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Shuffle the Conversation Starter Icebreaker Deck and Deal Yourself Out of Awkward Chit-Chat

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We know how to stare at our phones, pecking away at texts and emails to our friends. We’re clever for 280 characters at a time. But how good are we at actually conversing, in person, in depth? Is the art of conversation fading away?

BestSelf, expert makers of productivity and personal-growth products, is ready to help fill the awkward silence with the Conversation Starter Icebreaker Deck. Each box contains 150 cards divided between six categories (Life, Deep, Random, Would You Rather, If You Could, and Experience) will get you past the agonizing small talk and into fun and intelligent conversations.

When do these come in handy? The Icebreaker Deck can be a lifesaver at networking events, social functions on unfamiliar turf, and awkward travel encounters. (Ever go on a cruise and get stuck at a dining table with a dozen total strangers? Brutal.) If you don’t want to pull them out at one of these events, which, granted, might be odd, memorize a few before you go.

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And don’t forget your neighbors and friends — yes, even close friends. The Icebreaker Deck can also make a fun and exceptionally stimulating adult party game. If you’ve memorized every card in the Cards Against Humanity deck, then make this your new favorite adult card game. Stretch your social muscles, keep your repartee sharp, and learn all sorts of new things about people you thought you knew inside out: common interests, tastes, life goals and aspirations, all sorts of fascinating facts that will strengthen those bonds. Order one now and have it in time for your New Year’s Eve party. You may miss the ball dropping because you’ll be deeply engrossed in conversation.

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Not relying on our electronic devices for discourse is a challenge worth trying. Turn off the TV and ditch the cellphones for a family night, bring out the Conversation Starter Icebreaker Deck, and dive in. Before you know it, you’ll be deep in enriching, rewarding, authentic conversation. You’ll learn and bond and have fun at the same time.

BestSelf Co. was founded in 2015 by Cathryn Lavery and Allen Brouwer, two big thinking, high-achievers who wanted more from their life. They realized lack of time was their biggest obstacle. After too many days spinning their wheels, they figured there must be a better way to create success. So they studied high-performance practices, invested in self-mastery, and doubled down on productivity and planning techniques.

Nothing is more important in today’s world, whether it be social or professional, than highly developed communication skills that transcend texts and social media. This innovative and fun card deck from BestSelf will break down barriers, form and strengthen connections, and make for a better you in 2020.