8 Best Gifts For Friends Oddly Intrigued by Serial Killers

cereal killer breakfast bowl
cereal killer bowl
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* Merch for the creepiest of fandom trends
* From pun-based breakfast bowls to spooky adult coloring books
* Plus a very unappetizing mug and flask

If you have friends who, perhaps inspired by the raft of recent Ted Bundy docudramas, have become oddly obsessed with serial killers, here are some gifts to match their macabre interests. These gifts will appeal to the creepy tastes of those into researching serial killers like Ed Gein, Richard Ramirez and of course Charles Manson, as well as fans of podcasts like My Favorite Murder and books like Emma Cline’s haunting novel “The Girls.”

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1. Serial Killer Playing Cards

In the early 2000s the US Military had decks of playing cards featuring the faces and names of known Taliban and Al Queda leaders; these have a similar rogues gallery feel except for dead and famous historical serial killers. Unknown if the Jokers are “The Joker.”

serial killer playing card deck Courtesy Amazon

Serial Killer Playing Cards


2. Serial Killers Coloring Book

This has got to be one of the most “sign of the times” products we’ve seen. It’s an adult coloring book featuring pictures of podcast-famous serial killers.

serial killer coloring book Courtesy Amazon

Serial Killer Coloring Book


3. Big Book of Serial Killers

This chilling book is a veritable encyclopedia of serial killers. The truly disturbing part? It’s a very big book.

Book of Serial Killers Cover Courtesy Amazon

Big Book of Serial Killers


4. Cereal Killer Breakfast Bowl

If you’re watching serial killer shows with friends, chances are someone is going to make this pun. Why not get it printed on a bowl to remind them of their shame?

cereal killer bowl Courtesy Amazon

Cereal Killer Bowl


5. Ted Bundy Mug

Revenge may be best served cold, but if your favorite serial-killer obsessed goth friends like their beverages hot, this is the mug for them. Features the “mug” shot of Ted Bundy.

ted bundy mug Courtesy Amazon

Ted Bundy Mug


6. Rolling Stone Manson Cover Flask

If drinking from a flask at parties isn’t outré enough for your friends, get them this flask with a picture of the infamous 1970 Rolling Stone cover featuring Charles Manson.

Charles Manson flask Courtesy Amazon

Manson Flask


7. Murderino Coloring Book

This “off-color” adult coloring book is for fans of Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark’s beloved “My Favorite Murder” podcast.

My favorite murder coloring book Courtesy Amazon

My Favorite Murder Podcast Coloring Book


8. True Crime Calendar Book

What’s weirder than serial killer coloring books? Try this calendar book full of true crime stories of grisly acts that happened “on this day in history.” 365 of them, because the history of human villainy is as long as human history itself.

serial killer calendar book true crime Courtesy Amazon

Serial Killer Calendar Book


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