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Your First Look At Hillary Clinton’s New Book, “What Happened”

* New book from Hillary Clinton detailing her presidential election loss
* Clinton says she is “letting her guard down”
* Pre-order book now; release date is September 12

Hillary Clinton has revealed the name of her upcoming book, which promises to be a candid and revealing look into her presidential election loss last year to Donald Trump. “What Happened” is set to be

and publishers Simon & Schuster say the book will be book will be a highly personal work that also is a “cautionary tale” about interference and threats to American democracy.

“In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net,” Clinton writes in the introduction. “Now I’m letting my guard down.”

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The former Secretary of State had always planned to write a book following the grueling and often controversial 2016 presidential campaign, but she had reportedly intended on writing a collection of motivation essays rather than a memoir. It’s not clear what prompted the change in tone and subject matter, though recent events surrounding the Trump presidency may have encouraged Clinton to speak out.

In preview notes released to the media, Simon & Schuster says Clinton will touch on the “stranger-than-fiction twists,” Russian interference, and “an opponent who broke all the rules” during the campaign. On a more personal level, the publishers say Clinton will also address the mistakes she made, and reveal how she has coped with her “shocking and devastating loss.”

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“What Happened” isn’t the first tell-all to come from the 2016 presidential race. CNN rush-released a coffee table book on the election entitled, “Unprecedented,” which President Trump openly complained about (in regards to the photo they chose of him on the cover).

Clinton’s loss (the democratic candidate is pictured above, delivering her concession speech with husband and former President Bill Clinton by her side) was also the subject of the best-selling book, “

,” which featured the sub-title, “Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.”

As for “What Happened,” it’s interesting to note that the title is not punctuated with a question mark at the end, leading many to believe that Clinton is not asking questions, but rather, finally ready to reveal some answers.

“What Happened” comes out in September. The book is available to pre-order on


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