Get Into The Halloween Spirit With The Best Costumes From Petco’s Halloween Bootique

petco halloween bootique
Courtesy of Petco

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With summer starting to wind down, you may have noticed that your local drug store is already rolling out the Halloween supplies. And while October 31 may seem a long way off, it’s officially time to start looking for the best Halloween costume ideas, the best Halloween costumes for couples, and most importantly, the best Halloween costumes for pets.

This year, we’re getting a huge head start on shopping for pet costumes, and thanks to Petco, it’s easy to find just about everything you need for your pet in one place. To celebrate the launch of its “Bootique” online store, shoppers can save 20% off hilarious pet costumes at Petco. If you’re a sucker for hilarious dog costumes, cat costumes and all things Halloween, then there’s no reason to wait for fall. You can order some seriously inventive pet costumes now and save a little coin in the process.

Last year, Petco hosted a costume contest with a $5,000 prize, so keep your eyes peeled in case they relaunch that competition in 2022. As of August 9, you can check out Petco’s entire Halloween Pet Bootique, or keep scrolling to see some of our favorites from the collection. From funny dog costumes to adorable costumes for your cat, hamster, or lizard, there’s something for every pet owner and Halloween personality you can think of.


Bootique Marie Antoinette Cat Costume

Let them eat cake — or cat food in this case — while wearing this hilariously adorable Marie Antoinette pet costume. It comes complete with a dress and wig so you can dress your cat to its nine lives this Halloween season. Your cat will hate wearing this costume as much as you love seeing them wear it.

Marie Antoinette Cat Costume Courtesy of Petco


Petco Dog and Cat Unicorn Costume

If you think your pup is as special as a unicorn, then we’ve found the perfect costume idea.

petco unicorn dog costume Courtesy of Petco

Bootique Ghost Town Clown Pet Illusion Costume

You won’t know whether to laugh or cry when seeing this Ghost Town Clown Pet Illusion Costume from Bootique. Horrific and cute all at the same time, this set is designed for both dogs and cats. It comes with an easy put-on outfit and colorful curly wig.


Bootique Ghost Town Clown Pet Illusion Costume Courtesy of Petco


Bootique Pizza Headpiece for Dogs & Cats

Your pup may not enjoy this slice of pie as much as the real thing, but you sure will. The pizza headpiece is suitable for both dogs and cats and doesn’t require much to get it on and off. Simply put it on, secure the hook and loop closure, and you’re ready for a night of trick or treating.

Bootique Pizza Headpiece for Dogs & Cats Courtesy of Petco


Bootique Headless Horseman Illusion Costume for Cats

Bootique Headless Horseman Illusion Costume for Cats Courtesy of Petco


Bootique Devil Headwear for Dogs & Cats

Can you imagine how devilishly handsome your cat or dog will be in this devil headpiece costume this Halloween? Designed with horns and a cape, it features a hook and loop closure for easy on and off and security while trick or treating.

Bootique Devil Headwear for Dogs & Cats Courtesy of Petco


Bootique Taco Costume for Small Animals

Wondering if you can dress your small pet for Halloween? We’re here to tell you that you certainly can, thanks to some of the costumes in Petco’s awesome pet bootique. If you own a hamster or gerbil, this taco costume is sure to put a smile on your face. It has an easy hook and loop closure, making it the perfect costume for photoshoots or house parties.

Bootique Taco Costume for Small Animals Courtesy of Petco


Bootique Viking Lizard Costume

We couldn’t leave the lizards out of the Halloween pet costume conversation this year since Petco has so many amazing options. This one is one of our favorites: a Viking lizard costume. Like, seriously, does it get any funnier than this? We think not. This pet Halloween get-up consists of a simple headpiece with a beard so you can take pics that will have you laughing for ages.


Bootique Viking Lizard Costume Courtesy of Petco


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