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Curb Your Dog’s Speed Eating with a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Does your dog eat his or her dog food so quickly that by the time you turn around, their bowl is empty? Slow feeder bowls help dogs ease up on chow time and help reduce bloating and indigestion. Your dog should slow their eating to prevent any chances of choking, and slow feeder bowls can help reduce that risk. Slow feeder bowls have raised portions of material within the bowl to help space out the food and make it difficult for your dog to reach their food quickly.

Here are some features you should look for in a slow feeder dog bowl:

  • Should be easy to clean
  • Have a raised base
  • Have enough contours to present a challenge
  • Be dishwasher safe

An elevated bowl also works wonders to help aid your dog’s digestion.

If you’re keen on helping your dog eat properly, try a slow feeder bowl and don’t forget their favorite dog treats for afterward, too.


1. Outward Hound Slo Feeder Bowl


Outward Hound’s Slo Feeder bowl features enough high ridges to slow your dog down so they don’t end up hurting themselves. As well as being one of our go-to brands for all things pets, Outward Hound’s bowl will reduce your dog’s feeding speed by 10x. This interactive bowl will both challenge and engage your dog during feeding time. This bowl is non-slip, so your dog won’t be pushing their bowl all over the floor while they eat and will hopefully reduce the amount of mess they make along the way. With three different sizes and five styles to choose from, these Outward Hound bowls are an excellent tool to help reduce your dog’s speedy pace.

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2. Jasgood Slow Feeder Bowl


The Jasgood bowl has an excellent, deep groove centered throughout the base to decrease your dog’s feeding pace. This unique spiral maze design will help reduce your pet’s eating as well, which will lessen their chances of choking, bloating and indigestion. With an anti-slip bottom, this bowl won’t go spreading kibble all over the kitchen. It’s dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. The Jasgood bowl comes in two sizes and five separate colors.

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3. Slow Eat Maze by Boots and Barkely


The Boots and Barkley slow feeder bowl is a great choice for large dogs because it holds four cups of food. With raised mazes and ridges to help reduce your dog’s eating time, this bowl has a non-slip base to keep your overzealous dog from pushing their bowl across the floor or tipping it over. The Boots and Barkley line has a wide variety of excellent pet products and we enjoy their slow feeder bowl for its well-designed maze.

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4. Petstages Slow Feeder Bowl


The Petstages bowl presents an excellent challenge for fast eaters to slow down through a deep maze design that is safe and healthy for your pet. This bowl will help your pet eat significantly slower, which will reduce their chances of choking, bloating and indigestion. Made from food-safe material with a rubber base to reduce slippage during mealtimes, this is an excellent bowl for speedy eaters of all sizes.

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5. Our Pets Spiral Slow Feeder


Turn your pet’s favorite bowl into a slow feeder with the Our Pets insert. Simply place it inside your pet’s go-to bowl and watch as they begin to slow down at mealtime. The insert is made from a food-safe silicone material and is suitable for dry food, wet food, and treats. This item is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. While a chewy material, keep track of your pet during mealtime to make sure they don’t chew on the insert.

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6. Dogit Go Slow Bowl


The Dogit bowl is an excellent budget choice for any pet owner with a destructive eater. If your dog likes to chew on its bowl and push it around, then this bowl can easily be replaced. Made from pet-safe materials, this bowl is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. With raised ridges to reduce the pace of your pet’s eating, this is a great choice for any pet owner who wishes for their pet to eat slower.

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7. Green Interactive Feeder


The Green Interactive Feeder is an excellent bowl for quick eaters thanks to its innovative design and classical look. Your dog will enjoy playing with this feeder to get at their food and while it may take them longer to eat, they’ll benefit from it immensely. Reduce your dog’s chances of choking, indigestion, and bloating by letting them find their food through a challenge-based design. This feeder is great for wet food or dry food and can be easily cleaned and put in the dishwasher.

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8. Neater Pets Raised Slow Feeder Bowl


The Neater Pets bowl is made with two sections, one for water and another for food, punctuated with rough material to make it harder for your pet to eat. This will force your dog to take their time and go slowly, reducing their chances of choking or indigestion. Keep your pet safe by using a raised bowl, which has its own added benefits of elevating your dog’s head position to help aid digestion. Make your dog’s mealtime a challenge by adding time with the Neater Pets Raised Slow Feeder Bowl. It is dishwasher safe and holds up to 2.5 cups of food.

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9. Frisco Slow Feeder Bowl


The Frisco bowl has well-designed raised edges to keep your pooch from scarfing down their food too quickly. This slow feeder bowl is made from food-safe material and is dishwasher safe. Pro tip: when choosing a bowl, select a size larger than needed to prevent overflow and spillage. Then sit back and watch as your dog takes his time eating his meal, which will improve their overall health and digestion.

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10. Every Yay Slow Feeder Bowl


The Every Yay brand’s motto for their slow feeder bowl is “take your time” which your dog is wont to do once they try to dig into their food. With bumps and ridges placed strategically throughout the base of the bowl, your dog will be challenged to find their way in and will be slowed down along the way. With a slow release of kibble, your dog will begin to slow their chomp as they rummage for their next bite. Keep your dog’s health and safety in mind with the Every Yay slow feeder bowl.

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