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Keep Your Pooch Hydrated On the Go With a Dog Water Bottle

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated. And this is equally true for our favorite four-legged friends. At home, this is rarely a problem as water and dog bowls are always available. However, when you’re out on your daily walks or taking a trip away from home, finding an easy way to give your pooch a gulp of water is often easier said than done. For this reason, many dog owners are turning to one of the best dog water bottles. Let’s have a look at why these handy hydration aids could be exactly what you, and your dog, are looking for.

What To Consider Before Buying a Dog Water Bottle

Before you decide on which dog bottle to buy, it’s worth asking yourself a couple of key questions to ensure you get the right bottle. These include:

How much water does your dog need? Unsurprisingly, the amount of water you will need to carry will change depending on the size of your dog. As you can probably guess, bigger dogs need to drink more water than smaller dogs. Luckily, the best dog water bottles are available in a range of different sizes. Choose the right bottle for the size of your dog.

What style of drinking bottle is best suited to your dog? In a similar way to people, dogs tend to have preferences when it comes to doing certain things. In the case of dog water bottles, it’s important to find a drinking method that your dog is comfortable with. There is a range of styles to choose from. For example, some bottles include a compact reservoir attached to the bottle itself while others incorporate flip-over tops/bowls. It’s also possible to use wider-based collapsible bowls.

Do you want to give your dog water and food? There are dog water bottles that include more than one storage section, making it possible to carry both food and water at the same time. If you’re looking to feed and water your dog, consider one of these multi-function bottles.

So whether you’re in need of a dog water bottle for travel, for camping or just for your daily walks around the park, here are 10 of the best. We’ve included a comprehensive range of bottle styles and price tags to ensure there’s an option for every dog owner out there.


1. lesotc Pet Water Bottle


This lesotc Pet Water Bottle sports a smart design that includes a foldable cap, a built-in waterproof lock and a convenient hand strap. When folded in, the bottle measures 5.5 inches and is easily stored in backpacks or carried in hand. When extended, the cap creates a bowl-like reservoir that can be filled with a squeeze to provide your pooch with a drink. It’s made from durable, high-density material and comes backed by more than 17,500 five-star ratings from Amazon users. Plus, if you have a particularly big dog, the bottle comes in a range of different sizes, all the way up to a 28-ounce bottle.

dog water bottle iesotc


2. SLSON Collapsible Dog Bowl


If you usually carry a water bottle anyway and just need a convenient way for your dog to drink, we suggest checking out this SLSON Collapsible Dog Bowl. The five-inch diameter bowl pops up from flat to create a freestanding dish that can hold water or food. It’s made from a non-toxic, easy-to-clean silicone material that is both sturdy and durable. The design also includes a built-in carabiner for attaching the bowl to a backpack, belt loop or any other convenient place. In addition, the bowl comes in either large or small and several colors.

dog water bottle slson


3. Instachew Rover Travel Water Bottle


At under $15, this Instachew Rover Travel Water Bottle is the budget-friendly answer to keeping your dog hydrated on the go. The bottle’s design includes a built-in bowl in the top which has been specifically arced to accommodate dogs of any size. To fill the reservoir, simply lay the 11-inch bottle flat and press and hold the button on the side. Once drinking has finished, reverse the process to return the water into the bottle to prevent any waste.

dog water bottle instachew rover


4. ZIMFANQI Dog Water Bottle


With its compact 500-milliliter capacity, this ZIMFANQI Dog Water Bottle is ideal for keeping small dogs and puppies healthily hydrated during daily walks. For carrying convenience, the bottle includes grippy patches on its body alongside a built-in carry handle/carabiner. For security, you’ll find a leak-proof silica gel seal ring and a button that prevents water from flowing when it’s not in use. Furthermore, the bottle’s food-grade, BPA-free and durable construction ensure you’ll get plenty of years of use from your investment.

dog water bottle zimfanqi


5. Amalen Dog Water Bottle


The Amalen Dog Water Bottle’s dispenser gives dogs a convenient and comfortable place to drink from. The 550-millimeter capacity ensures there’s plenty of available water while the easy, one-button operation means there’s never any need to wastewater. Handily, this BPA-free bottle also includes an activated carbon filter screen that absorbs impurities and chlorine from water to deliver a cleaner, better-tasting refreshment for your pup. You can also choose between blue and pink.

dog water bottle amalen


6. Riogoo Dog Water Bottle


If your biggest concern is accidental spillage inside your bag or backpack, you may want to opt for this Riogoo Dog Water Bottle. By including an extra transparent cover and a locking mechanism, the design is maximized to prevent accidental leakage. The 12 fluid ounce bottle is also available in either blue, white or pink and features a built-in hand strap for convenient carrying. Furthermore, you’ll find an integrated filter to remove odors and impurities from the water.

dog water bottle riogoo


7. ZODACA Pet Food Water Bottle


If you’re dealing with one or more dogs and want to both feed and water them, this versatile ZODACA Pet Food Water Bottle could be the right option for you. The three-piece set comes with a main bottle, which features compartments for food and water, and two collapsible bowls. Built-in carabiners allow you to attach each bowl to the bottle or your other belongings. The bottle’s lid is also held in place by four locks for greater security and includes separate openings for food and water.

dog water bottle pet food target


8. PETKIT Dog Water Bottle


If you only want your pooch to drink the finest, filtered water, consider investing in this PETKIT Dog Water Bottle. The design includes a coconut shell activated carbon filter that absorbs impurities and removes residual chlorine from the water. The bottle’s wide mouth gives your dog a comfortable place to drink from while the built-in loop adds to your carrying convenience. Furthermore, the bottle is backed by more than 8,500 five-star ratings, comes in five colors and is available in either 10 or 14 fluid ounce capacities.

petkit dog water bottle


9. Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Dog Water Bottle


The Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Dog Water Bottle sports a smart design that allows for easy, one-handed operation. When your pup’s ready for a drink, simply squeeze the bottle with your hand to fill the top-mounted bowl with water. After your dog is finished drinking, relax your hand and allow the water to fall back into the bottle. The BPA-free, food-grade plastic bottle also comes in five colors and includes an attached carabiner for more carrying options.

highwave autodogmug portable


10. PupFlask Large Dog Water Bottle


If you have a big dog that always wants a lot of water, you’re going to need a water bottle with a larger-than-average capacity. This PupFlask Large Dog Water Bottle can hold up to 40 fluid ounces of water, ensuring there’s plenty of water to go around. The foldable cup provides a wide, easily accessed place for your dog to drink from. The bottle is also made from stainless steel and food-grade silicone, both of which are safe for dishwashers. You’ll also find a built-in hand strap for secure carrying and the ability to add the PupFlask sleeve to your setup for even greater convenience. Additionally, the bottle comes in four different colors and a smaller 27 fluid ounce option which is better suited to smaller dogs.

pupflask large dog water bottle


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