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Meet Milkshake: The Rarest Pink Pug On the Planet (Plus His Favorite Things He Can’t Live Without)

Is it just us or are your Instagram, TikTok and Twitter accounts filled with animal post after animal post, providing constant adorable pets posted on your feed throughout the day? It’s not like we’re complaining at all, it’s honestly something we look forward to every minute we waste away on social media during the workday. Funny cat videos on TikTok, baby zoo animals plastered all over our Twitter timeline and of course, cute dog photos seen all across our Instagram pages. We can’t get enough.

Through the constant in-your-face animal content we never asked to see but are happy we get to, we’ve stumbled upon one of the world’s cutest doggos to exist — Milkshake the Pug.

If you’re not familiar with Milkshake, let us introduce you. This “Unicorn Pug” is among only 100 pink pugs in the entire world, making him one of the rarest dogs in the world. He’s got gorgeous bright blue eyes, an uber wrinkly face and a pink snout that’s perfect for booping.

Not only that, but his charming good looks have made him an international social media sensation. We’re talking a 50k average reach through Instagram stories, a 1.5m reach on TikTok, 106 followers on Instagram and a total of 300k followers across all social media platforms Milkshake is on.

Essentially, Milkshake is the Kylie Jenner of dogs.

But, keeping such a cute look doesn’t come easy. A lot goes into Milkshake’s day-to-day upkeep to ensure he’s looking his very best at all times. A few months back, we had the opportunity to chat with Milkshake (through his mom Maria de Dosza, of course) to talk everything about the gorgeous, rare doggy. From Milkshake’s favorite dog toys to the tastiest dog treats he can’t keep his paws off of, catch our full interview with Milkshake’s mama below.


Clearly, Milkshake is a style icon. Where does mom get inspiration when creating ideas for such cute and eclectic looks?

“Milkshake has a personal stylist who makes a lot of his outfits custom made just for him. When we do buy something off the rack, I like to buy outfits from Chewy as they are really fun and reasonably priced. In the winter I love to put him in personalized cable knit sweaters for our cool Fall walks. He also loves anything Disney!”

What is mom’s favorite Milkshake look and where can we get it?

“I love dressing him in cute costumes because he looks so adorable and funny when he walks in them. My favorite place to find pet costumes is Target as they always have a great selection of Disney and Marvel or DC costumes.”

Does Milkshake have a favorite outfit he’s drawn to most/feels coziest in?

“In the wintertime, Milkshake loves to get in the holiday spirit. He loves wearing cozy jumpers and we usually will wear matching ones at Christmas. His favorite color after pink is red and he adores Fairisle patterns.”

I see that Milkshake is a harness boy, why choose the harness over a traditional collar for Milkshake and does mom have a specific harness brand she loves most?

“Milkshake being a pug, it is always better for flat-faced (brachycephalic) breeds to wear a harness around their body so that there is no strain being placed on their neck which could affect their breathing. Right now we’re obsessed with the Baby Yoda x Pumpkin dog harness.”

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Chewy

What is Milkshake’s favorite treat?

“Milkshake’s first love is food and one of his favorite snacks are Whimzees crocodile chews. I like to give them to him because they keep him busy for hours. Because they last so long, I know it’s a safe snack I can give him without having to worry that he will put on any extra pounds! Another snack he loves are yak milk chews which are really healthy and good for his teeth.”

And, we have to ask, what’s Milkshake’s favorite people food?

“Milkshake is such a foodie that it’s impossible to only list one food item! He adores cake which he gets treated to once a year on either his birthday or gotcha day. On his first birthday, I made him a special dog-friendly cake and after taking one lick and realizing that he didn’t like peanut butter, I realized he was more of a dairy man! He is partial to little chunks of mild cheddar cheese and he will be all yours for a slice of bacon.”

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Courtesy of Target

We’re assuming Milkshake’s toy bin is FILLED with adorable toys, does he have a favorite?

“His first toy as a puppy was the Kong Wild knots bear toy. He would take it everywhere with him; to his food bowl, on his walks and to his bed to snuggle up to at night. I don’t think he has noticed but after several washes and broken limbs, we have replaced his bear toy at least ten times but it’s still his all-time favorite.”

What’s mom’s favorite brand for shopping dog toys online?

“My favorite online destination for dog toys is probably Chewy as they have a really cute and fun range. Milkshake goes crazy for the small Kong squeak air tennis balls. They are small enough to fit perfectly in his mouth, and a trip to the park just isn’t as fun without one. I also use them as a great prop on set when we’re shooting for campaigns and I need to get his attention or look at the camera. I also like to buy him interactive toys like snuffle mats that encourage him to work for his treats. He loves searching for and finding little biscuits.”

When Milkshake’s not seen posing his paws off on Instagram, what’s his favorite pastime?

“Every Sunday morning we like to go to the park. I always get a latte for myself and a puppacino for Milkshake. After our walk, we snuggle up on the sofa with his favorite blanket and watch Disney movies together. It’s a great way for both of us to chill out and enjoy some quality time together. Milkshake usually falls asleep halfway through the movie. I always have to turn up the volume to hear over his snoring!”

And last but not least, what is one item/food/anything Milkshake simply can’t live without?

“Probably his nose and paw balm. He loves having a little relaxing head massage, followed by balm rubbed on his nose and paws. He never fails to fall asleep while he’s being pampered. Because his toebeans are pink we have to take extra care when cleaning him, to make sure they don’t look dirty afterward.”