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Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Launch Yummers, New Pet Food Mix-Ins

The next logical step for two-fifths of Netflix’s Queer Eye crew was to take care of our four-legged besties. Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski teamed up with Rebecca Rudisch, a former VP at Petco, to bring the world Yummers, a new brand that’s serving up gourmet pet food mix-ins for meal time.

The pair had been teasing on social media that they were “finally together,” but a few savvy fans knew something was up.


So in a somewhat predictable reveal, the definitely platonic duo broke the news of the launch on Thursday, September 15. Fans don’t seem too disappointed, as JVN’s announcement post already has more than 300,000 likes on Instagram.

Porowski knows good food after penning a few best-selling cookbooks, and well, JVN certainly knows good grooming as a New York Times bestselling author too. Yummers seemed like a natural business venture for both.


What We Know About Yummers

Yummers is a new pet food brand and food topper option for your pets to make the happiest part of the morning and night a little more special. The pet food toppers and mix-ins include flavors such as Yummers Chicken & Ginger Tender Morsels for dogs and Freeze-Dried Chicken Breast for cats.

The gourmet mix-ins run from $14.99 to $17.99 and are available for dogs and cats. It is nice to see kitty offerings, as sometimes cats can be overlooked in this space. Beyond just a fun, flavorful topper to break up meal monotony, they offer some specialty options too. (As the owner of an elder terrier, it was refreshing to know that senior animals are also being courted by Yummers.)

The Hip & Joint and Calming toppers run $29.99, but they are formulated specifically for pets who need a little extra love in these areas.

There are also Yummers nutritional products for coat, digestion and heart health, and the brand is really covering all of the fluffy bases with the expertise of Rudisch. It will be interesting to watch what this company does in the future and what other areas of the pet industry they move into. Surely there have to be Queer Eye plush toys on the way?

You can check out some of the brand’s initial product offerings below. They’re available for sale now via Petco.


Yummers for Dogs

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Courtesy of Yummers


Options for Cats

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Courtesy of Yummers


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