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Oh, No! An Evil Clown Attacked This Adorable French Bulldog

Don’t worry — no animals were harmed in the making of this post! Upon further inspection, Monsieur Horton McSnorton, the French Bulldog pictured here, is actually alive and well (and a very good boy).

If you follow any famous pets on TikTok or Instagram, then you’ve likely seen plenty of adorable Halloween costumes for dogs. We certainly have. The parade of Halloween pups on our Instagram feeds inspired us to create a guide to the year’s best funny dog Halloween costumes.

However, there’s one costume in particular that we’re absolutely obsessed with: The Thrills & Chills Scary Clown Halloween Dog Costume. (It can also be used with cats.)

Sure, it’s a bit of a macabre idea for a costume — it looks like a creepy clown is serving up your dog’s head on a silver platter, but it’s also screamingly adorable, too. And did we mention it only costs $10? We first encountered this costume via the Instagram account Horton McSnorton, which is a goldmine for anyone that loves pictures of French Bulldogs wearing cute little costumes.


Where To Buy the Viral Scary Clown Halloween Costume for Dogs

We can’t promise that your dog will love this Halloween costume as much as you do, but it’s sure to be a huge hit with everyone else. Whether you want to make your pup a viral Instagram star or delight the neighbors during the annual trick-or-treating, this is one of the best Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen, full stop.

Already we’ve seen dog influencers like Horton McSnorton rocking this outfit on Instagram.

Right now, this Thrills & Chills costume is only available via Petsmart. You can try and find one at your local Petsmart or you can order online. Depending on the location, Petsmart may even offer same-day delivery via DoorDash. Currently, it’s available in sizes ranging from XS to XXL so that dogs of all sizes can get in on the Halloween fun.

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