Keep Fido Warm and Snug All Winter Long With These Heated Dog Houses

heated dog houses
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It’s no secret that we love our pets, or that we take our roles as fur parents very seriously. That’s probably why there are so many pet products out there on the market, from ridiculously adorable outfits and toys to food brands and accessories that just make us happy. One thing the dog market is seriously lacking though? Heated dog houses.

Yup, if you have a pup that loves to be outdoors but has a harder time with frigid weather in the winter months, you may have a hard time finding a heated dog house that’s going to stand up to snow and sleet. That can be problematic, considering not all dog breeds are good with the cold.


Dogs vs. The Outdoors

While no dog should be left outside for long periods of time when it’s freezing outside (this is actually the law), it’s also important to let your pet get outdoors for some fresh air and exercise. It’s also essential they get a little bit of sunshine to help them combat potential seasonal affective disorder (because yes, dogs definitely get sad too).

A heated dog kennel or even a heated lamp in a dog house can help to keep your pet warm and protected against the elements when they need a quick break from their “excursion” but aren’t quite ready to come in yet.

Sadly, there’s definitely a shortage when it comes to such products, but we’ve managed to source a few good picks. Some come with heat sources directly incorporated into the dog house design itself, while others are insulated to keep heat inside as best as possible. And then there are the accessories that help you to deck out your dog house in a warm and fuzzy way, bringing a smile to any pet lover’s face.


1. Pets Imperial Extra Large Insulated Wooden Norfolk Dog Kennel


Okay, so this dog house isn’t heated, per se, but it does come with impressive insulation which means that any heating unit or blanket that you do add is bound to stay well protected while keeping the shelter snug and warm. It’s a great house for larger dog breeds or those with several smaller pups since it holds up to 154 pounds of weight. It also comes with a removable floor and a roof that opens to make cleaning a breeze. Speaking of the floor, it’s raised to keep air circulating and it comes with adjustable, rot-free plastic capped feet, so even if your backyard is muddy or uneven you’ll get the best possible setup for your pet.

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2. K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed


Add instant warmth to any existing dog house with this soft, orthopedic foam-base bed, which is safe to use outdoors in sheltered areas where your pooch hangs out. It comes with a removable fleece cover that makes it easy to wash and has a steel-wrapped cord to keep it safe and secure. There are no adjustable temperature controls, however, the bed uses an internal thermostat that sits at 102 when your dog is on the bed, and at about 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when your dog is out playing and doing other dog-like things.

Heated outdoor dog pad Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Dog House Heater Plus Model


If you’re looking to add some warmth to a pre-existing dog house or you’re breaking out the old tool kit and building one yourself, this adjustable temperature control unit is an easy way to add warmth during the colder winter months. It features an easy installation that’s a good fit for all kinds of dog breeds and sizes, plus it comes with an anti-chew cord coil and various temperature settings to ensure that your dog’s house is nice and toasty throughout all kinds of weather.

Heater for a dog house Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Heater


If you want to help control the temperature in a dog house without having to go outside yourself, this energy-saving unit is the perfect addition. It disperses safe, dry heat up to 75 feet and only runs when it’s needed thanks to the thermos-sensing bulb, which means you can set it and forget it. It also comes with Bluetooth capabilities and a heavy-duty, chew-proof cord so that you can feel safe and secure while Fido enjoys his new digs.

Heater for outdoor doghouse Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Climate Right 300W Electric Dog House Heater


This easy-to-install unit is a smart tool for those wanting to add warmth to their pet’s outdoor space. It uses an internal fan to circulate warm air up to 75 cubic feet, with 300 watts of heating power. We love that you can also set it to fan-only mode though, which makes it a smart addition to dog houses in the warmer summer months as well. Like many other models, this one comes with an abrasion-resistant cord to keep pets safe, and it can also be used for cats, rabbits or chicken shelters if you happen to have those animals hanging around, too.

Heater for a dog house Image courtesy of Amazon

6. K&H PET PRODUCTS Outdoor Heated Kitty House Cat Shelter


Yes, this is a heated cat house, but if you have a smaller breed of dog then this works just as well when it comes to keeping your pup nice and warm as the mercury starts to drop. It’s insulated and heated via the 20-watt plush bed inside the unit itself and comes with two exits so that your pup is never trapped — even if another animal somehow happens to be coming after him.

Heated cat house Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Petmate Dogloo XT


This classic-shaped dog house comes in a variety of sizes, although be prepared to pay extra shipping charges the larger you go. It’s designed to protect your pups from poor weather during the changing seasons with its dome-shaped roof, which naturally sheds snow and rain. Meanwhile, the extended door also protects against harsh winds. This house is insulated and ventilated for proper airflow, and even though it doesn’t come with any kind of actual heater, it’s a sturdy and solid bet that definitely protects against the elements.

Insulated igloo-shaped dog house Image courtesy of Pet Mate

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