The 7 Best Places to Order Flowers Online

how to buy flowers online
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* The gift of flowers is just a few convenient clicks away
* Options from traditional, modern and sustainable
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Unlike a piece of clothing, fragrance, or even a book, flowers are a gift that’s hard to get wrong. A lovely gesture for just about all occasions you can think of, they’re pretty much a universal pleaser. And with the power of the internet, sending them to friends and loved ones in the same zip code or across the globe is easier than ever.

You already know about 1-800-FLOWERS, which offers not just flowers, but succulents, floor plants, balloons, food, jewelry and decor items for same-day delivery. Here, get the bloom on seven other places to order flowers online.

Beth Lehman
2 years
Your best bet for ordering flowers is ALWAYS a local florist, either in your town or wherever...

Beth Lehman
2 years
Your best bet for ordering flowers is ALWAYS a local florist, either in your town or wherever…

1. From You Flowers

This site can’t be beat for variety and speed. Find same-day options not just for hundreds of arrangement styles, but also non-floral gifts like gourmet food baskets, spa-product baskets, and even jewelry.

Flowers From You Bouquet Image Courtesy of From You Flowers


2. ProFlowers

Choose this site if your recipient lives in another country. The pro of ProFlowers is their international network of florists, so if you’re looking to wish your bestie abroad a happy birthday, you’ll have plenty of options plus quick and efficient service here.

ProFlowers Bouquet Image Courtesy of ProFlowers


3. Send Flowers

The most budget-friendly of the bunch, Send Flowers has an arrangement for pretty much any price point, starting as low as $19.99 for a bouquet. Non-floral gifts are available too, like balloons, teddy bears and chocolate.

Send Flowers Bouquet Image Courtesy of Send Flowers


4. Bloom That

When sending a gift, it’s always important to keep the recipient’s tastes in mind, so if you’re gifting a person known to be style-minded and of particular tastes, head to Bloom That. Their arrangements are modern and fresh in an Instagrammable way. Think rustic-chic tin cans, vintage looking pitchers and candy striped ribbons.

Bloom That Bouquet Image Courtesy of Bloom That


5. The Bouqs Co.

If sustainable, eco-friendly farming is important to you, add The Bouqs Co. to your bookmarks list. The site partners with farms around the globe that practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and grow only what they can sell, so they don’t waste the industry average of 1 out of every 3 stems.

The Bouqs Co Bouquet Image Courtesy of The Bouqs Co.


6. Global Rose

Like the name suggests, Global Rose specializes in roses, and has the largest selection and order capacity for single blooms – get up to 100 stems of one type of flower delivered to your doorstep. There’s also the option to mix and match flowers on your own and florist supplies available, so if customization, bulk or a DIY project is what you’re after, this site is for you.

Global Rose Roses Image Courtesy of Global Rose


7. Amazon

You really can get everything at Amazon, even fresh flowers. It works like the rest of the site, aggregating various sellers onto their platform, and if you’re a Prime member, free shipping is available on most orders. But what you’ll be able to find here that you won’t on most other sites is access to wholesale flowers, not just arranged bouquets. A major plus if you have a DIY streak, or need to cut costs for a big event.

Amazon Fresh Flowers Image Courtesy of Amazon