insulated and cozy. A great choice for mountain adventures.

Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boots Courtesy of Amazon


3. QUMY Dog Snow Boots

Another great pair of snow boots for your dog, the QUMY boots have an extremely durable outer sole for the best traction as well as an insulated inner layer. Keep your best friend warm and happy when you venture outdoors and into the snow with these comfortable booties. Easy to put on and take off, your dog will soon adjust to the extra weight attached to their feet and soon be craving a walk in the snow. A great choice for any pet owner looking to get in more comfortable winter walks with their best friend.

QUMY Dog Snow Boots Courtesy of QUMY


4. Ultra Paws Dog Boots

Ultra Paws has made a pair of extremely warm and comfortable snow boots for your dog to better enjoy the snow. Take a relaxing walk with your pooch without all the pushing and pulling and enjoy the brisk air while they do their business. Made from nylon, these snow boots are durable but not waterproof — they’re only water-resistant — so keep that in mind when purchasing. These snow boots are best for light romps outdoors but not for heavier play or hikes. They also double as boots for hot summer days and for keeping your pet from licking an injured paw.

Ultra Paws Dog Boots Courtesy of Amazon


5. Covert Safe Dog Boots

These fashionable dog snow boots are made for rugged outdoor adventures and the hand-sewn lining will keep your pooch warm for hours. With a wide opening for easy on and off, these boots have reflective straps that stretch across for a great fit as well as a thick sole for extra tread. Don’t fear for slippage anymore with the Covert Safe dog boots, your dog will be frolicking the day away in the snow. Waterproof and hand washable, these are a great choice for any urban dog parent.

Covert Safe Dog Boots Courtesy of Amazon


6. Kurgo Dog Shoes

Made for the heart of winter, Kurgo dog shoes will protect your pooch from the elements and allow them to roam carefree of the cold, icy snow on a walk or a hike. Treat your dog with these dog snow boots and watch them fully enjoy the joys of winter. Made from durable waterproof material and nylon, the outer webbing is slick-proof and the tread proves to be equally impressive. Protect your dog from salt, ice, and other roadside debris with these wonderful snow boots.

Kurgo Dog Shoes Courtesy of Kurgo


7. Teamoo Dog Boots

The Teamoo dog boots are a great choice for anyone seeking to get their dog more excited about the snow. Protect their paws from the elements by purchasing a pair of these epic dog snow boots, designed specifically with your precious pet in mind. No one likes having cold feet, least of all your dog, and these durable, waterproof shoes will prove handy every time. With an anti-slip sole and a durable outer layer, these shoes will keep your dog safe and comfortable during the harsh winter months.

Teamoo Dog Boots Courtesy of Amazon