The Best Dog Stairs in 2021

Frisco Foldable Nonslip Pet Stairs
Courtesy of Chewy

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If your pup needs help accessing any piece of furniture or higher ground, and you’re not always there to help, investing in a small staircase explicitly built for dogs will be a game changer for you and your pet. Quit the whining with a stylish stair that attaches to the foot of your bed or couch. Some dog stairs are easy to travel with, others can quickly collapse, and many stays put in one place for security.

Keep in mind your pet’s weight while buying a pet stair, as some materials are sturdier than others. Ramps are also an excellent choice for dogs with arthritis or joint problems or who have trouble getting in and out of the car. If you’re looking to add a piece of furniture to your bedroom that will match, check out our more stylish options below.


1. Best Pet Supplies Pet Stair

You can push this stylish and easy-to-use staircase from Best Pet Supplies up against any large piece of furniture that your pet needs to access. The stairs collapse when you need them for storage or to be hidden out of sight when guests come over. Let your pet enjoy all the cozy spots they love even though they can’t jump into them on their own anymore. These stairs are made from a removable, machine washable material and a mattress-grade cushioned foam to protect the joints of older pets. There are eight different colors to choose from as well as four sizes for optimal mobility. Watch your pet enjoy their favorite sofa again with their very own pet stair.

Best Pet Supplies Pet Stair, Best Dog Stairs Courtesy of Amazon


2. Petmaker Plastic Folding Stairs

If you’re in the market for a set of easy-to-clean and maneuver stairs, the Petmaker brand has an ideal stair set for you. Crafted from durable plastic, these stairs withstand any messes, scratches or accidents. These stairs can support up to 120 pounds, so be sure to weigh your dog before purchasing. The built-in side rails will keep your pet safe from accidental falls or slips, while the snap-in lock feature keeps the stairs locked in place during use. Let your pet enjoy mobility again with the Petmaker folding stairs.

Petmaker Plastic Folding Stairs, Best Dog Stairs Courtesy of Amazon


3. Zinus Step Comfort Stairs

The Zinus stairs are smaller than our last two options, great for smaller dogs or smaller pieces of furniture. If you have a low bed, this might be an ideal choice. The Zinus stairs are made from a soft foam which makes it easier for your pet to climb — no slippery plastic here, which will make it easier for a smaller dog. The covers are removable and machine washable.

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Zinus Step Comfort Stairs, Best Dog Stairs Courtesy of Amazon


4. Pet Gear Easy Step

These deep-seated steps make it easy for an older dog to climb back into bed or up onto the couch. Let your dog have access to all of their favorite places, even as they age. With rubber grips attached securely to the center of the step, your dog will have the ease of climbing without slipping. Set your mind at ease while your dog climbs without your help. The Pet Gear stairs can hold up to 150 pounds.

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Pet Gear Easy Step, Best Dog Stairs Courtesy of Amazon


5. Furhaven Pet

These stairs are nice and tall, which is great for high beds or other out-of-reach nooks your dog may want to reach. Made from a soft carpet material, these stairs are easy to spot clean with a spray and are also easy to move around the house, depending on where your dog wants to go. Give your dog the freedom to be mobile without your help with the Furhaven Pet stairs.

Furhaven Pet, Best Dog Stairs Courtesy of Amazon


6. Frisco Foldable Nonslip Pet Stairs

If your pet has trouble climbing any stairs, be sure to check out these Frisco nonslip stairs made just for dogs who can’t seem to find their footing. These easy-to-use pet steps are foldable and set up in seconds; push the two built-in buttons to fold up and then again to fold down. The nonslip pads stay secure on the stair, creating a safe environment for any pet who has troubles with stairs. These steps come in three different colors to choose from and have nonskid feet to attach for extra security. The Frisco Foldable Nonslip pet stairs are great for aging or injured pets who still want to climb up to their favorite spot.

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Frisco Foldable Nonslip Pet Stairs Courtesy of Chewy


7. Pet Gear Dog Stairs and Ramp

The Pet Gear brand has made a unique option for dogs who can’t climb stairs due to age or joint problems with an easy-to-use ramp that sets up next to any piece of furniture for easy access by any dog. Let your pet enjoy the couch or bed again without using painful stairs with a gentle ramp. The incline is slight enough to make it an easy journey for any dog to achieve greater heights. The removable carpet tread is machine washable. This ramp is lightweight and easy to move around the home.

Pet Gear Dog Stairs and Ramp Courtesy of Chewy


8. Pet Safe Happy Ride Foldable Car Ramp

Let your dog enjoy the back of the car without having to strain their legs with the Pet Safe Ramp. With a long foldable ramp that fits easily inside the vehicle when not in use, your dog will find climbing preferable to jumping, especially if your dog is older. The surface sports a high traction material and rails to prevent any slipping or sliding. This ramp holds up to 150 pounds.

Pet Safe Happy Ride Foldable Car Ramp Courtesy of Chewy


9. Pet Gear Easy Dog Stairs

These stairs are excellent for dogs who need a little extra step to get to the top. With more stairs than any other choice listed here, the Pet Gear Easy stairs wrap around a piece of furniture to give your dog an extra leg up. Made from a machine washable material, simply place these stairs beside any high bed or couch for easy access. These stairs feature a hinged back panel for storage, making them an excellent option for any pet owner.

Pet Gear Easy Dog Stairs Courtesy of Chewy


10. Pet Safe Wooden Ramp

Look no further than the Pet Safe Wooden Ramp for pet owners who seek something more stylish to outfit their bedroom. With two colors and wood finishes to choose from, this will be a classy addition to any room with furniture your dog needs to access. The ramp measures 25 inches tall and can hold a dog up to 120 pounds. Let your dog enjoy sleeping in bed with you while you enjoy a stylish piece of furniture.

Pet Safe Wooden Ramp Courtesy of Chewy

11. Reclaimed Industrial Modern Rustic Pet Step Stool

When form and function most coexist equally, there’s nothing quite as stylish as this Reclaimed Industrial Modern Rustic Pet Step Stool by WiththeGrainFamily. Pair the always-on-trend hairpin legs with one of six different wood finishes — worn ebony, distressed white, weathered gray, dark walnut, honey, and golden oak seen here — to match any room of the house.

Reclaimed Industrial Modern Rustic Pet Step Stool, best pet stools Courtesy of Etsy