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Would You Vacuum Your Dog To Stop Uncontrollable Shedding? Dyson’s New Pet Grooming Kit Promises Exactly That

Having a large dog usually means dealing with lots of pet hair — all over your clothes, furniture, floors and rugs. As a result, constant vacuuming is part of being a pet owner, but would you actually vacuum your dog? Considering that many dogs are terrified of vacuums the way some humans are scared of spiders, a vacuum for dogs might seem strange.

Dyson, one of the best vacuum brands for sucking up the perpetual piles of filth all over our homes, is attempting to address this problem with their new pet grooming kit. That’s right — they’ve created a way for you to vacuum not just your couch and floors when they’re covered with excess hair, but also remove the shedding hair from your dog itself before it falls off. If you’ve ever daydreamed about being able to turn your suction comrade directly onto your pet and remove that pesky undercoat before it covers everything, now you can.

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Courtesy of Dyson


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Courtesy of Dyson

Key Specs + Information

This kit is a bundle of accessories designed to be used with a compatible Dyson vacuum, a list of which you can find on the product page.

What’s Included 

This kit is engineered for use with medium and long-haired dogs, to move excess, loose hairs before they fall out and cover your floors and furniture. It comes with a bristled brush, a hose extender and converter for use with your cordless vacuum.

Noise Level

It’s engineered to be quieter than your standard vacuum, to make the grooming process as peaceful as possible for your pet, and even comes with the option to brush your pet’s excess fur without the vacuum on, and then step away to suck up the hair.

Angled Bristles

The brush is made with bristles angled at 35 degrees to help you groom deeply and remove hairs efficiently, and with a quick retraction of the bristles the brush can groom itself, sucking all the excess hairs into the machine before they have a chance to fall out.


Is The Pet Grooming Kit Right For My Dog?

Dyson does provide a quick checklist on their site to help interested consumers gauge whether or not this tool is right for them. One key factor? If you already own a Dyson vacuum and your pet isn’t disturbed by it, you should be good to go. If your dog is terrified of the vacuum? It might be better to stick with a manual brush and set of grooming tools for now.