Need Help Training Your New Pup? Give One of the Best Training Collars a Try

dogs wearing training collars
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Everyone loves a well-behaved pooch. And what better way to help them along in their training routine than with a dog training collar? Dogs respond well to routine, commands and your voice, but adding a training collar can do wonders to aid in their training process. Whether you have a new puppy or need some refreshers with an older dog, a training collar is useful because it reinforces commands, curbs unwanted behaviors, and helps your four-legged friend learn what’s right and what’s wrong.

There are different types of training dog collars and they’re not for everyone. But for the pet owners who need a little more of a nudge with their dog, they can be an excellent tool. There are shock collars that help motivate your pet to perform a task or stay away from an unwanted area, but there are also nonshock collars that are good for training. There are plenty of arguments about shock collars being unethical, but for some pet owners, they are a necessity. Other training collars use sound and vibrations to tell your pet what they’re doing wrong and many pet owners feel more comfortable with those options.

We’ve listed the 10 best training collars for you and your pet below. And if you’re reading this and feel like your dog is well trained but maybe could use an extra set of eyes when you’re out, be sure to check out our articles on the best GPS collars and pet cameras.


1. Educator E-Collar 

The Educator Collar works with a handheld device that allows you to prompt a vibration against your dog’s throat with the simple press of a button. With varying mile radiuses, this collar is a great tool for different types of training. Whether you’re far away or close by, your dog will learn to obey your commands with the slightest touch of the remote. The vibration is a decent pulse, but don’t worry, it’s not harmful. With a buckle-closure strap, this collar is made from Biothane and includes two sets of contact points. The Educator Collar is an excellent choice for dog owners seeking a handheld device to help train their dogs.

Educator E-Collar  Courtesy of Amazon


2. Pet Safe Smart Dog Training Collar

The Pet Safe Training Collar is an excellent tool for owners who wish to train from the ease of their smartphone. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, this collar is good up to 75 feet. Help train your pup away from unwanted behaviors with the touch of your phone through Bluetooth capability. The collar sends a vibration or static stimulation to your dog which will dissuade them from jumping, digging or wading through mud puddles. The Pet Safe Training Collar is a great choice for owners who don’t want to deal with a clunky remote or walkie-talkie style device.

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3. Petrainer 998DRB Collar

The Petrainer collar is an excellent waterproof design that works with a signal up to 900 feet. This is great for pet owners who want to train their dogs to obey within large spaces. With sound, vibrations, static shock and beeping, this collar is sure to get your dog’s attention and correct unwanted behavior. With up to 100 levels of intensity, this is quite an efficient collar for training. Don’t leave it on for more than 12 hours and be sure to charge it often. A great choice for dogs who like to roam far but need some guidance.

PetTrainer 998DRB Collar Courtesy of Chewy


4. Pet Spy M686 Premium Training Collar

The Pet Spy collar is waterproof and delivers a convulsive shock, vibration and sound from a distance of 1100 feet. The distance makes this a great dog training collar for pet owners who are training over a large space. With eight adjustable levels for the four modes of control, this collar is a functional yet easy-to-use training tool. Keep your best friend from any unwanted behaviors such as digging, leaving the yard or straying too far from your property. The contact point is made from rubber to keep your pet’s skin from becoming irritated. Make sure the collar isn’t too tight to prevent further skin irritation and don’t leave it on for more than four hours.

Pet Spy M686 Premium Training Collar Courtesy of Chewy


5. Groovy Pets Shock Collar

Waterproof and useful up to 650 feet, this shock collar is a great way to keep your pet under control. Teach them to stop unwanted behaviors through a slight stimulation to the neck with the Groovy Pets collar. With eight adjustable levels of vibration and stimulated static, this easy-to-use remote connects to your pet’s collar for easy training. Keep your pet’s good behavior on a roll with the Groovy Pets Training Collar. It has a large LCD screen and a rechargeable remote station.

Groovy Pets Shock Collar Courtesy of Chewy


6. Garmin Sport PRO Training Collar

The Garmin collar comes with a handheld device that makes positive clicks when you turn between the 10 stimulation dials but the biggest perk of the collar is the interchangeable points of contact. Control how much and where your pet feels the stimulated static or vibration. With four buttons that control the momentary or continuous vibration, you can keep an eye on your pet’s exposure to the collar. There is a built-in BarkLimiter that helps set levels to dissuade your best friend’s barking. Try a new tool for training with the Garmin PRO Training Collar.

Garmin Sport PRO Training Collar Courtesy of Chewy


7. Halo Smart Collar

The Halo Smart Collar functions with an in-app subscription that gives you access to training tips and tricks from the famous dog trainer Cesar Millan. The Halo functions with the app by allowing you to create up to 20 invisible fences to train your dog about the perimeter. Keep them from straying and teach them where the no-go zones are with three points of contact. The Halo collar is the most expensive collar on our list, but worth the price if you want a seamless training tool with plenty of tips and tricks at your fingertips. Utilizing satellite technology instead of WiFi, this collar won’t malfunction. Keep track of your pet’s daily steps and location through the GPS function in the app. The Halo is a one-of-a-kind training collar for owners seeking a sleek training experience.

Halo Smart Collar Courtesy of Chewy


8. Frisco Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

The Frisco reaches up to 350 yards in range and is a rechargeable dog training collar. Choose between sound, vibration or static stimulation for your pet’s training and with 100 levels of adjustable stimulation, there is sure to be a perfect mode for your best friend. Fine-tune their personalized training to be as effective as possible and watch from afar with the remote that controls the stimulations. An easy-to-use and rechargeable collar for pet owners seeking a better way to train.

Frisco Rechargeable Dog Training Collar Courtesy of Chewy


9. SportDOG Yard Trainer

Choose between eight levels of vibration and tone levels with your SportDOG Yard Training Collar to perfectly match your pooch’s preferences. Finely tune your dog’s training so you can both advance through the stages of controlling unwanted behavior. The SportDOG Collar has a 100 yard range and is so easy to use you don’t even have to look at it. The collar charges with lithium ion batteries and uses DryTek technology to be as waterproof as possible. Try the SportDOG Yard Trainer to improve your pup’s attention and behavior.

SportDOG Yard Trainer Courtesy of Chewy


10. Hot Spot Pets Waterproof Shock Collar

The Hot Spots Collar has up to 16 vibration levels ranging from a slight vibration to a stimulated static pulse targeted through contact points at your dog’s neck. The collar itself is plastic nylon for a comfortable fit with a lightweight remote that you can send signals to ward off unwanted behavior. The waterproof receiver works well in rain or snow at a range of 600 yards. This is an excellent choice of training collar for anyone seeking a comfortable, lightweight tool.

Hot Spot Pets Waterproof Shock Collar Courtesy of Chewy