4 Books To Read To Become An Acceptable Man In 2019

Great Books For Every Man
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* Smart books to help you become a smarter man
* Themes include self-help, grooming advice, everyday tips and more
*  Self-improvement made easy

They say there’s no a better time than the present to start working on the new you, and with these smart and savvy self-improvement books, you’ll have a much easier time turning over a new leaf. Whether you want to gain more life skills, up your style game, expand your horizons or simply learn how to be a little bit more comfortable in your own skin, these books can offer a helping hand. Check out our top picks below.

1. Man Up!: 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy

Need career advice? How about some grooming tips? This guide to all things guys features 367 classic skills to help you navigate the modern world. A great book to have for just about any occasion, it’s full of down-to-earth genuine insights.

the #1 Itinerary
8 months
Great post :)

the #1 Itinerary
8 months
Great post :)


2. The Illustrated Art of Manliness

Who says chivalry is dead? This guy’s guide is dedicated to the long lost art of how to be a man. From learning how to fix a car to knowing how to start a fire in the woods, it comes with detailed pictures and is a great read for all seasons.


3. How to Be a Gentleman

Manners go a long way, especially when you know how and when to use them. This guide to being a gentleman isn’t your everyday self-improvement book; it offers tried and true insights to help men better themselves and expand their horizons.


4. The Better Man Project

More of an ongoing project than your typical book, The Better Man Project comes packed with 2,476 tips to help you become a better man. From learning how to trim that excess body fat to sharpening the mind and more, it’s a really fun (and insightful) read.