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I Bought This $50 GPS Dog Tag Tracker And It Beats Those Other Pricey, High-Tech Ones

My dog is probably my best friend in the world, and yours probably is too. We might talk to our pets like they understand us, but the reality is that they’re animals and can get into situations that we’d rather them not be in. Even the best-behaved dogs get out every now and then, they might see a cat that (in their mind) needs chasing, or they might just want to sniff around the neighborhood unencumbered by their leash. 

Even though my dog is a COVID puppy who follows my wife and me everywhere, we still like to have a way to know where he is just in case he ever runs away or gets lost. We looked for a good GPS collar, but we saw them going for up to $700, which just wasn’t feasible. When we found the Qalo TraQ ID tag, we were thrilled to find out it cost just $49.95.

The Qalo TraQ ID makes a great Christmas gift for dog lovers, but it’s also a practical purchase for anybody who wants to keep a close eye on their pet.

Courtesy of QALO

The Qalo TraQ ID tag uses Tile’s Bluetooth-finding technology to track your pet, the same company that’s famous for helping people find their keys. And yes, it’s the same technology behind some of the most reliable luggage trackers we’ve used for traveling. It uses the Tile network of global app users and network extenders, like compatible Echo devices, to pinpoint your dog’s location in the app. 

The TraQ ID tag features a nontoxic plastic build that’s durable and silences jingles from your dog’s collar, it’s waterproof for up to one hour, and the battery lasts up to two years. Also included is a ring feature that you can use within 200 feet of the tag. Lastly, just like the rest of Qalo’s tags, this one is stylish and fully customizable.

Photo credit: Benjamin Hurvitz Benjamin Hurvitz | SPY

In my personal experience, this thing is definitely tough. My dog shook off his collar in the yard, and after a couple of days, when I grabbed it, the TraQ ID had made it through all of the rain and wind the Pacific Northwest threw at it and still functions perfectly to this day.

Our pets are important to us. They’re members of our family, not property. If you’re looking for a way to help ensure the safety of your furry friend, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Qalo TraQ ID tag. It’s reliable, and it gives me peace of mind regarding my pup’s well-being.  

Courtesy of QALO