The Best Healthy Dog Food for Your Best Friend

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Courtesy of The Farmer's Dog

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Feeding our best friends can be difficult with so many choices available, especially when you factor in specific allergies. We know this struggle all too well, so went ahead and compiled a list of the healthiest dog food around. Even if your dog is a picky eater, only eats wet food, or has an expensive palate, there’s a healthy dog food option for you. From choices like The Farmer’s Dog to Blue Buffalo, healthy dog food is all about fresh ingredients. Low-end dog food is full of corn and other fillers that don’t add any perks to your dog’s diet but the healthier options, while pricier, are worth it for the amount of nutrition they provide.

Healthier dog food options are also more sustainable, usually using local and fresh ingredients, which makes them eco-friendly. They also don’t contain unnatural preservatives, which while necessary for making your dog’s kibble last longer, \isn’t necessary if you’re opting for fresh food, like a raw diet. Another perk is the inclusion of vegetables: there should be a decent mix of meat and vegetables in every dog food you look at, not just fillers or fake meat.

So get your pet’s preferences and check out our options for the healthiest dog food below!


1. The Farmer’s Dog

A new way to feed your pet is brought to you by The Farmer’s Dog, a company started by two pet dads who were fed up with the food industry and their poor quality ingredients. With The Farmer’s Dog, you get a personalized recipe based on your pet’s profile, along with the help of a vet to assess your pet’s nutritional needs. Enjoy an experience unlike any other with The Farmer’s Dog: it comes straight to your door, fresh, with sustainable, limited packaging. The food is delivered within days of cooking, never frozen or stored on a shelf. Plus, it’s human tested. What does that mean? It means you too can enjoy The Farmer’s Dog, and that’s how we know it’s the healthiest dog food on the market. Make your pooch healthy and happy and try something fresh and new.

The Farmer's Dog Courtesy of The Farmer's Dog


2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Recipe High Protein

The Blue Buffalo brand has been working hard to provide quality food for your dog and their wilderness line is full of incredibly fresh and high protein ingredients. The wilderness brand of Blue Buffalo is for highly active dogs who are either working or have a lot of energy that they spend outside. By providing your dog with a high protein diet, you’re setting them for a long life, which means more playtime for the both of you.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Recipe High Protein Courtesy of Amazon


3. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo has a high protein style dry kibble, which works for most dogs. Their ingredients are top-notch with natural grains, organic meats and no fillers like corn or other basic starches with no nutritional value. They have several different meat sources, such as chicken, duck and salmon. Another perk of Blue Buffalo is their grain-free version, which is great for pups with a grain allergy. This is one of the leading healthy brands for dogs and shouldn’t be missed.

blue buffalo dog food Courtesy of Amazon


4. Nature’s Diet Simply Raw Freeze-Dried Meal

Nature’s Diet is one of the leading brands of a raw diet and for good reason: with the freshest ingredients you’ll find and a high protein mix with veggies and carbs, your pooch will be feasting like a king. The package may look small, but once made, the freeze-dried food makes up to 18 pounds worth of healthy food for your pooch. Talk about a deal. A raw diet can seem overzealous, but to the pet parent who wants the world for their dog, Nature’s Diet can’t be beat as one of the healthiest dog food options available.

Nature's Diet Simply Raw Freeze-Dried Meal Courtesy of Amazon


5. Taste of the Wild Grain Free Recipe

This grain-free healthy dog food comes in 5, 14 and 28-pound bags. A healthy dog food option that contains real buffalo, bison, roasted venison and beef for lean protein, as well as fruits, vegetables and dried chicory root for healthy digestion and overall pet health. You can’t beat the Taste of the Wild for its nutritional value and price point; at a mid-range level, it brings a lot to the table for its value. There are a few other options, like high protein or a regular kibble, but the grain-free option is best for pets with allergies so be sure to check out the other flavors and nutrition facts.

Taste of the Wild Grain Free Recipe Courtesy of Amazon


6. Orijen Dry Dog Food

Orijen is another excellent all-natural dog food company whose emphasis is on the word ‘natural.’ With no fillers as well as a grain-free diet, Orijen is an excellent source of protein for your pet. They specialize in incorporating a balance of using all the meat, including bone, cartilage and organs. As a dry kibble, this is an excellent high protein option for your furry friend and one of the healthiest options on the market. It is worth its high price point for quality ingredients and the amount of protein in each serving. If you want a happier furry friend, try Orijen.

Orijen Dry Dog Food Courtesy of Amazon


7. Orijen Freeze Dried Raw Diet

Orijen’s freeze-dried raw diet is an excellent healthy dog food option if you’re looking to go raw. With purely natural ingredients with no fillers, artificial flavors or additives, Orijen’s raw diet will make your pet’s coat shinier, his tail wag harder, and give him more energy overall. With fresh ingredients, who wouldn’t choose a raw option? By just adding water, you can feed your friend the best food of their life.

Orijen Freeze Dried Raw Diet Courtesy of Amazon


8. Diamond Naturals

A healthy choice for pet owners seeking a recipe to promote a healthy skin and coat in their pups, Diamond Naturals is high in protein and uses only natural ingredients. Along with superfoods, protein, and probiotics, Diamond Naturals has essential nutrients to promote health. If you’re seeking a mid-range price point dog food with all the perks, you’ve found it. Try Diamond Naturals and watch your pet’s skin and coat glow.

Diamond Naturals dog food Courtesy of Amazon


9. Acana Grain Free Dog Food

Acana is unique in the sense that it has a coating of freeze-dried food on top of its kibble, adding yet another amazing and fresh layer of protein to their food. If you’re interested in a high-quality kibble but don’t want to make the jump to a raw diet, this is a good in between option. Acana pledges to be climate friendly by sourcing ingredients locally and using the entire fish for their protein component. Try Acana if you’re looking for a better, healthier dog food.

Acana Grain Free Dog Food Courtesy of Amazon


10. CRAVE High Protein Grain Free Dog Food

Crave intends to satisfy your dog’s primal instinct by feeding them a high protein, grain-free diet with fresh ingredients meant to power a very active dog. Perhaps too high in protein for some pets, Crave is an excellent option for our hard working friends in the agility ring or the field at 34% protein. A healthy dog food option for active dogs.

CRAVE High Protein Grain Free Dog Food Courtesy of Amazon