These Grown-Up Stickers Just Might Help You Adult More Often

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* Because growing up doesn’t have to stop when you’re a grown up
* These stickers reward a job well done
* And they help encourage your housemates to water the plants

The stickers in this book give you a wry, ironic version of a gold star. Sometimes everybody needs a little encouragement, especially when it comes to “adulting.” Sure, the trappings of adulthood — I.e. the old “white picket fence” — may have gotten harder to reach for many of those belonging to Generations X and younger, but at least members of these maligned generations can still reward themselves with gold stars for effort (or in this case, cheerful, encouraging stickers to reward small, everyday “adult” accomplishments).

I adulted Grown Up Stickers Book Courtesy Amazon

The older, or maybe just wiser we get, the more we tend to realize that self-esteem, which is measured against our peers, becomes less important than self-respect, which is measured against ourselves. Not everything is about the rat race of having more clout than the next striving liberal arts major, even if you belong to the generation that famously is killing the mayonnaise industry, and has apparently chosen to forego home ownership in favor of avocado toast.

Self-respect is still about your own personal growth and overcoming the little challenges every day. That’s what these funny, colorful stickers are here to remind you of. Their badges of honor include timely ones like, “I ignored an online troll today,” as well as the timeless, “I moved on.”

You may have worked 12-hour days as a teenager preparing to ace some standardized tests, which got you into a college you might still be paying for well into your thirties, but hey, on this day, you wore pants! On this day, you went to the gym! You successfully watered a plant! And now you can have have stickers to tell yourself you did. As a bonus, these adulting stickers also work great for getting your roommates to actually finish their chores.

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