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The Best Treadmills for Dogs and Overweight Pups of All Sizes

If you have a dog who is overweight and your busy schedule doesn’t allow for an extended amount of time for exercise, investing in a treadmill designed specifically for dogs is one option. Other options include investing in dog walkers and practicing time management, but if you’re out on a limb and need better results for an overweight, unhealthy pooch, a treadmill could really work. There are also a growing number of mobile dog treadmill services, like mobile groomers, who will bring dog treadmills to you. Just check out all these hilarious videos on TikTok from pet owners who are in the same boat as you!

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What Are Dog Treadmills?

Dog treadmills are exactly like treadmills for humans, except modified for the needs of dogs. Often, the pets that use these veterinary exercise devices have problems with mobility, obesity, arthritis or advanced age. We write this article not to body shame these doggos, but to help pet owners who want their best friend to live a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle.

All jokes aside, getting your dog back to a healthy weight is tantamount to their overall stamina and health as they grow older. For very obese dogs who can barely support their own weight, there are even water treadmills that allow pups to “go for a walk” while supported by water. All of these treadmills are designed with dogs in mind, so they have protective covers on both sides of the machine as well as a hook for the leash.

Let your dog walk or run in peace as you work steadily beside them. Never allow a dog to be alone on a treadmill, always be watching nearby in case of an accident. But that’s the beauty of the dog treadmill, you can be close by as your dog slowly grows stronger and maintains stamina.

You can also find helpful videos on Youtube about training dogs to safely use treadmills and acclimating them to their new workout aid.

There aren’t a ton of dog treadmills for sale online (these devices may be easier to find in the business-to-business market), but there are some options for owners of overweight pups. If your best friend is in need of a workout, check out the products below.


1. dogPacer Treadmill

The Mini Pacer treadmill has an excellent design to keep your pup on the move while staying safe. With two walls to enclose them in and a lead to attach to their collar, keep your dog in shape without worrying about them. The Mini Pacer treadmill has a max speed of 7.5 mph, which is a great speed for any small dog to reach optimal fitness. Even if your goal isn’t to get your dog into sprinting shape, a treadmill can be a great teaching tool for focus training.

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2. GoPlus Dog Treadmill

The GoPlus treadmill is an excellent choice for busy dog parents. With a wireless remote, you can easily control the speed of the treadmill for your dog and at a max speed of 7.5 mph, your dog is sure to get a good walk in while you attend to other tasks at hand. Keep your dog close but busy while you work together and hopefully you’ll both have time to hit the outdoors later.

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3. dogPacer Full-Size Treadmill

The Pacer has a size for large dogs as well which is an excellent choice for dog parents with larger pups. If you want to keep your pooch moving while you’re busy in the home office, setting up a treadmill just for them right beside you is a smart way to keep those calories burning. This treadmill has a max weight of 180 pounds and a max speed of 7.5 mph.

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H2Oasis Water Treadmill for Dogs


Look, this water treadmill for dogs wasn’t designed for the average pet owner. How do we know? Because it carries a $15,000 price tag, and it’s the budget model. Courtesy of Pet Pro Supply Co, this water treadmill supports the weight of obese and/or arthritic dogs so they can exercise and safely lose weight while having fun in the water. Obviously, these aren’t the best dog treadmills for the average pet owner, but for veterinarians and go trainers trying to help overweight and senior pups live their best lives, it can be a godsend!

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GoPet Indoor/Outdoor Dog Treadmill


You can find hamster wheel-style exercise treadmills for cats, but did you know they’re also available for dogs? We can’t promise that your medium- or large-sized dog will love this manual treadmill, but if you’re looking for the best dog treadmills, you have to consider this manual exercise wheel for dogs. This Made in the USA exercise wheel can support dogs up to 150 pounds and is also a good option for urban pet owners who don’t have a yard or dog park.

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