10 Best Elevated Dog Bowls for Your Pooch

elevated dog bowls
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Does your dog make a mess in the kitchen at mealtime? Does water and dog food tend to end up under the table, the couch, or basically everywhere whenever it’s mealtime? Dogs can be messy eaters, which leads you to cleaning up after them often. There’s nothing quite like the stray crunch of kibble under your bare feet while your cruise for a midnight snack.

Elevated dog bowls can help solve this problem. While slightly higher off the ground than a regular bowl, this may benefit your dog’s posture and digestion system. Be sure to check with your vet though because this method of chow time doesn’t work for every dog. A few different types of the best elevated bowls are made from stainless steel or painted in cool colors to make them a striking piece in your kitchen so you don’t feel the desire to kick them under the table when guests arrive.

The best elevated bowls listed below are our favorite dishes for your pup.


1. Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner


This elevated dog bowl set gets great reviews on Amazon because it can be used for your two best friends or for a feeder dish and a water dish. Either way, you get your pet’s food off the floor which helps sustain a clean and sparkling kitchen. The elevated stand features two stainless steel bowls that come in a variety of colors. Weighing just 2.8 pounds makes them easy to clean, store, and put away when not in use.

Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Courtesy of Amazon


2. Loving Pets Black Label


Loving Pets has a unique design for pet owners to consider. Made with a wooden frame, this side panel spells out “woof” and has two stainless steel bowls for your dog to happily eat out of. Take a water break in one and keep the other for dry or wet food. These bowls are easy to clean and easy to store when not in use. The wooden stand is lightweight and elevated to help with your dog’s digestion and posture.

Loving Pets Black Label Courtesy of Amazon


3. Frisco Stainless Steel Elevated Bowl


The Frisco stainless steel bowl is one of our favorite elevated bowl sets. It is adjustable for any height, so if you have two different-sized dogs, you can adjust the height of the bowls to make feeding time the perfect experience for them. Don’t let them strain their necks with these elevated bowls. Another perk of the Frisco bowl is that you can clip the bowls together, so if your dog is a messy eater and tends to tip bowls out or drag one away from the other, you can prevent this and any other messes from happening by clipping the bowls together. This set is lightweight and easy to clean.

Frisco Stainless Steel Elevated Bowl Courtesy of Chewy


4. Dexas Popwear


The Dexas Popwear bowls are made from silicone, making them easy to clean and lay flat when not in use. These bowls are great for traveling and fold down for easy storage. Keep your pet happy with their elevated bowls but don’t feel like you have to travel with the heavy metal stand and stainless steel bowls. Make things easier with these ultralight and easy-to-clean silicone bowls.

Dexas Popwear Courtesy of Chewy


5. PetRageous Stone Bowl Feeder


The Petrageous bowls are made from stoneware, making them susceptible to chipping or breaking, especially if you have a rowdy eater. Keep the material in mind before purchasing for your pup. If your dog isn’t a messy eater, then these bowls are a great addition to any kitchen for their clean lines and stylish look. These elevated dog bowls will serve your dog’s posture and help them digest their food at every mealtime.

Petrageous Bowls Courtesy of Amazon


6. Pet Zone Designer Diner


This elevated bowl set can be adjusted to three different heights, making it an excellent choice for a multi-pet family that includes a large dog. Keep all of your pets happy with a feeder that can be adjusted for everyone. With stainless steel bowls, keep your kitchen clean and mess-free. The legs on this tall feeder come off so you can easily store it out of sight or take it in the car for trips. Don’t let your pets eat hunched over with this excellent elevated bowl set.

Pet Zone Designer Diner Courtesy of Amazon


7. Vantic Elevated Dog Bowls


The Vantic elevated dog bowls are set in a wooden frame that allows for your dog to eat with its head naturally tipped down even through an elevated stance. These are the best elevated bowls for dogs who eat quickly because it allows them to slow down and swallow properly before going in for their next bite. If your dog is a messy eater, these elevated bowls will help keep your kitchen floor clean of water and kibble. This bowl set is available in sizes for small and medium dogs.

Vantic Elevated Dog Bowls Courtesy of Amazon


8. Emfogo Elevated Bowls


The Emfogo bowls are set in a lightweight metal stand, making it easier for your dog to eat naturally without a hunch. These elevated bowls are made from stainless steel, are easy to clean and store. Let your dog enjoy mealtime without hunching while you enjoy a clean kitchen without the mess of dog food.

Emfogo Elevated Bowls Courtesy of Amazon


9. Urpower Elevated Dog Bowls


The Urpower bowls provide a non-slip bottom to prevent your dog from pushing the stand around the kitchen and potentially knocking it over. Prevent a mess with this no-slip stand a pair of stainless steel bowls that will help your pup’s posture while eating. With an adjustable height of up to 12 inches, this is a great set for dogs of tall heights. With three separate heights, these adjustable feeding bowls will make your multi-dog household a little easier to manage.

Urpower Elevated Dog Bowls Courtesy of Amazon


10. Yoken Sturdy Elevated Dog Bowls


The Yoken bowls are excellent at keeping your dog’s food in the bowl. With non-slip grips on the bottom, this elevated bowl will keep your dog from pushing their food over and creating a mess. Without a stand, this stand-alone elevated bowl makes it easy to travel, clean, and put away without the extra hassle of metal legs. Keep your kitchen clean and your dog happy with an elevated dog bowl.

Yoken Sturdy Elevated Dog Bowls Courtesy of Amazon