Posh Pets: Mid-Century Modern Products for Your Cat or Dog

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It seems unfair to style your whole house with beautifully crafted, Mid-Century Modern furniture and leave your pets with cheap, plastic beds and feeding bowls. As a key part of the family, it’s only right that your pets enjoy the same level of luxury and comfort as you afford yourself.

On this list, you’ll find eight pieces of furniture to bring your pet’s space up to date with the rest of your modern home. Whether it’s your friendly desktop fish or your persistent couch-climbing dog, we’ve got something to keep your pets comfortable and entertained.

1. Modern Pet Feeder

This elegant, wooden pet feeder features two stainless steel bowls at a slightly elevated height, so your dog or cat can enjoy their food in a more comfortable position. Each bowl is dishwasher safe and fully removable to make filling and cleaning a breeze.

modern furniture for pets Mid-Century products cat dog feeder Image courtesy of Amazon

Internet's Best Modern Pet Feeder



2. FishHotel Mini Aquarium

A modern-looking aquarium is a great way to help your fish live a life of luxury. The frame surrounding the Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium is made from ABS plastic and adorned with an eye-catching asymmetrical window. Plus, it can be stacked with other FishHotels to give you an apartment-like set up. This aquarium is an ideal home for small tropical fish and goldfish.

modern furniture for pets Mid-Century products fish tank hotel condo Image courtesy of Amazon

Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium



3. Tunnel Bed

Add some serious style to your cat’s life with this quirky tunnel bed. Not only does the plush bedding area give your cat a comfy and private place to rest, its classy solid wood feet and tubular material frame provide your interiors with a boost in chicness, too.

modern furniture for pets Mid-Century products cat tunnel bed Image courtesy of Amazon

Cat Craft Tunnel Bed



4. Wall Mounted Lounging Set

This four-piece set comes with everything you need to give your cat a wall-mounted playground. Included are two pole steps, a lounging hammock and a hideaway condo box. Each piece has a mix of Sisal scratching surface and furry plush surface for your cat to enjoy at its leisure.

modern furniture for pets Mid-Century products cat shelf Image courtesy of Amazon

TRIXIE Pet Products Wall Mounted Lounging Set



5. Cat Furniture V-Base

This cat playground offers your cat everything it might need to stay out of trouble. With its wealth of lounging areas, a hideaway cave, dangling balls of string and numerous scratching posts, the Vesper V-Base has enough to keep your cat entertained throughout the day.  

modern furniture for pets Mid-Century products cat scratching post Image courtesy of Amazon

Vesper Cat Furniture V-Base



6. CatWalk Privacy Please Litter Cabinet

It isn’t just people who enjoy a little privacy in the bathroom, so give your cat some space of its own with the Penn Plax Litter Cabinet. Crafted from beautiful hardwood laminate, the stylish cabinet sports double porthole access for your cat and large French doors for human access, too.  

modern furniture for pets Mid-Century products cat litter cabinet privacy Image courtesy of Amazon

Penn Plax CatWalk Privacy Please Litter Cabinet



7. Elevated Couch

If you have a dog who loves to spend time on the couch, even when they’ve been told not to, this is the ideal compromise. The stunning TOV Elevated Couch gives your dog their very own lounging space that’s just like yours. It even has an elevated platform and upholstered arms and back rests, just like yours. The dog couch also sports a central comfy cushion which is waterproof and washable for when things get a little stinky.

modern furniture for pets Mid-Century products dog couch Image courtesy of Amazon

TOV Furniture Elevated Couch



8. Infinity Bed

Another tunnel bed for your furry friends, the Penn Plax Infinity Bed provides your cat with its own space and a comfy lounging pad. The large frame makes this product great for cats of all sizes, and the stylish design would fit in with any Mid-Century Modern interior design.

modern furniture for pets Mid-Century products cat tunnel infinity bed Image courtesy of Petco

Penn Plax Infinity Bed



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