Kitty, Meet Robot. These Dependable Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes Take One More Task Off Your To-Do List

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Pets are one of the greatest, and messiest, joys in life. Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, bunny rabbit or fish you know they take love, care and cleaning to keep them and your house in tip top shape. Once your dog is house broken all it takes is a quick walk or jaunt through the backyard for them to do their business, but cats prefer something more civilized. Litter boxes are the pet world’s solution to giving cats a relatively clean, private and comfortable place to use the facilities in your home. The problem? Despite the latest in cat litter technology creating anti-odor, clumping and flushable litter that’s super easy to handle, the boxes themselves still require regular scooping to keep them clean.

For someone who’s disabled or older with a limited range of movement the hunching down to scoop out the litter can be a pain in the ass. Even if you’re fully able-bodied, it’s still one more thing to do that you may forget about — much to your house and cat’s discontent. Thankfully, there’s a simple, high-tech fix that will keep your cat healthy and happy, and you from needing to rifle through sand to find feces. Self-cleaning litter boxes are here, and they’re about to revolutionize the way you take care of your feline friends.

1. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box


This ScoopFree line of self-cleaning litter boxes from PetSafe has a few different options for every cat owner to choose between ranging from covered, uncovered and differently sized boxes. This box automatically removes your cat’s waste and requires no cleaning, scooping or refilling of litter.

The crystal litter inside is 99% dust-free so your cat’s paws stay clean, and it absorbs urine and solid waste through dehydration so they don’t linger in your home. The disposable trays that come with help protect against leaking to keep your floors clean, and it only takes removing and throwing them away to keep things clean inside. This litter box also has a health counter and motion sensors included that track how often your feline uses the litter box daily, so you can keep track and make sure they’re healthy.

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2. PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Crystal Litter Box


This self-cleaning litter box is basically the same as the previous option, except that it’s open-air as opposed to hooded. If you’re a cat owner, you know that cats prefer one style over another and once they’re set in their ways — it can be difficult for them to acclimate to something else.

This self-cleaning litter box has the same clean, hygienic crystal litter that’s dust-free and will keep their paws tidy during and after use. The litter absorbs urine and feces and traps them in a bottom tray that only requires removal every few weeks. This litter box is easy to set up with the removable and refillable trays and easy to clean up occasionally as opposed to every day with standard litter boxes. It has great odor control and also includes a health counter for keeping track of how often your cat is using the bathroom.

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3. Litter Robot 3 Connect


This is the Cadillac of litter boxes, so if you’re willing to make an investment and like bells and whistles — you should probably check out the Litter Robot. It has 4.6/5 stars with over 5,000 reviews and is one of the highest rated self-cleaning litter boxes out there for its high-tech functionality, long-lasting design and expertly crafted features that clearly have cats in mind.

The features for this litter box go on and on, and include it being WiFi-enabled so you can monitor your pet care duties from afar via a smartphone app. You can see usage history, troubleshoot problems, view the waste drawer level and receive other notifications all on the easy-to-use app. It has a patented sifting process for after your cat goes to the bathroom that just removes clumps and stores them in a waste drawer that occasionally will need emptying (don’t worry — you’ll get a notification when this needs to happen!). The clump-specific sifting saves you money by reducing litter usage by up to 50%, and the cycle happening directly after use eliminates unpleasant odors. The carbon-filtered waste drawer keeps all of the mess trapped inside and has an easy-to-empty design.

The box has cat-sensor technology and a pinch detect safety system which ensures your cat’s health and safety during use, and sends you a notification if it stops for any reason, pauses or isn’t working properly. It has an automatic night light to help elderly cats during twilight visits, an adjustable timer for cycling and sleep mode, so you won’t be hearing it all night long. Lastly, unlike other boxes this unit is equipped to handle multiple cats at once and will send you notifications accordingly.

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4. ChillX AutoEgg Self-Cleaning Litter Box


One of the most common complaints with self-cleaning litter boxes is the noise they make. This ChillX box is aiming to fix that, by being one of the quieter self-cleaning machines on the market. There are many other reasons why this luxe kitty litter machine is in the top 5, but its advanced motor and quiet mechanics are worth noting. The AutoEgg Cat-Stuck Prevention functionality automatically turns off the self-cleaning cycle if the machine detects weight above 1.1 lbs inside. The cleaning rake also moves slowly to prevent harm.

Speaking of the cleaning functionality, this machine has dual-power systems of a 70-degree cleaning rake and zig zag litter tray that work together to stay clean consistently. It has a touchscreen included that records the time, date, duration, weight and other key info about each usage event, with a data line that highlights abnormal situations, if they occur.

The AutoEgg also doesn’t require a lot of extra accessories in order to work, and only needs waste drawer liners replaced consistently — for which you can use plastic bags. It also doesn’t require expensive litters, only the most common clumping kinds around. Additionally, because the AutoEgg’s cleaning happens more gently, it smashes less litter and produces fewer odors. The eggshell hood also keeps many things trapped inside, and despite the somewhat small look of it it’s designed to support and comfortably house cats up to 15.4 lbs. The 2L waste drawer is also equipped to handle up to two weeks’ worth of cat waste.

*Please note this model is currently backordered until September 23-30.

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5. CatGenie A.I Self-Washing Cat Box


This self-cleaning litter box from CatGenie has thought of everything when it comes to keeping your cat and home clean and healthy. This litter box connects to a water source and cleans itself with a vet-approved SaniSolution after every use. The litter is actually litter-like washable granules that are cleansed after each use, kind of like a toilet flush. The best part about these granules? They never need changing — so you can say goodbye to refilling litter, hauling enormous bags home from the store and the accidental spills all over the floor forever. Scooping also happens after each use to remove solids and hot air blows through the unit to dry the granules for your cat’s comfort.

You can set the litter box to run its cleaning cycle after each cat activation, at up to eight programmed times throughout the day or run whenever manually activated by the Control Panel or synced app.

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6. Omega Paw Roll N Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box


This self-cleaning litter box is a bit more affordable than other options due to the lack of mechanical functionality, but it’s easy to clean and well-designed nonetheless. It features a dome-top for cats who prefer optimal coverage and has chrome accents for a bit of extra flair. The built-in “litter step” controls the amount of litter tracked out of the box as your cat leaves, and it has a strong, durable sifting grill for removing clumps.

The Roll n’ Clean design is easy to use and makes separating waste from litter super easy. All it takes is a quick roll after use to transfer the litter around and waste into the easily-removable tray.

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7. LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Despite the product’s title highlighting this litter box working for “single cats” it has one of the largest beds of all self-cleaning litter boxes, making it great for houses with multiple cats as well. It has automatic rake scooping after each use so your cat gets a fresh, clean start each time. It also requires no daily scooping and stays clean for up to seven days. The included waste receptacles have carbon filters built in that keep mess and odor contained. The high walls and paw cleanup ramp also prevent litter tracking throughout your home, making cleaning easier and less necessary overall.

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8. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box


This self-cleaning litter box comes with all the standard features that vastly more expensive models have, with a very reasonable price tag. It’s got a smart sensor that triggers a cleaning cycle regularly. It’s got an angled deflector with fins that are raised in height so cat litter clumps stay inside the included litter pan, and odor is eliminated with carbon zeolite technology. There’s no need to buy costly specialized cat litter to use with this box, so you can keep the brand you’re using currently. It’s also designed to be four times quieter than other self-cleaning litter boxes so you won’t be disturbed, and your cat won’t be terrified by loud noises during a sensitive time of day.

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9. PETKIT Pura X Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box


Some cats prefer a wide, open-top litter box where they’re not restricted to do their business, while others prefer total privacy. This super enclosed litter box is perfect for cats who don’t want a lot of wandering eyes around while they’re doing their business. It’s got all the bells and whistles along with a privacy-friendly design — including a thermal sensor, infrared sensor, anti-pinch sensors and an accident protection system as well. It’s got a purifying liquid formulated to remove odors and there are two modes available to choose from — an auto-cleaning mode and a scheduled cleaning mode as well.

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