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Save 50% on a Personalized Pet Meal Plan With The Farmer’s Dog

There are some brands out there whose mission just makes sense. High-quality skincare at affordable prices? Definitely. Smart fitness machines that offer a great workout at home? For sure. Healthy, real dog food delivered to your door weekly? Now that one’s hard to beat.

The Farmer’s Dog is a top-selling brand amongst SPY readers for their high-quality, real, healthy pet food that’s delivered fresh to your door within days of being cooked. And now, to celebrate the New Year, The Farmer’s Dog is offering 50% off brand new personalized meal plans so you can save big and take care of your pooch. 

Save 50% on The Farmer's Dog



The Farmer's Dog new years deal

The discount applies to a two-week trial box of food, saving you up to $100 depending on the size of your dog. This means you can feed your dog fresh, healthy meals for two weeks for essentially $1.00 per day. It’s a great way to try out the service, both for you and your four-legged friend. After the trial is over, the price of your plan largely depends on the size, breed and dietary restrictions of your specific dog. The brand, founded by nutritionists, uses human-grade meat and veggies, crafted into simple recipes for every meal packet. Each one is made with whole foods and delivered fresh with nutritional integrity as a number one priority.

All of their kitchens are USDA certified, and the meals exceed industry standards for dogs set out by AAFCO.

The packets are designed for easy pouring and serving, and you can customize the meal plan to your dog’s individual dietary needs.

Whether you got a brand new dog over the holidays and want to feed them the best, or your older dog could use a pep in its step, The Farmer’s Dog is a perfect way to ensure they’re receiving the best possible fuel.

Save 50% on The Farmer's Dog


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