The Best Pet Deals for July 2021: Save on Dog DNA Kits, Pet Carriers & More

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Now is a great time to save on all pet-related items. Many online retailers hosted massive 4th of July weekend sales, some of which have been extended. But where can you find the best pet deals for July?

Don’t worry, we have the scoop on the best items available. We searched popular pet product retailers like Chewy, Amazon and Target for the best possible deals, and we’ve found some great savings for pet owners.

From pet backpacks to DNA kits, there’s something for everyone. So check out our favorite pet deals of the weekend below!

1. Embark Breed & Health DNA Kit for Dogs

SAVE 25%

Who isn’t curious about their pet’s breed? The answer can also lead to information about ongoing health problems or upcoming problems that are associated with the breed. But overall, DNA kits are just plain fun to use because who doesn’t enjoy a guessing game with a stable answer at the end? DNA kits are relatively expensive, but this one’s a steal this weekend, so be sure to pick one up and check out your pooch’s mysterious history.

Embark Breed & Health DNA Kit for Dogs Courtesy of Chewy


2. Mobile Dog Gear Backpack

SAVE 40%

The ultimate week away with your pet can finally be a streamlined process with the handy Mobile backpack. Everything in one place, you say? From food to bedding, to extra water bowls, you can store all of your pet’s must-have items and a few favorite extras for a glorious getaway. Keep your pet comfortable and cozy with their very own bows and blankets to keep them safe and happy. Pets enjoy having familiar items around them so being able to store it all in a backpack designated just for them is the perfect gift.

Mobile Dog Gear Backpack Courtesy of Chewy


3. C4 Americana Waterproof Collar

All adventurous pets need a waterproof collar and this one is designed for long-lasting wear. Extra durable and crafted from medical grade thermoelastomer, this collar is easy to clean with soap and water and your dog can feel free to have a wet and wild adventure. The best feature is the antimicrobial collar is both stink-proof and stain-resistant, making your life easier when your dog comes back inside after a romp in the woods. This collar is also hypoallergenic, great for pups with sensitive skin. Chewy customers can also save an extra 10% at checkout.

C4 Americana Waterproof Collar Courtesy of Chewy


4. PetSafe Folding Steps

SAVE 20%

Every small dog needs a way onto the bed or the couch and folding steps are a safe and easy way to get them to new heights. While easy to store and bring back out, the PetSafe Folding Steps are a foolproof way to help your pet climb safely. These 20-inch steps support up to 150 pounds, while the 25-inch steps support up to 200 pounds, so these are a great choice for a dog of any size. With a no-slip tread, your dog will safely climb their way toward any higher plane.

PetSafe Folding Steps Courtesy of Amazon


5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Flatland Feast Stix


These chewy treats are a steal for any pup looking for a new favorite chew. With just enough rigidity for any dog to spend a few hours on, the Blue Buffalo brand is committed to quality products for all dogs with fresh ingredients and optimal standards of chew time. The Flatland Feast Stix will keep your pooch occupied, healthy, and happy for an entire afternoon of quality chewing.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Flatland Feast Stix Courtesy of Target


6. Eaton Hemp Naturally Grown Small Pet Bedding

Every small bed needs fresh, naturally grown bedding and what better brand to choose than Eaton? Hemp is highly absorbent and hypoallergenic, with a low dust rate that keeps your small pet insulated and practically odor-free. Hate a smelly cage? Hemp will help with the stinky odors that come with having a small pet in a small space, plus this bedding is compostable! Can’t get any better than that, so help yourself and the Earth by purchasing Eaton’s Hemp bedding.

Eaton Hemp Naturally Grown Small Pet Bedding Courtesy of Chewy


7. Personalized Dog Carrier

SAVE 40%

Every pooch needs his own palace and what better way to travel than in style with a personalized pet carrier? Comfy and roomy enough to spend the night on the airplane or in the backseat of the car, your pet will travel in style with their very own carrier. With a padded interior, mesh panels for saying hello and for optimal air flow, this carrier will become your go-to item for all pet related trips. The best features of this carrier are the included food bowls so you don’t have to bring extras, locked zippers for storage, and mesh pockets for everything else. Keep your pet safe and happy with a personalized dog carrier!

Personalized Dog Carrier Courtesy of Chewy


8. GHG Dog Nail Grinder and Clipper

SAVE 38%!

Every dog needs their nails clipped and doing it without an expensive trip to the vet will save you time and money. With a nail grinder, you can have your dog sit still for a few minutes while this unique tool shears away at the excess nail, while an LED light points out the blood line so you don’t over clip. Keep your pet safe with the low noise of this motor that won’t frighten or startle them. With 3 speeds and a USB charging cable, this is the easiest and simplest nail grinder you’ll ever use. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed with the ease of the GHG nail grinder.

GHG Dog Nail Grinder and Clipper Courtesy of Amazon


9. ORDORA Pet Hair Remover


Who doesn’t need a heavy-duty pet hair remover? This tool will keep you and your home clean of excess dog hair with its simple elastrostatic absorption design, and this roller doesn’t need adhesives or sticky tape. Just remove the container of waste and keep on rolling until you have a hair-free home.

ORDORA Pet Hair Remover Courtesy of Amazon


10. K&H Hanging Cat Bed

SAVE 41%

What cat doesn’t love a sunny nook in the window to sprawl out on? The best part of this kitty inclined bed is the extra padding and the ease in which it hooks to any wall near a window, so your cat can live their best life in the sun. The bed is capable of holding up to 40 pounds, so any cat can enjoy it. With a removable and washable lamb skin cover, your kitty will be basking in comfort all day long.

K&H Hanging Cat Bed Courtesy of Amazon